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San Franciscans prep monument to US prez

Robert Scott

Give me a break

Setting aside the specifics, I can tell you that many people felt as happy about Clinton leaving office as a lot of people now feel about GWB leaving office, but you never heard anything like this out of those of us that had a low opinion of President Clinton. No matter what kind of lies and immoral behavior came out of that pile of poop, we still respected the office of the President. You never heard us saying that we hoped for Clinton to die or be arrested or anything like that. Let's try to elevate the debate, not lower it with this sort of thing. I feel that history will look kindly upon GWB in 20-30 years, even if the off-the-deep-end liberals of San Fransisco decide to name a sewage treatment plant after him. Maybe we should start naming aborting clinics after Clinton in honor of all the abortions he personally allowed during his time in office or all the ones that came of his rape of 5 women (that we know of)... is that a good idea? Not really. Of course the loons on the left will get all deranged and say that Clinton's lies never hurt anyone... (except the women he sexually assaulted of course) Well, guess what- Bush did not lie to get us to Iraq. He quoted the opinion of the majority of the worlds intellegence services, many Democratic politicians, and yes even Pres. WJ Clinton said that Iraq had WMDs and was a threat to the world. They all agreed until it became politically expedient to disagree, and then it was "Bush Lied, Kids Died" all over the media. When you quote your advisors, and later find out that they were wrong, that is not a lie!! No more terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11/2001, all thanks to Bush and the people that work for him and the US. If we had been plagued by a John Kerry or Al Gore at the time, we would all be speaking Arabic right now because we would have turned French and said We Surrender"!