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Data watchdog clears mobile phone directory


From the T's & C's

"If you wish to obtain a copy of the information we hold on you, please include your full name & address, a copy of your passport, driving license, utility bill or bank statement for identification purposes and enclose a cheque made payable to Connectivity Limited for £10. Where appropriate you can request that we correct or enhance your information or you can become ex-directory (see section 8 below)."


"You can become ex-directory by texting the letter ‘E’ to 118800 from the mobile phone that you want to be made ex-directory. Standard network charges apply. Or you can call us on 118 800 or 0800 138 6263 from the phone you want to be made ex-directory. But remember that 0800 calls will be charged by your mobile phone company. The first time 118 800 contacts you please note that you will be sent an SMS reminding you about how to become ex-directory. Please allow 4 weeks for your details to be made ex-directory"

I don't want to become ex-directory, I simply don't want to be anywhere on the database - as much as anything else, i've had my mobile number for over a decade now (moved from different suppliers via the gift of the PAC code over the years).

However, as per poster above, I tried to look myself up on the on-line directory - it said there were multiple instances of me. Which is surprising, since I have a very English surname and the number of people in Scotland with the same name is less than a dozen (at last count) - almost exclusively my family, none of whom live in the same town as me.

If it cant find me, someone who has lived at the same address for 10+ years and has had the same mobile number for a similar length of time, registered at the same address, what hope is there of this being any use what-so-ever ? Or is it more accurate when you phone in and start paying ?

Pirate Party wins seat in European Parliament


@ Andy

The BNP getting a result is terrible, but UKIP even more results is fine ?

Both want to distance us from Europe, one is more overt in their aims than the other.

But only one of them is terrible.

How about the SNP ? They got the same number of seats as the BNP and have been qutie clear in wanting to break up the union that is Great Britain. Any comment on them ?

Blighty’s barmy for e-cars, poll discovers


Considering ?

Well that's good - i'm considering buying a Pagani Zonda, cant afford it, have no idea if I ever would be able to, but i'm definitely considering it.

Pointless bloody statistic.

4K by 2K resolution, Ethernet-equipped HDMI 1.4 announced


4096 x 2160 . . .

. . . is enough resolution for 4 pictures at 1920 x 1080, given that both dimensions have doubled in size.

Not that i'm a pedant or anything.

BNP pleads for cash after reported DDoS assault



Everyone on here crying "Ha ha, isn't it funny that the BNP fascists got DDoS'd and are whinging" should probably take a step away from the keyboard and look at our *current* government, who have implemented more fascist doctrine than the BNP have even considered.

They've also brought in more laws that mean that, for example, a person of foreign descent (asian, african etc) being attacked by a group of "white youths" is immediately branded as being racially motivated, whereas the reverse is *never* true.

I have nothing to do with the BNP, never voted for them, never been to a meeting and as far as i'm aware don't know anyone of same, but the comments on here are more deluded about what we currently have as a government than some of the worst twitterings of the Daily Fail crowd.

Please, for the love of his noodley appendage, reel your necks in and point your ire where it actually should be pointed.

iPhone apps - the 10 smartest and the 10 stupidest


@ Giles Jones

"What data plan Nick? have you ever bothered to read the iPhone data plan? in the UK it is free data therefore app downloads and use is included in the monthly package.

Have you tried carrying a worldwide street level map in your pocket? can it search and tell you where local facilities are?"

I take it you are aware just quite how much data costs as soon as you leave the shores of Blighty ? And that the iPhone has a horrible tendency to be continually using the data services ?

Having just racked up a £200 phone-bill in 2 weeks whilst in New Zealand (not using an iPhone, just using the phones modem for e-mail checking on my laptop), I dread to think what an always on iPhone will happily spend of your money.

Government rejects Lords' surveillance criticism


How Deluded Is Everyone ?

Of course the current level of surveillance is just fine and dandy, it conforms to the current legal framwork.

The fact that the current bunch of tossers . . . errr . . . government created the laws is irrelevant, in their eyes.

We have a situation where a Chief Constable is refusing to adhere to a court order and a government who refuse over-sight by the Upper House. Believe it folks, we have finally reached a fascist, totalitarian state.

