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Cambodia set to boot out Pirate Bay co-founder

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Re: Quick...

I wonder if the condom will break in that case...according to some dubious sources Mr. Assange is hump-happy.

Best not to bend over in front of him.

Jimbo Wales: Wikipedia servers in UK? No way, not with YOUR libel law

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Gee, reading that line one would think the author has Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia confused.

Some articles and editors should be culled from Wiki as they are not authoritative or reliable but to dismiss the WHOLE of it for a few flaws.

Its a decent enough tool for getting a general grasp of a subject. You should complement whatever you read in there with some hard sources. The same thing you should do when you read a paper book. You think non-digital authors don't have biases, prejudices and errors in judgement?

NASA's $2.5bn Curiosity rover: An Apple PowerBook on wheels

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The moment you create a radiation hardened ARM processor, you can go ahead and use it for that purpose.

Rad resistant processor have a totally different internal structure. Lots of ECC and internal checks to prevent single bit errors in the L1 and L2 caches. Plus, as other commenters have pointed out, they are running in a cluster to increase reliability.

In non-computing systems, processors aren't valued only by the "Gigahurrz", their reliability and toughness is a more important factor. If you need heavy crunching, its easier to send it out elsewhere and then receive the results via radio link.

Giant super-laser passes 500 TRILLION watts

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Re: I don't understand all these watts and power numbers.

The article does not explain the mechanism of the laser. So we don't know if its a regular laser, pulse laser, x-pulse laser or a heavy laser.

Since its pre-fusion tech, I would be willing to assign it the same damage as an Inner Sphere small laser.

Intel comes out swinging against $1.3bn European fine

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Rat-faced, swine-snouted..

Pigs. They are pigs. I'm an Intel fan and consumer and do want them to pay their frakkin fine. There is proof from OEMs that Intel used their conditional discount to kill AMD.

I hope the judge laughs and doubles the fine.

No need to comply with data laws if it's too difficult - EU ministers

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Implied consent?

That sounds like the defense from the bloke that had his way with a passed out lady friend.

"She was in my car, officer!" "Why else would she be going out with me except to shag?"


Chinese 'nauts couple successfully without help of machines

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The Chinese people seem to be picking up the slack for NASA and RosCosmos, good for them.

I hope they try their own version of the Orion drive so we can finally have a decent shot at reaching one of the numerous exoplanets we have found.

'You don't have to take Prozac to work at Capita - but it helps'

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Frozen Salaries and Bonuses

You can bet your ass that the frozen salaries and bonuses are only at the non-executive level.

'Zombie bullets' fly off US shelves after wave of undead attacks

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Re: One shot, one kill - or double tap as the case may warrant. (It's quality not quantity)

You are aware of the existence of semiautomatic shotguns, aren't you?

Such arms can hold up to 7 shells. It would be intelligent to include a sidearm so you can defend yourself while you flee to a secure location to reload.

If Resident Evil has taught me anything, its that mobility is your best defense. Keep moving at all times, don't try to fight more than 5 zombies at the same time, and if an attractive lady with a miniskirt shows up, carrying a grenade launcher, follow her.

Mine's the one with the Umbrella logo in the back.

Crazy Texans dunk servers in DEEP FRYERS

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I hope they are using specially insulated motherboards. One of the things that enthusiasts' research discovered is that mineral oil will start seeping into the motherboard's substrates and short with the embedded electrical paths.

China turns on the sprinklers with ambitious rain-making plans

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So how soon?

Can we get started on the Climatrol project?


Space mining is apparently starting to get taken seriously despite the concept being embryonic since the 70s. I imagine that along with metallic asteroids, they could mine and process asteroids rich in water as well.

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK

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Metric/Imperial Gaffe


If a NASA mission can fail because of the metrics/imperial qwango imagine how chaotic the rest of existence is.

In my country we use a mix-match of units (being a former American interest) and it sucks balls. We use liters for drinks and gallons for fuel. We use pounds for meat and kilos for veggies. We use kilometers for distance and inches for dick size. Cooking is a goddamned nightmare as our products can include weight, volume and usually, it does not match what you are trying to cook.

Kill it with fire. Its inelegant, unscientific and outdated. Conversions are a nightmare with a system that does not follow a pattern.

