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Murdoch's PIE BOY jailed for six weeks


I wholeheartedly agree with this comment!

which idiot voted this comment down?!?!

Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad

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Anyone remember those amazing ads that were to shape the future in the form of windows surface?...

in 2008 Ballmer said he believed that building Android was financially unsound for Google.

He also said that the Iphone will never be big and that it would fail within 5 years of release... well I think the market share that apple have in the mobile market proves his first comment wrong and to be fair.. who wants to have the same phone for 5 years? I'm sure Apple will have developed some next gen Iphone 'type' device by then...


Microsoft genuinely chuffed as judge drops WGA case


ditch the bitch

Use a propper OS like osx or linux.. problem solved.

BAA poo-poos Bollywood star's pervscan printout put-on

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scanner that doesn't save images?

Madness! thats like an Ipad without a camera!!.. oh wait! :/

Surely ANY digital imaging device be it a camera or scanner has the capability to store said image??... Surely that image could then easily be sent to a computer that is connected to a printer? All she is really saying is that there are no printers connected to the scanner.

'Peeping Tom' caught on own camera



Safesearch = OFF

Google - Ladies changing rooms....

Result is a lot less hassle...probably :P ....Idiot

Bing dies (briefly) after Microsoft hits wrong button

Paris Hilton

how many users?

Is anyone here actually using Bing? Google works perfectly for me.. why should I change?

Freesat to get BBC iPlayer on 7 December



Will it work on ps3's Iplayer?

Moribund Mexican litters Street View


is he dead?

Nice of them to just drive right by a guy lying half naked in the middle of the road?

Boffins develop virtual reality anti-bullying game

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"know what would stop bullying.

Teachers actually doing their fucking jobs at break times instead of looking the other way so they can have their coffee."


Microsoft admits Mac was Windows 7 muse



"it's built on that very stable core Vista technology, which is far more stable than the current Mac platform, for instance"

What "stable core Vista technology?!?!" I put Vista in the same boat as Winblows ME.

I'm no fanboy as I use pc's and macs but stable.. Vista is not.

DJ Hero sets up, scratches down in Blighty


looks weak..

Think i'll stick to my technics for dj'ing and Guitar hero for gaming.. Will there be two player available?

Feds bust cable modem modder kit maker



20 Years??!! I think thats a bit harsh! rapists get away with less time than that!

Extortionist targets jailbroken iPhones



To all the people saying.. "if you don't like the restrictions get something else" There isn't anything else anywhere near the same design/build quality of the iphone to go for.. Sure theres HTC's and all the rest but they're not Iphones! I do agree though that moaning about it being locked is pathetic.. if you want it unlocked as Michael said.. buy an unlocked one or... jailbreak it. No one HAS to hack they're Iphone and I don't agree that Apple force you to. They state quite clearly what you can and can't do with it.. If you want to do more with it, then Jailbreak it and do so.. I really don't see that there's anything to moan about. Anyone who jailbreaks their Iphone knows full well that they're doing it at their own risk and if you don't know fully what you're doing then this can leave you open to attacks such as the one detailed in this article.



I don't know how people can moan about people wanting to jailbreak their phones. If I want different themes, icons, folders, youtube video downloading.. then why shouldn't I?? Its easy to say that if you don't like Apples terms buy a different phone but the fact remains that the Iphone is the best one out there!! The screen is great, works really well with Itunes, Fantastic design! There isn't really IMO an alternative!

Someone said that consumers should not be expected to know what SSH is..This is true but if your a consumer wanting to meddle with hacking and unlocking a network device, its probably a good idea to understand the fundamentals of network security...

Jason made perfect sense! If you do the research and jailbreak your phone, you should read ALL the guides. It clearly says on Cydia how to lock down your SSH connection etc...

Farewell then, Symbian


any insight people?!?!

Well like I said i've always been a nokia man. My contracts due in october. Anyone have any idea whats going to be kicking off around then? APART from the IPHONE which I have no interest in, something more comparable to the n95 8gb aside from the n96.


Symbian all the way!!

I couldn't agree more Tom! i've had a nokia smart phone since the 3650 and have upgraded every year. Nokia phones have been getting better and better. Today I have the n95 8gb and it SMASHES the iphone to pieces. Name one thing the Iphone has aside from a novelty UI that the n95 doesn't. My phone had a 2mp camera about 3 years ago.. It feels like a downgrade to go for the I-phone. Obex file transfer over bluetooth?!?! not on your i-phone you won't!

""By Tom

Posted Wednesday 25th June 2008 10:00 GMT

Well written article, but absolute clap trap! The N95 and succesors ALONE accounted for the majority of UK mobile sales in the past year.

Gautam, I whole-heartedly disagree with your comments, i guess you own an iphone!

There are 2 markets for phones in the UK, dumb, and smart, dumb phones are becoming more and more enabled but there is still a clear line of contrast between the two, and therefore, you have two constrasting demographics with new tech purchasing power, smart phone user but smartphones because, suprise suprise, they sport the features they find attractive, as most people tend to but things with features they like, how can you dismiss a whole market just because another company has produced a nice looking and easy to use redundant tech phone.

There are things you can do with UIQ and Symbian other mobile OS's won't come close too, mainly because of al the enthusiast angles you have input coming from.

Nice to see peoples views, but in this case I think you're pissing up the wall.""