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Trump's new thought bubble: Make Apple manufacture in the USA

Andrew Hurdle

Thats the first sensible thing Ive heard him say! What a blinder - mate you are mustard.... think of all those little kids in Bangka Islands tin mine you will save. While you are at it - take back all those smug idiots in their stores all over the world.....

Cell-network content crunch needs new cache designs, say boffins

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Re: Worth it?

I have deployed content caching in femto cells in test networks and also in specific live user trials. In my view it is far more about active content deployment rather than random cashing of users traffic. There are techniques for holding streamed content locally and these offer real advantages.

As an example if you take a 2 minute news clip it will take about 90 seconds to buffer over a typical 3G link and still over a minute on 4G. However if it is served locally from an on base station server you can buffer it in 4 seconds. Not only does this give a great user experience, reduce back-haul requirements it also free up the radio resource required while also using less power.

The further out towards the edge of the network you go - and the smaller the station - then the more intelligent you need to be about deploying the content while the backhaul has capacity.

Andrew Hurdle - Edge Data

Why would anyone run their own base station?

Andrew Hurdle

I love my Femto

I have had a trial Femto unit for several months and would not part with it for all the tea in China.

Firstly something people havent mentioned is that the battery life on your mobile is much better with a femto in the house... Simply your phone doesnt keep hunting for new signals and tunes its power down to suit the femto.

Now Im at home I get crystal clear phone calls, and high speed data making the phone apps far more usable. In fact on both my N95 and iPhone data via Femto 3G is quicker than using wifi - and far more reliable as I walk from room to room. This isnt just a one liner, one of the reasons I have the unit is so I can test througput for both modes.

Someone here mentions why that other people could logon to your Femto and take your broadband - well its up to you whether you allow them on or not.

If you got a flat tariff plan I just dont see the reason why you wouldnt get one, they are amazing and compliment wifi rather than compete.

Cheers - Happy Femto User from Glos

Linux on mobiles will put the squeeze on MS, says Zemlin

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Dead Vulture

Someones smoking pot

Linux for mobile handsets has had its chance, all the people mentioned backing the LinMo foundation having phones shipping with Symbian. Anyone can join a club.

With 200M devices in the market already and the backing of the worlds largest mobile handset makers, and a proven application eco-system I know which OS I will choose to develop on first.

I dont beleive WinMo is dead either - there will always be a significant precentage of the market that prefers to pay an extra $20 for a device that is a true enterprise product.

Excluding Android my view for Linux for Mobile Handsets is that there will be a smattering of low cost devices for the far east market and no one will want to download apps. If Android can give operators some control over their identity then it may stand a chance - I dont see it.

Cheers Andrew

Farewell then, Symbian

Andrew Hurdle

Is AO out of touch?

The article is about the past not the future, it’s clear that Symbian need make a big step forward, next gen phones will need substantial development of the OS and this makes it possible now. This should see the OS reach its true potential and I am excited to see the top 7 manufactures standing side by side making the announcement.

Perhaps AO should stop thinking in the past and lamenting over smartphones - or did he have one too many schnapps last night and totally miss the point.

Andrew H