US economy not eager to create jobs in April

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Choice in American politics?

You have one extremely right-wing party and one less-extremely-right-wing party. What's worse is that its a false dichotomy. One caused by a few essential failures of democracy: that you can influence voting with money and once a dual party system is installed it becomes almost impossible to remove without a civil war or revolution.

They've been calling Obama all sorts of racial slurs and a communist too. He should start pulling the leash on a few megacorps and get them to move some jobs back to the US and regarding the banks...I'll let Old Hickory Jackson speak for me (to place proper context, this words were recorded by Jackson's secretary during a meeting with a delegation of bankers before Jackson closed the Second Bank of the United States):

"Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out!"

We don't need a god or miracles to fix the problem: we need a Mensch.

Nympho hauled to loon-cooler after serial bonkathon brutality

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But I wonder...

The article does not mention the profession of the snu snu torturess. I wonder if she works as a hairdresser. Maybe she, the Russian coiffeuse and that other Russian bird that can lift 20 kgs using her snatch muscles can get assigned to a prison for communal marital visits.

And yes, orgasming too frequently in a short period does result in pain in the porkelator.

Google founders, James Cameron, go asteroid mining

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Chutzpah is the right word. Wish every billionaire used their fortune like this.

I wonder if they'll take the Island 3 concepts from the 70s and update them. Gerard O'Neil and his team had interesting ideas.

I have a question for the more scientifically inclined...what is the feasibility of mining hard to find ores like coltan. I have a simplified grasp of the stellar nucleosynthesis process by which light elements are created in supernovae but I don't know if that applies to heavier elements.

Heck, even if it doesn't, mining iron and water would be valuable enough. There is enough iron out there to dwarf the entirety of human extraction through all history. Enough water to solve short term water shortage.

Star's guts turned INSIDE OUT in supernova mega-blast

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Re: Could there have been one of these in the dim and distant past?

But how where would the kinetic energy of your imploding star go? The problem with stars that implode is that its magnificent gravity starts directing everything towards a central point. As the core density increases, the pressure increases and the star tears itself apart. Depending on its size, it either loses its outer layers (becomes a white dwarf), loses everything but its core which collapses (forms a neutron star) or it collapses fast enough that its core is pushed beyond the Chandrasekhar limit (becomes a black hole).

This isn't the whole story as there are many outcomes and types of star. Who knows what creates Preon and Quark stars?

Plan ahead to make virtualisation work

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This man is on the ball.

Its really sad when companies get converted to the virtualization mantra but only halfway.

Small businesses are really vulnerable to this because usually they can't afford the best sysadmins to help them design a good virtualized infrastructure.

They get sold boxes and start migrating their physical servers to virtual ones (they like this, their running costs decrease and they don't need to buy as many boxes) but the wheels start coming off when hardware failures come knocking.

A customer was horrified when I explained to him that he would have had to buy at least another box with the same specs with the network infrastructure to accompany, to get his servers in a cluster. Apparently he thought that the box handled clustering by itself (!) and provided self redundancy (using faerie magic apparently). Another one was mystified that Vmware includes Vmotion which you can you configure to migrate running VMs to other nodes automatically and in case of failure but only if you pay the license. Seems like sending his plods to Vmware training was not budgeted or considered. If you don't know Vmware please go with Hyper-V. It may not have as many bells and whistles but its simple and plods adapt better to it.

HP offers contractors a choice: 5 per cent pay cut ... or 100 per cent

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Re: Cutting costs


Fishie, fishie, fishie...what makes you think upper management and executives get paycuts?

Bet you a pint of the brand of your choice that they'll be giving themselves a raise.

I really pity the contractors. Onsite techs get paid a pittance and have to deal with suctomers directly. Now they are asking them to take one of the team...what stopping them from striking?

This type of BS kills morale. Another move that kills morale is putting your company in OPEX for ~6 years (and counting), lowering bonuses and benefits for the plods that make the damn monster work, claiming there is no money for that and then the next day, claiming that they have bought yet another company. While I understand companies are not here to pay me a lot of money, it would help morale and employee loyalty to see some appreciation going our way.

Foxconn won't sue over fabricated radio brickbats

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Re: @Sean Timarco Baggaley - Anyone else getting tired..

Lovely philosophy there.