A government that a mere 19% of the population voted for have now so under-mined every civil liberty, law and public trust that I doubt very much that i'll see it return in my life-time, short of a revolution.

Viva Le Resistance

'Better IT could have stopped 7/7 bombings'


@michael W

Quite right.

It's a little like Nostradamus - most of his "predictions" are found after the event, prior to something happening, they are mostly guess-work and/or gibberish.

However, good to see another government set-up committee have basically said we need the IMP as soon as possible.

Otellini questions EU logic


@ Ian

Intel kit only gained the high ground again with the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad chip-sets, a fairly recent addition to the line-up.

When the case first started, almost all power users were switching allegiance to AMD and the Athlon 64 line-up of chips, the first to introduce a 64-bit architecture on an x86 based chip.

Intel later included the 64-bit instruction set as EM64T (or something like that).

The first multi-core chips from AMD eclipsed the Pentium D that Intel were pushing, both in performance and in power consumption.

Today, for most people, Intel chips are the way to go, except in high-end maths based servers, were the better floating-point unit in AMD chips comes in handy, hence a lot of meteriological etc type server farms are actually AMD based.

Fetish club forces ID scanner climbdown


Club vs Pub

Putting them in clubs is one thing (and a bad one thing at that), but putting them in pubs would completely change the manner of the licence.

The building is a public house, as in the public are allowed to come and go as they please, they don't even need to buy anything to sit inside and, say, read a book or the paper (yes, many publicans will find a reason to boot them out if they try).

If a scanner was put in place, it is no longer a public house, by definition of the licencing agreement.

Councils to lose some spy powers



What a great idea, lets enact a law and then work out how it should be used several years later.

This shower of fuckwits need to be removed from office, preferably by a group bearing flaming torches and pitch-forks.

Govt powers up electric cars with £5k subsidy


Well, that'll work . . .

. . . or more likely it'll go like the Australian renewable energy grant, whereby all the manufacturers simply increase their prices, safe in the knowledge that the grant reduces the price back to what they actually intended in the first place.

Besides, if all these hybrids and 'leccy cars are so good and such a good thing, then why the need for a subsidy ? Could it be because they are shit, no-one really wants them and they are impractical.

Profs: Facebook, Twitter users are lazy, thick, amoral



Whats her name ?

'Mad as hell' news agency declares war on light-fingered sites


Huh ?

"Linking to news articles with short excerpts is common practice throughout the web"

So, because lots of people do it, it's legal ??

Excellent, i'll fire up Vuze and torrent my little heart out, content in the knowledge that because lots of people are doing it, it's legal.

Fucking idiot.

EC blasts mobile masts away from schools and hospitals


Same as Smoking

One of the original reports on smoking concluded that you are 21 times more likely to get cancer if you smoke than if you don't, which was statitically correct.

However, the difference was along the lines of 99.7% of non-smokers got cancer, but 98.6% of smokers got cancer.

No-one questions that smoking increases your risk, but the increase is actually very, very small.

So to radio masts, there probably is a risk, but it will be along the same tiny margin as to be pointless.

BT blocks up to 40,000 child porn pages per day


So . . .

. . . if the number of blocks has stayed roughly the same, whilst the number of internet users has increased, do we assume :

i) the block is working properly and is disauding people from becomnig paedo's

ii) there are a finite number of paedo's and they are all early adopters and haven't changed their patterns

iii) paedo's aren't all stupid and have found another way to get their filth

PS3 back to haunt Wii in Japan



PS3 - 21.3M @ 31/12/2008

X360 - 27.93M @ 14/1/2009

Wii - 50M @ 25/3/2009

In Europe the PS3 and 360 are about equal on sales, in the US the 360 dominates massively and in Japan the PS3 dominates.

The fact is, the Wii has won this round of console sales, by a vast margin, both of the others are also rans with only an outside chance of reaching the dizzying sales of the Wii in their life-time.

YouTube yanks music videos from German site



An outmoded monopoly organisation complains about the newer upstart monopoly organisation.

Irony ? We've heard of it.

DNA database grows faster than forecast


So, by any normal rationale . . .

