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Farewell then, Symbian


Thank Apple

<blockquote>If it were not for the Apple hype and Android hoopla, Nokia wouldnt have bothered!</blockquote>

Verily, was there nothing the iPhone did not change?

Listen - on many levels this is a disturbing piece of news. We don't know exactly what Nokia wishes to do with several of the aspects of Symbian - or whether it now will be required to support for example certain UI conventions or systems that will make all of the new phones into s60+.

But the most welcome result from this is that the symbian stack at the bottom of the phones will be unified, as well as open. That would mean the core libraries to the non- UI bits will benefit from anyone contributing back to the project, while it will also be possible to deploy relatively large projects onto all the phones that use the basic and documented system stack. Something that would make fragmentation smaller than it was at the moment - specially for Nokia - and so open the road for real cross- platform development.

Really - you think that a OpenGL ES view on top of a laughably simplistic and limited OS had anything to do with this? The problem, o "tech nerd" is that the manufacturers so far have all been too interested in exactly what the iPhone for the immediate moment excels at. I.e., they've been gunning for ring- tones, blinking flash- imagery, and silly UI improvements for years. And neglecting anything that might've changed the trend.

But noo - here comes mr. Insider Analyst and tells us where the country is at, and how the Smartphone is dead. *shakes head* Where have you been for the last twenty years?