Africans sell their enemies to us so its ok for us to buy them as "it was a gimme, we had to take it". This is NOT a bloody Walmart, you garlic-scented urinal cake.

Try making that argument to a child slave from Côte d'Ivoire. Being sold as a slave is better than starving? Now their parents won't starve!

Are you ok with child prostitutes as well? What about Chinese coal miners?

Nobody is trying to get you to commit suicide because you partake in items made from materials harvested by slaves. They are trying to raise awareness about unethical, immoral and sometimes bloody illegal work practices. You know how I felt after I learned that most cocoa is harvested by child slaves? Whats worse, in this country there isn't a single brand made from ethical cocoa.

I would keep trying to get through to you but I'm honestly sickened. Thought I had seen everything in the internet. A slavery apologist.

Russia plans manned moon shot by 2030

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To be quite honest

I don't care if the next man/woman on the moon is an astronaut, a cosmonaut or a taikonaut. I only want Us (the worldly We) to go back there.

Lets build a Bernal Sphere. Lets establish a colony in the moon or a science base.

Humanity needs this. I have lost my faith in governments, economic systems and religions. We need to prove to ourselves that after surviving for so long we have something else to show for instead of the ability to accurately (most of the time) bomb brown people. To fill the pockets of alienated, uncaring pigs. To enslave each other to maintain the status quo.

Let us be the T'au instead of the Imperium of Man.

Gamers pledge almost a million dollars for Wasteland sequel

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Take, my money...takeeeee it.

Can I donate twice? How about thrice? Here's my wallet...just leave me my ID and driver's permit!

This is the only hope of getting a decent RPG made by competent designers.

At the moment you have the choices of: real-time-with-pause Bioware...shitty pseudo-shooters Bethesda and horribly, unpolished crap like Elemental and Disciples.

Hope they keep it turn-based. Fuck those console-wankers that want everything real time like ritalin-addicted, crack rats. The last decent RPG I played was the Temple of Elemental Evil by Troika (after the Circle of Eight patch, of course). Everything else has been a click-fest worthy of Diablo (which isn't a bad game series but RPGs they are not).

Go Go Go! Wuv you a wot Mr. Fargo!

IT staffers on ragged edge of burnout and cynicism

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Cynicism is natural

IT is a field where Cynicism is natural and a part of what makes it work.

Cynicism is a response intended to help assuage the mind from the contradictions that arise in the eternal battle between logos and praxis.

IT is a field where ideals/ideas/logos say how something should be done but reality/experience/praxis say how something will be done. You get judged by how it should have been done but get reamed if you do not get it done within the constraints that were put to you in which things were done.

I anticipate two possible futures for me as I work cleaning off the mess that results when logo is drunk and stumbling and praxis doesn't give a shit: either leave for greener pastures using talents that I don't know that I have or I start improving IT in the best way possible...THE BOFH WAY!

Child abuse suspect won't be forced to decrypt hard drive

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Re: American way of thinking

Way to disregard the several comments that posters gave you, thoroughly explaining why you got voted down.

I sincerely hope you never fall in the hands of cops and prosecutors looking for headlines. Your rights will be worth as much as the sock that your jail-husband will stuff in your mouth as he complies with his marital duties.

If someone did that little trick of sending you a poisoned chalice (and to be an utter dick, installed said drive and configured your OS not to report that the drive is present, so that the system has evidence of the drive being part of the system), you'll have very, very little chance of proving your innocence.

Please stop arguing with your heart and start thinking with your head.

Flood-hit Thai disk fabs to pour out 140m drives

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Bigger slice of pie?

Nah, that won't ever happen. They'll never see the light in the fact that they could recoup their dev costs faster by lowering prices. I would actually be interested in getting rid of my main storage drive where I install games with a 4x256GB RAID 0 but the cost is higher than getting a low end NAS with traditional drives at the moment.

I wish SSDs came down in price. They have many, many, many advantages that could revolutionize enterprise hardware but at the price, one cannot justify the cost. Can you imagine a massive infiniband-connected, 45 drives RAID 5?

You would still get complaints about speed and snide remarks how their home $300 POS computer is faster but we have LARTs to deal with that.

BOFH: Moon landings, Pong and the case of the smoking server

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Oh ho ho ho!