. . . this means that over 10% of the population of England and Wales have criminal convictions, because we wouldn't keep the DNA of those who have not been charged/been found innocent/only handed it to us for our inquiries.

Vulture Central on total G20 terror lockdown


G8 Edinburgh

We had much the same thing in Edinburgh during the G8 a couple of years back. The polcie were very good, they herded the annoying people into one street - however they forgot to inform the businesses on that street that thats what they would be doing - we were locked in from just before lunch to just after 4pm.

Bloody starving, we all were.

Although, on the plus side, we did get quite a lot of photos onto the BBC web-site, seeing as we could just lean out the window and take them.

Acer sued for shipping Vista-book with GB of memory


Why . . .

. . . aren't they suing Wal-Mart ?? Acer may have built the lap-top, but the shop stocked and sold the device at that spec. If we go with the assumption that someone shopping in Wal-Mart expects things to work as advised by the little sticker, then the fault lies with Wal-Mart for stocking something that wasn't fit for the purpose advertised.

If they bought direct from Acer, that would be a different story.

For example, if they bought a pint of milk that turned out to be contaminated/off/inedible, would they sue the dairy or Wal-Mart ??

US mums sue anti-sexting crusader


Sex Offenders Register

It takes a lot less than this to get on it.

Caught by the rozzers drunkenly pissing in an alley ? SOR

No, i'm not joking.

The problem is, the media have got the general public to accept that the SOR and List 99 (a subset of the register) are one and the same thing. The latter is the sick paedo's, the former can be pretty much anything where naked body parts were on show in public.

Blu-ray Disc added to UK shopping basket


@ Vlad

My local HMV has a BD section which covers, maybe, 1/8 of the total floor space. Of the remainder, the majority is taken by CD's (~1/2 of the total). DVD's absolutely take up more space and have more people in the section, but then it's been around for 12 years (commercially) and films can be had for under a tenner.

Also, those who do have BD players are likely to be your more techno-savvy types and like me probably buy their BD's on-line, for a fraction of the price of the rip-off high-street retailers. I have quite a few BD's now (30-40) and most of those were brought for on or around £10, the exceptions being a few just released titles (Iron Man, Transformers, Dark Knight), but in those cases the cost diference between the DVD and the BD was about £2 - hardly note-worthy.

Further, the start-up times between BD and DVD are measured in seconds, average of around 5 seconds more for the BD. You would actually complain about that, when sitting down to watch for at least 30 mins (for a TV show) or 2 hours or so for a film ?

Region coding is enabled on less than half of the disks released, I have several imports from the US.

The specs are in no way confusing. All players play all films, some players have more features than others. DVD players were no different, in the early days there were any number that refused to deal with seamless branching properly.

Please post a link to the stories of the DRM killing players.

BT names first 29 exchanges for fibre rollout


@ General A. Annoying

29 exchanges, 3 of them in Scotland.

Scotland's population <10% of the UK population, therefore the number of exchanges per-capita is better in Scotland than the rest of the UK.

Wales and NI can be agrieved if they want, but not sure how you can set <1/2 of an exchange up.

The exchange in Edinburgh that has been chosen is the one in an area not currently covered by Virgin Media, which makes sense - BT want to sell the whole media stuff through Home Hub, far more likely to get take-up where cable doesn't already exist.

Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-ray Disc player


@MGJ and @Bod

MGJ - Start time from tray closing to picture on screen for the Matrix DVD, using a Pioneer DV-606D DVD player, about 24 seconds. Start time for the same film on Blu-Ray, using a Samsung BDP-1500, about 30 seconds. Start times for BD using a PS3 are about the same as the BDP. Start times alter dramatically depending on disk.

However, there's no major difference between DVD start times and BD start times. More importantly, your about to sit down for 2 hours and watch a film and your quibbling about, maybe, 10 seconds extra to load the disk. Really ?

Bod - HD downloads don't come close to a decent BD, unless it's a BD rip that's being downloaded (and who has the time to wait for 25GB to download). Most (legal) HD downloads are 720p with a stereo soundtrack (possibly matrixed surround).

BD's are great for those who want the TV and stereo to do their party-piece with audio and visuals.

