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Brits: We can stop trolling if we know where they live - poll


Re: Right...

The trouble is, this doesn't even guarantee access... Google+ has a real names policy, I signed up with my real name.. not long ago the account was suspended due to it's names policy. The appeal process required URLs to verify you known by your name and I even supplied a scan of government issued photo ID proving my name. The result, still failed. So now I have a Google+ account under a false name...

Smart TVs riddled with DUMB security holes


And more importantly...

... has a keyboard...

I tried once to send a tweet from my smart TV... very painfull..

Virgin close to releasing long-delayed TiVo app


Which is also available on the Google Play store for Android devices...

Warner Music daddy chucks €130m at Spotify rival Deezer


Re: Facebook login

It's the done thing now a days... get your Facebook account suspended and you can now no longer access services you are paying for... Or government sites if they get their way too...

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too


... but aren't these Android issues and therefore not just Samsung?

O2 floods London with free Wi-Fi


Please please please...

... say they are doing some sort of MAC address recognition or something... I'm sick of being on buses and losing my mobile internet connection because the device knows I have a _Cloud account and using that... which doesn't connect to anything unless I run a browser and login...

Apple iOS 6 beta limits number of apps per device


Re: 500-1000??

There's an app for that ;)

41 London tube station platforms now WIRED for Wi-Fi



What's the definition of a Virgin Media customer? I've read stories here before with VM offering things to VM customers that turned out you needed more than one service... e.g. Their streaming app required a TV package... and VM broadband... Will this be the same? Free for VM Broadband customers rather than VM customers?

Tube bosses: 'Wireless tickets too slow, we think'


Re: What about travel cards?

That's why I store my Oyster in a separate wallet, I've just come back from Australia where they have something similar to the Oyster card called Myki. Stored them both in the same wallet and the machine complains that there are more than one cards, so you then have to stand there and take the appropriate card out...

Paramount opens Cloud-based movie shop


Don't seem to be that many..


Or I'm doing it wrong... again...


And of coarse, that link I've just found is only valid states side :( again...

Lovefilm signs BBC streaming deal


Maybe silverlight will take off now ;)

'Buggy' Facebook iPad app finally emerges


iPhone version went smoothly as well...

... that is unless you read the forums...


They must now have more integration into iOS to really screw up the phone like that...

George Lucas 'very happy' with 3D Phantom Menace



"This isn't a novelty conversion, with things jumping out at the audience" rings very similar to when they said they were not going too overuse CGI in the Indiana Jones film we don't talk about.... CGI Gophers, CGI Monkeys, CGI Shia LaBeouf...

US e-book sales double as dead tree demand dips


If only...

... they would have better proof readers... the current Kindle book I'm reading has lots of spacing issues and typos, the paper version I read years ago didn't have these issues...

Girl, 3, buys iPad apps, using mum's credit card

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Password cached

According to the Watchdog link posted above (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2010/09/iphone_apps.html) the video says once you enter your password, it's cached for about 15 minutes... So you can authorize the download of a free app (as this requires putting the password in) give it to your child who then can buy in-app items as the password is not prompted for.

LucasFilm sets lawyers on Jedi nameswipers


Religion... pfft...

What about those that get drunk and think it's a good idea to change their name by Deed poll...


JediHomer (yup, so I can p*ss off Fox too )

Flash goes native on iPhone

Paris Hilton

@Hi Wreck

Because TubeGalore is all in Flash ;)

Extreme porn law used on beastly Chinese DVD pirates


Shock Horror...

... a Law brought in that's immediately abused, this is similar to the RIPA and other privacy laws whereby the argument for is, if you've nothing to hide it's OK... It never is because these laws are always then used for other reasons than the intended purpose...

Yes! It's the Darth Vader breakfast toaster


I always thought...

... he had the penne all'arrabbiata...


Asda declares baby's arse 'pornographic'



Surely with today's laws, she should have been arrested for having a picture of a naked child, put on the Sex Register and classed the dirty pedophile she is