This is a bit saddening but also very funny. My smartest chum has gone down this road. The bloke is the smartest guy I know, can troubleshoot and diagnose software/hardware faults and complex issues with his eyes closed.

Then he got married and I lost track of him. We got in touch again and boy was I surprised!

For the love of Asimov, he is turned into a nutter! Not only he buys into every single conspiracy there is, including but not limited to, moon landing fakings, 9/11 truthism, chemtrails, everything involving Nikola Tesla, the Biefeld-Brown effect and I could go on., but he is also heavily into fringe science. ORMEs, Plasma Cosmology, if it's not part of the mainstream he believes it. Because the evil Akkademic Internationalsch Kommuniten is suppressing all the advanced science.

Mine's the one with ORMEs dust in the pockets.

Intel pays peanuts to settle NY antitrust suit

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This a very very bad ruling

I concur with Chris228. There have to be consequences for illegal acts and its needs to be more expensive to try to fight a judgement for a large company than to continue committing illegal acts.

How different would the IT world be if AMD had managed to secure a better share of the business in the 2004-2008 era when Intel's designs were mediocre.

I'm not saying AMD is not at fault for their leaving the main desktop to Intel but Intel's underhanded practices certainly helped saw the floor around them.

Teddy Roosevelt would have had a field day with this. We need more people with these types of convictions.

Spacemen urge NASA to build nuke ship for Mars trip

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I love scientistic discussements with pleasant chums

@Alister: maybe for terraforming but there alternatives to colonizing Mars. You could construct an O'Neil cylinder on the stable Lagrange points. By their design O'Neil cylinders are scalable enabling humanity to colonize space. They are easier to build and there is a technological path from our current space capabilities. It starts with a Bernal sphere which will be used to house miners and geoengineers to mine asteroids until we get enough materials to build the cylinder. Which should be used to develop and perfect environmental engineering enough that you can replicate the conditions of earth in space. Eventually you may consider colonizing other planets.



Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Final Fantasy?

I think Squaresoft needs to take a break with these series. I played FF1, FF4, FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF9 and yes even the godwaful FF10.

I think that they have focused on make the graphics prettier but forgot to make the characters memorable. It seems their "moody" main character schtick is pretty worn out already. Even in Dissidia, they make fun of Cloud and Squall for that reason. Give us another Cid Highwind, another Sabin Figaro, instead of Emo McAloof v13.0.

Squaresoft, make a sequel to Legend of Mana, a good sequel to Chrono Trigger. You have a great deal of worthy property...USE IT and don't fuck it up like Sega with Phantasy Star.

Super black hole about to scoff speeding space dinner

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At a normal black hole, yes you'll become al dente capellini in before you even cross the event horizon because the tidal force is too strong.

At a supermassive black hole, you'll probably survive crossing the horizon. If its massive enough, you might even hit the surface of the singularity.

You'll still die well before that, as any radiation pulled in with you will have its energy boosted due to the massive gravity.


The interesting question is...what if the singularity is spinning fast enough that its shape is not spherical but ring-like? If we could set aside the radiation, would it be possible for an object to pass through the center? *Cue twilight zone music*

Ten... remastered videogame classics

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They won't release the Metal Gear HD and Silent Hill HD collections to PC. I won't buy a console ever again. $140 bucks to replace a laser? Bollocks to that!

Conflict mineral laws haven't helped Congolese

Fred Mbogo


I don't think there's much hope for that. We can't even get the chocolate industry to agree not to use cocoa beans harvested by slave labor in Cote d'Ivoire.

People just don't give a damn.

This is one of the few instances were journalism would do a lot of good. Sure people might ignore where the minerals for their electronics and the cocoa for their sweets come from. Smear their faces with the blood of thousands slaving away and you'll get a reaction.

No way that the 1% would let that air on national TV but that's one of the good purposes of Bit Torrent.

NASA working on nuclear rocket for manned Mars trips

Fred Mbogo

Why settle for a glorified Trabant Nerva?

When we can have Dr. Dyson's Rolls Royce.

The man is still alive, he is as brilliant as ever and the science behind the Orion drive works.

The only thing that's needed to make the drive palatable to the public is to diminish the contamination to the minimum. Instead of using nuclear bombs...why not use nuclear shape-charges? That way you'll ensure that the majority of the plasma shock wave hits the pusher plate.