Downloads may work in a metropolitan area, which has high coverage of reasonable speeds (>8Mbps), as soon as you move away from a city the speeds drop dramatically (i live in a city and am quite happy with the ~20Mbps from Be). Downloads taking over ? Not gonna happen any time soon.

Samsung punts popcorn flicks for pounds


So . . .

. . . they cost more than the DVD, which is a comparable image resolution and in the case of Iron Man actually costs about the same as a Blu-Ray.

Rip-off ? They've heard of it.

Mormons demand ICANN plugs net smut hole


Why ?

Any tech savvy person will be able to block the majority of porn sites from their kids seeing them, it's not exactly difficult (one of my colleagues at work has done just that, through a home firewall with filtering to specific IP's on the network).

If they want a child friendly enviroment, install AOL and let them only use that. For the rest of the adult population, leave my bloody internets alone, for without goat pr0n, what are we ?

As for the LDS folks tipping up and suggesting the comments are "hate filled", you should probably go and check up on exactly what "hate" means. Calling you a moron for believing in something you cant see would seem to be a fairly obvious comment. Hate would be if we suggested that you should all be shot/burned/maimed in some horrible way - which hasn't been said. Further-more, I consider all Abrahimic religious doctrine to be moronic, not just the LDS.

Juror tweets could force retrial


US Court

Don't the legal team from both sides have to agree which jurors to have on the jury ? I seem to remember that from somewhere. In which case, the legal team (defence) agreed to have him and now they didn't get the verdict they wanted are looking for a way to call mis-trial, given the subsequent media attention this will garner, they can then claim that they cant get a neutral jury and can then claim to have the whole case thrown out.

Hong Kong supplier punts Mac-alike netbook


@Shopping Trip

I can thoroughly recommend Hong Kong, fantastic place, lovely people (admittedly a large number of ex-pats) and yes, the cheap knock-offs are very good and very cheap - for example, rugby tops for around £4 (I was over for the 7's both times) and far more durable than half the full-price stuff in the UK.

Although, the cheap prices in Hong Kong pale into insignificance when compared with the cheap prices in main-land China. 5 years ago a knock-off Game-boy Colour was around £20 and the games were around £1, knock-off DVD's cost less than £1 and the quality was high (nothing like the quality FACT would have you believe in their adverts).

Basically, Hong Kong and China both get a big thumbs-up from me as places to visit.

Science-boosting thickie questionnaire backfires


According to the US EPA

It's actually 80% :


DNA database includes nipper and nonagenarian


I could be wrong . . .

. . . but I believe Whacky to be way off the mark about the DPA with regards to announcing an age.

The age of a person, in and of itself, cannot reveal the person it relates to, QED it isn't covered by the DPA.

To find the actual person, you would have to have more information - the actual date of birth would be a good start or perhaps the area the person lived.

Equally, I suspect the DNADB actually holds a date of birth, rather than an age and the age is calculated on the fly (if it isn't, it's a stupid db). As such, the age probably isn't even held as a static field, but has been calculated for the purposes of this report, which would further distance this from being covered by the DPA.

Cocaine now cheaper than lager


Old news

Columbian marching powder has been cheaper, for a line, than a pint for a number of years now. However, it's only around a 12 minute high from a single line, so the effects are less long-lasting than a pint.

And yes, doing coke off a girls pert arse is great fun.

Apple fights iPhone unlocking (again)


Wont work

Jail-breaking the phone is not illegal in any way in the EU, in fact it's enshrined in law that, at the end of the mobile contract, you can ask, for a small fee, that the phone be unlocked. France goes slightly further than this, which is why you can buy the contract-less phone over there.

So, if the jail-break software is hosted in the EU, there is fuck all Apple can do about it.

However, as others have intimated, if what they are saying is that you essentially never own the item, even at the end of the contract, then they cant charge an upfront fee for the phone. You either own the item or rent it, if the former then they can have no say about what I do with it, if the latter then they cant charge when the battery needs replacing.

Virgin Media trials longer bandwidth throttling



Glad I jumped ship a year ago.

