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Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign

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way cool. i love it when most of the lusers run windows. it lets me keep my edge at work. a button clicking moron could never figure out why i spend more time relaxing at work and still finish my tasks way ahead of them. and in the current slowdown where all the "i am a geek coz i can use word and click on all these pretty icons" bozos sweat it out, i'm glad i use a no nonsense os that just works and works well.

linux works, it's secure, stable, fast and efficient.

Apple White MacBook Early 2009


buy and acer

get a decent spec acer for a lot less, load linux on it and watch your i-tard and win-tard friends weep with envy.

HP UK pulls Linux from all new netbooks


Hardware and linux

it may not be a netbook, but Fedora10 works very well on my acer 4720z laptop. Bluetooth check, webcam check, wifi check, antivirus........ Shiite!! I guess winduhs must be better cuz it got that nice antivirus thing running to play with those nice trojans and virii that are part of the winduhs experience.

Countdown to Conficker activation begins


windows and security.

title and icon says it all really.

Toshiba NB100 netbook



get the aspire one and load linux on it. a friend of mine had a toshiba laptop and while the specs looked good, i just didn't like their windows only crap.

Superworm seizes 9m PCs, 'stunned' researchers say


update your systems

load linux, bsd etc.

i've loaded Fedora10 on my laptop and it rocks. easy to install, has all that i need and didn't face any issues. right from wifi, to the webcam to bluetooth, every thing works pretty much out of the box. and did i mention that performance wise it's blazingly fast?

oh and no antivirus. don't need one. linux is secure by design.

Apple's latest patent brilliance: the iGlove


I-diot L-user

hehehe, go on apple, patent the Iuser as well. Protect your exclusive rights to market to idiots.

Indian court urged to 'ban Google Earth'


Agree with ac

any asshole can file a lawsuit. I'm surprised so many readers are too daft to know the difference.

an indian policeman died clutching a terrorists ak-47/56, enabling the terrorist to be captured alive. how does that compare with shooting an unarmed brazilian civilian in a railway station?

Yes, I'm indian. So find mistakes in my grammar or punctuation.

RIM officially unveils Javelin

Dead Vulture

Nokia will be laughing all the way to the bank

The e71 has both 3G and wifi as well as a decent 3.2 MP camera. Heads at RIM should roll for this.

Nokia trims expectations again


The shit has hit the fan

nothing more to add. That sound you're listening to is the echoes of the economy as it's flushed down toilet.

Mumbai terrorist attacks kill at least 100


very sad

last i heard, the NSG was called in to take over the oberoi. i cannot remember the NSG ever taking any prisoners. we'll get those cowardly scumbags and when we do they'll pray they never listened to some senile POS promise them 72 virgins. hell they'll wish they were gay.

Rock-solid Fedora 10 brings salvation to Ubuntu weary

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i get your point on apt v/s rpm. i also admit it's been a while since i've worked with a linux box. corporate policy means i'm forced to use crap-xp.

i guess it boils down to which distro has a better selection of packages. apt has all the packages known about and then some more. i've played with refhat and mandrake. and back in those days, debian and derivatives simply mopped the floor with these 2 based on the above. to the enduser, that made apt a lot more easier to use.

another feature that i liked about debian was that the repositories were central. so it made no difference if my base install was debian vanilla or knoppix. and i suspect the same holds true for ubuntu. i'm not really sure that mandrake and hedhat both rpm based systems allowed this. ya sure sometimes it did work. but it still was not the same. for example an rpm of icarus verilog initially worked with mandrake, but later on i had to get me a tarball and compile it as later rpms would complain.

FWIW, i appreciate your replies on this forum. it's comforting to know that a linux developer walks among us.



so what you're saying is that if i install a modern RPM based distro, i can then install enlightenment in a manner as easy as debian provides? the real problem was that an rpm of a dependency just didn't exist. a problem i never faced with debian. if a package was listed in apt it would install. and the most important thing was apt had everything you could ever want and then some more.

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ok fine. But there's no denying that dependency hell was a nightmare for RH based distros. I started with RH5.2, moved to mandrake but decided to go with a debian based distro because rpms were a bitch to use. I had to slap myself after I installed knoppix on my hdd, edited the apt config files and saw how easy it was to install enlightenment. Doing the same on a rpm machine was like placing your balls on a railway track before the train passed by.

Nokia N96 16GB smartphone

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amen to that. the e71 rocks!!!

Teen discussed suicide plan online 12 hours before webcam death


@Maya Posch

life's a bitch, get used to it.

to anyone who contemplated suicide, stop and think about what comes afterwards. nothing, nada, zilch. you're never going to talk to loved ones again, no one will give a shit about you, you'll never enjoy a good movie, a nice song, good food. you'll never experience love, intimacy, closeness, friendship. you'll never know the meaning of hope, sadness, laughter........

everyone's got problems to deal with. only losers choose to wallow in self pity, make a big deal and choose the stupid way out.