We only need two or maybe three Earth-based launches. Orion is so powerful that you can build a city-sized space station and lift it all the way to the Lagrange point in one launch. The second launch would send them supplies for 20~30 years while they work out the self-sustainability of the station. Then a station on the moon where they can mine the uranium and other yummy minerals to make more nukes for the Orion drives. Then we can work on a cheap easy way to get people from Earth to space.

The designs for space stations are already there and there is even a technological road map. You start with Bernal spheres to get the basic habitation going. Once resources improve, you can build Stanford toruses (is that torii) and finally once you are ready to go balls to the wall, you construct O'Neill cylinders which will have soil, plants, animals and anything else you want to put in them.

Do we want to end up as a one-planet grave? We are all one gamma-ray burst away from going the way of the dodo.

BOFH: Licence to grill ... stupid users

Fred Mbogo


If you sent a certain package containing certain substances and then called the fishing implements company, offering them a cheap, one-time, proof-of-purchase license not to breathe that particular substance and therefore miss out on the limited time offer of retaining the use of their breathing systems in full, unassisted capacity...you would be called a criminal.

To paraphrase Raymond Chandler: "The only difference between crime and business? Business requires money."

Martian simnauts emerge from spaceship outside Moscow

Fred Mbogo


You are right on the money.

They should have stuck with Von Braunn's vision of Orbit > Space Station > Moon.

Mass is pretty much a non-factor if you are building in space.

Where are my Bernal spheres, O'Neil cylinders and Stanford toruses?

Airline strikes, unions outraged

Fred Mbogo

El Reg looking like The Daily Fail?

Unions are bad?

While not every single union on every country on every industry is good, its undeniable that they have done more good than harm.

It is a sad day when the working class can be pitted against one another and they fall for that bait.

People used to work 7 days in the days of yore. Shifts that exceeded 12 hours. Without pensions, safety regulations, vacations and other luxuries that have been won tooth and nail.

The fatcats of the industry have always been willing to spill their workers' blood. Don't you remember the Pinkertons? The miners that were air bombed by the US air force ordered by the president who was also a shill for corporations? Match girls? The Coca Cola bottle workers murder in Colombia? The banana workers murders in Colombia?



People seem to have a short memory. This whole recession has been caused by corporate greed. Its about time somebody put a check on it. Unions can help do that. Nobody wants communism to return but creating an underclass of unemployable people (because their skills are too expensive to pay in the country) and reducing social mobility are not helping this matter at all.

Intel mad for power, but stacked-up dies keep MELTING!

Fred Mbogo


What good is additional speed on the procs if everything they store goes to a media thats a good 3 orders of magnitude slower.

MIT boffin: Salted disks hold SIX TIMES more data

Fred Mbogo

We don't need bigger drives.

We need faster storage.

Norton blocks Facebook as 'phishing site'

Fred Mbogo

For this and other many reasons

I tell my customer's that Symantec software is considered malware.

Its bloated, consumes memory and sometimes deletes files that your computer needs to work.

Mine is the one with shoe with fits...

'Boss from hell' knuckle-rapped for 'firing contests'

Fred Mbogo

Pah, you lot...

Don't know why this is so much of an issue.

After all, this is why they invented the Dimethyl Mercury latte and Ricin-flavored beer.

Chug heartily boss man!

Irishman's coke-packed abdomen poses for police

Fred Mbogo

Wanna get rid of drugs?

Legalize them. Tax them. Let capitalism kill the massive profits and many of the problems will take care of themselves.

Science, engineering PhDs to drop by a third

Fred Mbogo

This is why...

Why would someone bust their ass doing a PhD? People have to eat and I find deplorable that people with Masters degrees and above end up living barely in middle class. Thats harsh after 10+ years of study.

I don't get why people get so worked up that people might expect to earn some money for their work. Does everybody work unpaid, pro bono positions? And by some money, I mean enough to retire comfortably with the same quality of life that you had when you were working.

9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power

Fred Mbogo
Big Brother


So you would trade most of your liberty for a little temporary/imaginary security?

BZZZZT! Wrong, you deserve neither and shall lose both.

Once you start spying on your own and abusing them, you have become what you fear.

UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'

Fred Mbogo


The NIF project is the one less suited for non-war applications. It essentially started as research for cleaner H-bombs.

The ITAR Tokamak is more suited for peaceful use.

Vale Michael Stern Hart

Fred Mbogo

A sad loss

If you own an e-reader (Nook user myself), you owe it to yourself to go project gutenberg's website and fill it up with free books. Screw editors who shave off part of the books that they don't like, read as close to the original as possible.

Jules Verne's books are all free and have helped me through long trips and meetings.

This project could enable people that cannot afford books, to read the good works of the Masters.

Why lady Death, pick up a more undeserving soul when in life many scumbags remain who our beloved BOFH shall not get to? So many assholes, so little bullets. Why take one of the good ones?

Memo to kid coders: Enterprise software exists

Fred Mbogo

And who wants to work on Enterprise software?

Is it the lower than management pay? The temptation of a thankless job that will go wrong despite your best efforts.

I work for a major OEM manufacturer where I have to use Enterprise software and goddamn if I don't cringe whenever that software fails.

Down time measured in days. What? You are not in Sales? Well their stuff is working so fixing yours is not a priority.

We only recently only managed to get the Java versions in use in the company (the Java app is just a front end for a really clunky non-java application, its a Tandem application and thats all I'll say about that) down to two from four. I like flashy stuff like everybody else but if Java stuff causes my machine to grind down, get rid of it, I can deal with linky, texty stuff.

And of course, the software is usually running on underspecced servers. What do you mean we have to migrate to a more powerful server?! This application designed for 30K employees should be able to work with 150K users at a time!

Management, naturally, helps to aggravate the problem. Its preferable to EoL an application that is working, is easy to read, easy to use\ but a bitch to get data out of from to put into Excel spreadsheets than to create an ugly bastard that is hard to use, hard to read from, but that they can copy paste easily to spreadsheets. Who uses the application every day to document their cases? Users. Who uses the application once a week to get data to put into spreadsheet to berate people for not hitting the eternally shrinking goals? Managers. Guess who they develop for?

I can see why people don't want to work in the field and also when recruitment people expect new hires to have experience with such ancient cruft for a shit salary. Why would they want to make that choice? In my country, outsourcers are whining that there isn't enough personnel here that fit their needs. Does that mean you are willing to pay premium for the few blokes that are of use? What, people want higher salaries?!

Intel love bombs US.gov for supercomputing tax dollars

Fred Mbogo
Big Brother

And not a single cycle...

Will be used for improving humanity. Rather I fear they'll use them to track and snoop on us more efficiently.

Wish they would set up a decent MWLL server with that.

Bullfrog Syndicate

Fred Mbogo


An isometric remake of the game is highly unlikely my retrogame colleague. Apparently the powers that be decided that isometric, turn-based, non-multiplayer games are not profitable.

A remake of Jagged Alliance with better graphics but still iso and turnbased would be cake. Hell, add multiplayer if you want to (the Bear's Pit crew has a kludgy, barely working version on their 1.13 patch).

Its freaking idiotic, everybody is just looking to make their own Call of Duty clone. Look what they did to the Fallout franchise. They turned it into a bloody, click-pause based shooter!

The PC game industry's thinking baffles me. They keep rehashing the same bullshit titles and genres, and then are surprised when people don't want to buy that garbage. Then they blame pirates for their losses. I don't deny that pirates do cause losses but those losses are inherent to the business.

I wish there was a non-idiotic publisher willing to fund a remake market. I don't CARE if they don't reinvent the wheel and release the same game. Gimme good graphics, add multiplayer if applicable but please don't frankenstein the game into another genre, make it moddable and you'll see a healthy, appreciative fanbase.

Doom dude says violent games lower aggression

Fred Mbogo


Pah, GTA IV is a load of cack. Real men play Saints Row 2. Nothing like mowing down a bunch of pimps and gangsters with a minigun, causing a 4-way battle with the police, gangs and pimps while wearing a hotdog suit.

UK Cops 'duped' into arresting wrong LulzSec suspect

Fred Mbogo


*Sniff* They took my horse....

Dead bloke reanimates in mortuary

Fred Mbogo

Was his name...

Jake Armitage? You know him, AI courier, green pants, gray trenchcoat. Known to hang out with a shapechanger woman.