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Security pros groan as zero-day hits Microsoft's SQL Server


ok, and?

this info can't hardly be taken as new. so, a (nother) bug in a microsoft product. anyone surprised? :P

Spain plans 'human rights' for great apes


spain is different...:?

i think this is just a law to make headlines and divert the audience from the economic problems of the country.

Anyway i cannot but congratulate myself as a spaniard because this is to protect the rights of other countrymen that behave like countryapes.

and, DavidWebb, as far as i know there was a village in "deep Spain" (local saying), a place not even located in google maps, where they throw goats, but no donkeys. not even sure if this is already forbidden, or there was some turmoil when the police tried to stop this "traditional" folkloric custom.

and guys, as for the bullfighting, i wouldn't be too optimistic. no politician in spain has the guts to handle that kind of subject.