Apple updates iPhone firmware


@ Collin

"*Messed up Google Maps - KM rather than Miles"

that sounds like an improvement to me.

Medic-oriented 'Swiss Army knife' phone uncovered



i agree.

it does look nice kind of nice though.

Follow the Somali pirate scourge via Google mashup

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way to go india

take the fight back to the pirates.

India plants flag on Moon

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Well done India

dream big, strive hard, and make those dreams come true.

As an indian, this is one of the proudest moments I can remember. As an engineer, I know we have some of the best technical and engineering minds here on the sub continent. Nothing is impossible.

And please spare me the ''people are starving'' and ''babies are dying'' bull poo. Hunger, poverty and suffering are global humanitarian issues, and should not be used as tools by some frustrated, jingoistic, semi literate, know it alls to get themselves off.

Barack Obama will be president

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nice article

short, sweet and to the point. i'm impressed.

Vodafone emboldened by Orange's BlackBerry Bold woes


Just use the e71 from nokia

Problem solved. still no blackberry connect though.

RIM Blackberry Bold 9000



Surely you mean E71. Which, btw is an amazing phone. With predictive text, the smaller keyboard works like a charm. and if you compare prices, the E71 is simply the smartest choice for a smart phone.

Nokia starts to ship N96

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nokia e71.

is the only phone that makes sense.

Android's missing Bluetooth: Limitations laid out


the way i see it

the more retarded android is, the closer it comes to being the iphone killer.

AMD offloads TV chip unit on Broadcom for $193m



my thoughts exactly. i still have my AIW rage128 pro card. if only i can get a mobo which supports AGP 2x/4x.

a moment of pure unbridled joy was when i got the gatos drivers to make it work on linux. never needed to boot into windoze again.

penguin coz it brings back memories of the good ol' linux days

Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch


iphones launch in india

is an interesting study. no network subsidies means that the phone actually sells at what apple ask for it. so it's 720$ for the 8gb model and 840$ for the 16gb model. i don't have the numbers but i'd say it's pretty much flopped in india.

i don't hate the iphone, but i do find it kind of funny in this day and age to go orgasmic over a device that is so restrictive. i think the bluetooth in the ip3g is a joke. how does one exchange contacts? unless you just learn to accept and live without it.

personally i want a phone that lets me do more. that not engineered to restrict me. that let's me decide on what i want to install and uninstall on it. but i do think that if someone is happy with their iphone then good for em. i once came across a software that totally stripped away a users rights on windoze 98. it even disabled right-clicking on the desktop. it worked like a charm for users who are not technically savvy enough to *not* do something stupid, i guess similar reasons might actually be an advantage with the ip3g

Celio Redfly Windows smartphone terminal



apparantly not. the iPhone does not need a keyboad.

IBM hacks into chip peoples' pay


@vincent himpe

i agree. besides production on semicon lines is highly specialized work and your skills may not count for much in other industries.

K Desktop Environment 4.1 lands


kde sucks

y'all ought to try something better like enlightenment. i could never stand Gnome or KDE, xfce was ok for a while and fvwm2 was good when i had to work with a 486 with 24 megs of ram.

the only window managers i found usefull though were window maker and enlightenment. and enlightenment was way ahead. the ease and extent to which a dodo can configure it, makes it imo the best window manager ever.

Ubuntu man challenges open source to out-pretty Apple


the most beautiful desktop already exists on linux

and it's called enlightenment. i never have, and perhaps never will see anything quite as brilliant.

Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins

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@David Simpson

"I certainly don't approve of worshipping apple like god but then apple fans do have alot in common with christians, not much education and a willingness to put faith over fact, you unlovable crazy bastards"

i take it you've got a lot of education in that skull of yours and are intelligent enough to comment on my education, are you son?

now fuck off...

Nokia E71 smartphone

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at last

nice review. thank you.

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters


you missed

the e71 from Nokia. even if it's just about launched and you haven't reviewed it yet.

Farewell then, Symbian



.... are far from dead. faster and better processors have been around for a couple of years now, and yet manafacturers try to flog intensive applications on outdated chips. phones like the n82 and e51 work quite well. the e71 looks very promising. and all of these are based on ARM11 cpu's. even that is a generation old. in the meanwhile my 9300 works quite nicely thank you. nothing beats the experience of typing with your thumbs.

and the thought of linux on say a dual core cortex based processor, with oodles of ram, a better display..... mmm imagine connecting to a linux server over wi-fi, exporting your display to your phone, writing scripts, and reviewing the results later.