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Hands-free kits make drivers even more dangerous

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Automatic transition (sic!) vs manual gearbox

One glaring imperfection in the US scientist study is the setup of the driving simulator (page 3 of the PDF).

Most drivers in Europe (UK included ^^) still have a manual gearbox in their car, so it only stands to reason a European scientist will see a BIG difference between hands-free cell phone use vs using a handheld phone. With the lazy bums... drivers in the US never needing to learn how to operate a stick shift, it's no wonder their researchers can hardly find a difference between handheld and hands-free phone use!

Porn doctor jailed for 33 years

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@ DNA is irrefutable

30 seconds of Googling led me to this (and we all know MS never lies ^^): http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761579857

Glad you're an ex cop, close mindedness leads to people getting convicted based on wrong or inconclusive evidence.

Has ISO already rejected anti-OOXML appeals?

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Where's the beef?

Look, MS already stated they are going to support ODF in Office this year and they have no plans to support OOXML until the next version of the Office suite (Office 14?). Now all that's left for them to do is release a (stand-alone) 'legacy format' viewer/converter-to-ODF and we're done. What's the added value of OOXML again?

Paris, because she doesn't get it either.

Dutch government gags Oyster researchers

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Way to go Dutch Government

First pester university scientist for years their research should be relevant to society, then when they deliver tell them to keep it under wraps.

And then politicians keep complaining they get too little recognition! Four words: GET A REAL JOB!

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Heart Internet spreads the love passwords


@ Keir Snelling

"Cue frantic call to the email admin (me) to try and retrieve said email from 450 mailboxes. Having compared my salary to that of my peers, (yes, I looked, despite being asked to delete the emails without actually reading one), I had to say that I wasn't feeling the most valued employee at the time."

Mmmm, I would have expected your perusal of that Excel sheet to be a cue for a phone call in true BOFH style, explaining that considering your current salary HR couldn't possibly expect you to pull that off before anyone else could read it. Now let's discuss that raise long overdue...

Mine's the one checking the jacket of the HR bod for any corporate espionage contrabande, before he's finally fired ^^