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Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS

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Re: Pre-Order

I got to the Farnell (Ireland) site at about 06:01 Thankfully I already had an active account. But unfortunately I had a pile of stuff already in the shopping cart that I was only half thinking of buying. So it was about 06:13 before I got all the crap out of the cart and managed to get an order through. The few items I had left in the cart (some soldering flux and capacitors... don't ask) have now shipped. But the Pi has not. It is in "back order" state with no date given. However this is to be expected as Raspberry-Pi-Liz tweeted that they had not arrived from China yet. So I'm still hopeful I might get one from the first batch. Fingers crossed!!

BTW: A big congrats to the Raspberry people... they deserve a good lie in tomorrow morning! It's a shame that a tiny minority of people gave them hassle. They have been so professional throughout.

UK nuclear: Walking into darkness with eyes screwed shut

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Cost of nuclear power should not be measured in "deaths"

I don't dispute much of what you say in this article. I too am cautiously pro-nuclear. But I find that many in the pro-nuclear camp like to quote the number of deaths caused by accidents. That's like gauging the quality of a financial product based on the number of people it manages to bankrupt. The true cost of nuclear power must factor in the economic and quality of life damage caused by accidents. And unfortunately the supposedly once in a millennium accidents seem to be occurring once every few decades.

WTF is... 3D printing

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3D printing with paper

MCor Technologies has an interesting take on this: 3D printing with regular paper as the working material:


Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade

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Got 2.2 on my Vodafone IE HTC Desire yesterday - no Vodacrudware

Got my FroYo (Android 2.2) update yesterday for my HTC Desire purchased from Vodafone IE running on the Vodafone IE network. All went well. No evidence of Vodacrudware on my phone. I'm generally pleased with Vodafone IE at the moment.

Vodafone confirms HTC Android 2.1 duo

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Vodafone IE

Wondering what's the story with Vodafone IE. Going by past experience I'm guessing they won't introduce those handsets in Ireland.

Revolutionary triangular-key keypad out on Android

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No paid apps available in Irish Android Market

"Users of the Google OS can buy the app now for £2 through Marketplace." No we can't. At least some of us can't. There are no paid apps available in my market. Vodafone IE (my operator) and Google have ignored my questions as to why not/when.

Vodafone is all thumbs on multitouch

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Samsung misleading names

Samsung seem to be in the habit of putting misleading labels on their products. Eg their "LED TVs" -- which of course are *LCD* TVs with LED backlights -- but try telling that to the Currys salesdroid who was convinced that each pixel was actually an individual LED.

Nokia to cull Symbian from smartphones?

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The Big Android Elephant in the Nokia Board Room

I've been a big Nokia fan since ~ 1996. One brief interlude with a Motorola around 2002 but came running back to Nokia begging for forgiveness.

Nokia do make great hardware. The N95 specs when it came out (and still is) fantastic. What phone in 2007 had a accelerometer, TV output, IR, Bluetooth, WiFi, FM radio, light sensor, front video conf camera, high quality main camera, flash, LAPTOP TETHERING CAPABILITY, VoIP, standard head pone jack?

Apart from the obvious lack of touch screen, a slower CPU and chronic lack of RAM (a real Nokia signature) it actually ticks many boxes my new Android based HTC Magic does not.

But it runs Symbian. And Symbian is crap. I've tried to develop apps (in a hobby capacity) with Symbian. It's not easy. In comparison, within one hour of the delivery guy dropping in my HTC Magic, I had installed and configured a development environment and written my first "Hello World" app. In another hour I had useful stuff written and working on my phone. Android is sooo much easier to develop software for. And that is the key difference. A rich market place of apps. Symbian will never have that.

It seems Nokia is internally very much conflicted right now. I've heard stories that their engineering people generally hate Symbian. It seems to be only the top brass that are trumpeting Symbian... kinda reminds me of Comic Alli ... Sadam's media spokesman during GW2... always a tad on the optimistic side...

So what next for Nokia? A hodgepodge of different OSs? Android or other Linux? Or, God forbid, Windows Mobile? Sure would be fun to be a fly on the Nokia board room wall.... or maybe a Cupcake, Do(ugh)nut or Eclare on the table :-)

Dongle surfers unaware of limits

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Non-linear pricing

I have no problems with download limits, or pay per MB pricing. But what really galls me is a pricing system where the first 1GB is say EUR 10, the next GB is EUR 1000. Normally when you consume in bulk you get discount. With mobile companies, it like it's a rationing system.

Google data center born without chillers

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Them modern units....

"80 degrees Fahrenheit "..... what would that be in Gas Mark ?

NASA takes stick over feet and inches

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Apollo Guidance Computer software used SI units

"We landed on the moon using feet and inches! How many times have we landed on the moon using meters? Case closed."

Actually the Apollo Guidance Computer did it's computations in SI units [1]. The Apollo astronauts who were all pilots couldn't get their head around the metric units so it was decided that the instruments would dynamically convert and display in imperial units.

[1] "Digital Apollo" published by MIT Press.

HTC Vodafone Magic

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Not available on Vodafone Ireland

No mention of HTC Magic on Vodafone Ireland's website. As usual, we're last (and pay the most).

Ryanair cancels aggregator-booked tickets in escalating scraping war

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Ryanair.com does *NOT* work properly with Firefox

Just to follow up on some comments here re Ryanair.com and Firefox: No actually it doesn't work. Yes, you can book tickets etc, but you can't print your boarding pass. With Firefox 3 on Linux anyway (just kills FF -- no idea why). And seeing that Microsoft have been scurrying around on their web site one wonders if it's a bug or feature.

What's worse: there is absolutely no way to report the bug, except to call a sex line number. Now I can image how that slowly that conversation will go.

Having said that I love Ryanair. Even if you dislike traveling with them they have put a huge downward pressure on air ticket costs. And Micheal O'Leary is always good for a laugh even if he's full of $h1t most of the time :-)

Komplett closes retail ops across Europe

Joe Desbonnet

Great company -- glad IE operation is still going

I've been ordering from Komplett (.ie) for many years and they have never let me down (can't say the same for the delivery guy however).

Website was a breeze to use and order from. Any problems were quickly resolved. Technical questions answered with reasonable competence.

I'd be curious to know what prompted this.


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