Brits and Yanks struck with embarasment embarrassment


14 out of 15 on the Spelling Bee

The one word I got wrong I listened to a good half-a-dozen times before guessing at one of the two words I thought they were pronouncing.

I was born in '73, started school in '78 and finished '89 or so, before going on to University, I was state schooled all the way through, never had a tutor and never failed an exam.

Back in High School, in 4th year (I have no idea what "grade" that is, I went to school before we decided to adopt the American standard for class years), I was in the top English class, due to a change in teacher, we got a spelling test. Out of 20 words, only 2 of the 30 or so pupils got them all right (myself being one of them).

Yet I still don't blame all the other kids, I personally have always read a lot and at a veracious pace, which always helps with spelling. However, schools haven't taught English for a long time, most kids have no idea of the construct for a sentence in English (noun, verb, adverb etc), no idea what a past participle is or the definite article. This same fact is why schools no longer teach foreign languages properly, if you don't know the rules surrounding English, how can a teacher explain the differences between English and, say, French (where the construct is likely to be noun, adverb, verb).

The reality is, education has been dumbed down for years, to the point where anyone leaving school today is of no use to man nor beast, education wise. We don't teach languages correctly, we don't teach science anymore (we teach kids to do an experiment and confirm the results are what they should be, not to question the result), mathematics is the art of using a calculator and so on.

I weep for the state of education today.

BBC seen to yield over website snooping


If . . .

. . . the data is in any way "processed" outside the UK, then they would need the users permission.

The company in question would only be acceptable to be used if they had signed up to the US Safe Harbor programme (laughably easy, it's self-certification).

Otherwise Jack-boot Jacqui should have a word.

European Parliament wants criminalization of online 'grooming'



Either ban kids from using the internet or make sure all kids have to go through an AOL style portal to get the internet.

Why should my usage of the internet be fucked up by some do-gooding idiot who probably has no concept of chat-rooms, IRC, IM etc and bases their view entirely on Daily Fail and the like ?

Going back a good 10 years I used to play an on-line game called Planetarion, entirely text based, but with an active IRC community around it. Thousands played the game and at any time there was a good few hundred in IRC. One of these was well known to be a school-girl, around 15 IIRC, who took delight in coming on-line at about 4.30 and posting comments along the lines of "check me out on my web-cam".

Didn't stop me and most of the others talking to her and everyone else in the same manner as we always had done, now and again someone would make some sort of comment and get the abuse of "you sick bastard", but it was all in jest. She even went to a couple of the live events IIRC, accompanied by her older brother (18+).

Some would say that all that went on was sick and we were all perverts, conversely everyone involved thought it was a good laugh with someone who could hold a conversation.

The worst part is, the more you try to keep adults/children in seperate rooms, the more fascinating it becomes for children and the more likely for bad things to happen. If your interaction with adults is limited, your ability to deal with a situation involving an adult will be stunted.

I believe the old idiom covers this perfectly well :

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Kids' sites 'must register moderators'


@ Andrew

Thats nice for you, do you also believe that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear ?

I have personally never been arrested or cautioned by the police, i've only ever had one speeding ticket. Yet I have refused to take part in activities that would require a CRB check to be done (community projects). Why ? Because it is a huge invasion of privacy and the simple fact is it doesn't stop anything (remember, the Soham murders that this was brought in for were done by someone who didn't work at the same school as the children, ergo it wouldn't have changed anything).

To bastardise a now oft used quote :

"First they came for the moderators and I said nothing."

MySpace fingers 90,000 nonces


What ?

"For every one of them, there could be hundreds more."

Lets take a look at that, lets assume for every one there is exactly one hundred more, thats 9 million.

Now MySpace only seem concerned about US sex offenders (or at least thats the slant of the article), so this judge assumes that *at least* 3% of the USA are sex offenders (assuming around 300 million Americans).

The Judge is an ass.

Universal thaws out The Thing


John Carpenters The Thing

Was more of a continuation than a remake of the original 1951 version, hence no digging of ships from ice and so on and visiting the Norwegian base, which links it back to the short-story and so on.

Re-making it (which is what Hollywood seem to be doing) is just a terrible idea, the last decent re-make/re-imagining was probably Cronenberg's The Fly.

