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Asus admits Eee Box mini PC shipped with virus

Paul Ashbrook

A lesson

Haa haa haa!!!

Surely they're not using a pirated disk image?? Maybe it was cheap on ebay??

Side-splittingly funny, this. Poor Asus, they come up with a niche product running a reasonable Linux OS, then the market says "Hey! We want Windows on our Eee!".

Sometimes you just gotta stick to your original business plan.

Apple surrenders the Pink (to Microsoft)

Paul Ashbrook
Paris Hilton

Not a single...

original idea in their business.

Paris, because she likes (the colour) pink.

Microsoft gives users six months longer to flee from Vista

Paul Ashbrook


Ha ha ha hee hee hee. Good to see this old chestnut appear again.

I hope that El Reg is keeping the text to this story somewhere safe, for when MS extends the date again. Just remember to change the dates, guys.

Linux - because there is a choice.

Electric Mini spied in Munich

Paul Ashbrook

@No exhaust?

That looks more like a suspension arm to me - a lower wishbone?? Ages since I looked underneath a MINI, but is certainly doesn't look exhausty to me.

MS DNS patch snuffs net connection for ZoneAlarm users

Paul Ashbrook

Ha ha ha

Best laugh I've had so far this month!!!

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Paul Ashbrook

Re: "What a shame"

Welcome to the club! Have a great time with your Performance Management target. Make sure that you get a cut of the savings from not paying license fees/buying higher-spec kit just so you can see 3D windows.

Did I really read this right?? Buy Vista (if you must), then buy XP, so you can downgrade your own kit??


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