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LG: We're not walking away from Windows Phone

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Re: Lets keep this in perspective

There you go - it's the poor people again that are causing all the trouble. How dare they think of buying a smartphone!

Vodafone AU falls on Easter Sunday

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Get your festivals right

And there was me thinking that Easter Sunday was about resurrection and not crucifixion.

Guess Reg writers were to busy playing with their dongles during R.E

Apple swaps good iPhones for bad, say fanbois

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Android and iTunes

I've put my iTunes library onto Android simply by using DoubleTwist. So that argument that you loose you music collection when you change to Android is out of the window.

iPhone 3.0 beta reveals mixed blessing

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O2 change mind on iPhone MMS

In the first few days of 3.0 ,O2-UK were quite happily turning on MMS for those who asked, Now they have changed their tune. This is the email they are sending out:-

Thank you for emailing us about activating MMS service on your iPhone.

I can understand your concern about activating MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) on your iPhone. However, it isn't possible to activate MMS on an iPhone accounts as our iPhone tariffs aren't compatible with MMS.

I appreciate your concern about iPhone developers who're trying to activate MMS on an iPhone accounts. We're looking into this at the moment and further information will be available in due course. This means we're unable to activate MMS service for you currently.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused.


The truth is, for those on the iPhone tariff with MMS enabled the billing system is working with each MMS costing 4 Text messages. So this sounds like holding fire until they can come up with some sort of bolt on at extra cost

Apple massages iPhone code

David Chambers


The only reason this was released was to update the Baseband so that the yellowsnOw unlock process won't work - And relock all those phones of those stupid enough to upgrade

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

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Could be a Long Wait

Just got this from the O2 Website

"Thank you for your interest in iPhone 3G. We are experiencing unprecedented demand for the device and whilst we are confident that all customers who want iPhone 3G will get one by the end of this summer"

Look on the bright side - at least it did not say next summer

Web'n'Walk falls over

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Time goes faster with T-Mobile

I was one of those effective and it seems like T-Mobile have a funny idea of 12 hours. My web'n'walk was down from Sunday afternoon and all day Monday. I have had reports of outages in Manchester and Edinburgh, although their's seems to have been fixed quicker, leaving us Scousers to suffer.

Nice one T-Mobile seeing the city is full of Tourists at the moment for Capital of Culture.