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On-demand streamed music services compared

Mark Collins

Re: Thought I'd mention di.fm

"di.fm - free with ads - or for $5pm you can stream 256Kbps and no ads - and the music is great. As a Brucie bonus you get access to sky.fm streams as well which is a much wider choice of genres."

There is a VERY restricted range of music on there - no metal to speak of!

XFactor wannabee dance rubbish! At least the others have variety INCLUDING metal!

T-Mobile not alone in spinning price hikes

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Voda Did it AGES ago

Vodafone imposed this policy many moons ago. They are worse than ANY provider!

Thank your lucky stars you are not with them!

I agree it is absolute ROBBERY!

Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM

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Wi-Fi is poor -wtf

I cannot understand those that slag off wifi. you listen to your rubbish popfest junk then that is what you get!

well I can get www.heavymetalradio.com at 128k AAC+ on my wif radio and the quality is astonishing. Of course there is a 32W RMS 2.1 speaker system plugged in but it is crystal clear and awesome. So is planetrock! It is not easy to get these sites working over wifi if you do not know what you are doing but once they are setup it will stay and people can carry on as normal.

DAB is simply pathetic compressed junk - listen to planetrock on DAB then listen on the internet, wifi, or sky and spot the MASSIVE difference.

DAB is a lame duck and the licensing is a joke. It should be transmitted in AAC+ format which is great even at 64k - check it out on di.fm to see what I mean.

DAB radio is cheap enough in tesco anyway if you want it. Good sets are not cheap. It is inherently bad by design. Give me wifi anyday VASTLY superior! My wifi device is only supposed to support mp3 but it plays aac+ no problem!