Saving ISPs and the music biz: Is it even worth it?


Why ?

Why would I pay more for a crappier version of the same song ? Current legal downloads are shitty rips of the full fat version on the CD and sound like shitty rips on anything but a set of headphones plugged into an mp3 player.

I don't download illegal rips for the very same reason, they are still shitty rips of a decent version and sound crap when played on a proper set of speakers.

What I do do is rip my legally bought CD's to a full fat version and an mp3 version - the former to stream from a NAS to a media centre playing over the hi-fi and the latter for my mp3 player. Which is of course illegal in the UK, since we don't have the same acceptable use rules that the US has.

All of the idiots involved want everything, whilst giving back nothing.

Boffin dubs global warming 'irreversible'



Yet another report/study predicting doom and gloom, based on studying facts, figures, other peoples work, whispered comments, runes and chicken entrails.

Lets get things straight. Is there climate change ? Yes. Is there anthropogenic climate change ? jury's still out.

If there is such a large concensus on everything being really bad and we need to do something, why isn't all the money being funnelled to these "scientists" who write the doom and gloom papers, not being given to physicists, biologists and chemists to work out a solution to the problem ? Like zero pollution energy production, tanks of hybrid algae (one of the larger consumers of CO2 I believe) and ways to collect and store (cheaply and efficiently) all the excess CO2.

No, both sides of the argument are paying for reports to say whatever they want, with precious little actually being spent to find a solution.

Lords rule nurses blacklist 'unfair'


Does this mean . . .

. . . that eCRB checks are also unlawful, given that they can be used to ban someone from working based on an assertion, not on trial evidence.

Similarly, no-one should be on the Sex Offenders register without having gone to trial, since they have no right of appeal.

Scotland's porn laws: Can we talk about this like grown-ups?


@AC Sex Offenders

You should probably check what you can be put on the Sex Offenders register for - for example drunkenly pissing against a wall on a Saturday night counts as exposure (bloody right in this cold weather) and as such can get you on the list.

You appear to have made the same (wrong) assumption that the popular press pedal, that the Sex Offenders Register = List 99 (thats the sub-set that contains Paedo's), which is not the case.

UK.gov prepares for filesharing fracas


Why ?

To echo others views, why are the government involved at all ?

There is a legal process in place for the BPI to follow if they wish to prosecute, but they don't want to. Why ? Because in the UK you cant sue for punitive damages, so stupid cases of people being asked to pay $250,000 for 6 tracks wont happen.

So the BPI, who cant be bothered to use the law as it stands, seek to change it for their own nefarious ends and since it's big business, NuLabour just ask for a nice fat fee paid into their party funds.

Firm touts bendy, wearable OLED screen



I seem to remember Cambridge Labs demo-ing a plastic, bendable screen a decade or so ago, albeit only in mono-chrome and only displaying a static image.

The cynic in me says that OLED is being pushed over the Cambridge tech because it has a guaranteed failure point (once the organic element breaks down enough).

Online crime maps go live


So . . .

. . . the police use the stats/maps to adequately place resources . . .

Hmmm, if I was a crim, i'd check where they were most likely to be and, you know, burglarise somewhere they wont be.

I'm guessing terrorists (sic) could do the same.

HM Gov'ment and HM Police, one big pile of fail.

Germans offer MoD hope of Eurofighter postponement


Should always remember . . .

. . . that of the three or four nations involved in the Euro-Fighter, only one was actually capable of doing the whole project on their own.

And that was the British.

The final project, over many nations, was simply to limit the complete R&D costs from the UK and guarantee European orders, nothing more, nothing less.

Hutton robs forces, pours MoD cash into UK arms biz



The gummint can find £250Billion for it's friends in the city, but it cant find around a hundredth of that to arm the troops they put in harms way in the first place.

Definitely first against the wall when the revolution comes. Maybe even before.

Junk science and booze tax - a study in spin



It used to be about dispassionately viewing the subject and drawing a hypothesis from the evidence observed.

Now the epidemiologists are in charge, but they don't understand what they're doing.

Drawing conclusions from short-term studies of a foreign population, and relate them to long-term consequences in the UK are absurd at best and down-right stupid at worst.