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Brits suffer 'cinema TV' price hike

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Please, please, please, rip me off, I live am a Brit

ridiculous ... that wall bracket mount thingy better be in solid gold, if it is supposed to be worth 1k!

D-Link exposes WiFi routers with new 'security feature'


@Chris 00:54

The whole point is, the authentication system does not know the real password, only the hash. If it knew the password, ppl could break it open and find the password.

Your comment @ 21:56 was great, yes, I think that would be way better!!!! Why did you bother with the second comment, it annihilated your image??

Hackers demand $10m ransom for Virginia medical data


What if?

What if the hacker forgets/loses the encryption key, which I think will happen when/if the FBI catch him? If Virginia do not have a backup .... LOL

Apple power brick sparks lawsuit


Macbook & PowerBook

I have had a PowerBook Ti 550 for 5 years. taking it to work every single day, I am cautious with the equipment, even when it's old. I never tossed it, that's how you wear and tear prematurely and no, I do not think design should consider reckless users tossing stuff around...

I have had my PB for two years now, no issues at all with the power cord, I work from home now, but I do move it around a lot in the house - office to lounge almost every day with power cord.

Never had an issue, again, I do not toss it around, I am careful - heck, it's premium hardware, it's not some shitty Dell/HP/Compaq and deserves to be treated well ... what does it cost to take 3 seconds a day to be careful, it's not like you're gonna arrive 3 seconds earlier at home/office/"god knows where" every time, is it???

My car is 5 years old and has no dents and I live in France - which means it's almost a miracle!

Vodafone shows off HTC's second Android phone


HTC and quality?????

@Carl, Amercians still think Europe is Belgium in the north, Germany in the south, Uk in the west (they get that sort-of right) and France in the east ... and that only makes 216M ppl, so less than them ... LOL

@decoherence, I am by no means an apple fanboy, but he is right, business users went for smartphones, mostly, few end users, looking at the figures now, you can say that you are right now, but certainly was NOT the case before the iphone G1 came out!!!!!

The thing about HTC is, the day they start building quality, I do not care so much for the looks, I mean quality as robustness, a "high" speed cpu, then maybe, maybe I will consider looking at another. I had one for a full three days and sent it back, no way I was going to use that!!!! Utter el cheapo crap with a lame excuse for an OS.

And Windows Mobile??? what a waste of time! It's speed is NOT acceptable by any terms, whoever says the contrary, should check the competition, be it Symbian, Blackberry OS .... you'll see, by no way acceptable!!!!

I have not used <name2change>Android</name2change>, yet. Maybe I will hop over to a shop and try and convince the b@$t@rds that I want to try a phone - they do not allow you in third world countries like France .... :-(

I was waiting for the Pre, and got an iPhone in the end ... and no, I do not care about looks, the case is robust, flat, I have a good protective pouch, it is fast and usable. Email is great (I see nothing wrong with it and I used blackberry for some time) ... am still waiting for Pre to see if I was right ...

Wi-Fi BlackBerry Storm rumour blows in


Almost got one ....

I almost got a Storm, hadn't it been for France's SFR, who suck like no other provider in any of the various countries I have lived in ... I live in France, unluckily, so it was iPhone for me ... which has wifi ... ;-) - I even think since G1 ... copy-paste? Never needed it sofar .... but the storm is one hell of a device, I hate da click feature when you use it, though ... no way to turn that off?

YouTube blocks music videos in UK


Sorry, who should pay?

If youtube offered premium content, I mean high definition sound and video, then I think youtube should pay, but how can they expect youtube to pay for the poor quality stuff that is on youtube and has not even been provided by PRS or labels????

Me thinks the stuff on youtube should be considered promotional material only, and PRS should pay youtube a fair price per play!!!

PRS, you are pulling too hard on the elastic band, and when it breaks, you will get it in the eye!

I bought six cd's last month based on stuff I re-discovered on youtube, you bloody twats!!! Three Wolf Biermann albums, Smiths, Cocteau Twins and Blur (Moder life) ....

BTW, I am not affected by this, I live in France, but I feel compassion for my fellow Brits.

mkfs.withsense /dev/prs

Israelis develop 'safe' plutonium: good for power, bad for weapons


recycling nuclear waste?

I visited a nuclear plant 15 years ago, and they admitted to only be able to recycle 1% of the uranium they were using in the plant. That does not really have a great impact on the waste, does it? BS. Can people supporting nuke power please think before they type?

Besides, I am sure you can use this stuff in a dirty bomb, so safe is far from true!

Airbus A380 bows out of Air Force One competition


RE Chris@Beg to differ


You are forgetting all the government, military, space "contracts" Boing gets!!!

Boeing went to court and lost on this very issue!!

But go ahead and spread your FUD further!

Airbus got loans (money it pays back) from EU governments at some point.

The McDonald,Lockheed and Boeing could not stop EADS from growing, so they merged the whole lot and still fail. Sad, is it not?

Dreamliner? ROFL, you also believe that the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo is democratically elected as well, just because the name implies it?

Sun will Rock in 2009


@Jesper Frimann

Never believe any SAP specialists ... SAP Software sucks, uses GB's of RAM doing nothing, poorly designed and heavy backend, crappy ui.... basically, SAP NetWeaver is such a big piece of cr*p.

We Germans call it NetWieder, which means as much as "not again". In fact, NetWieder is much better than the previous sh*te they brought. All the "techy" needed was an excuse to explain why SAP runs slooow.

Best Run Business AVOID SAP!

Sun to be eclipsed by Red Hat?


HP-UX is doomed anyway so why care

To be honest, OpenSolaris is the way to go. Look at the features it has already, they're pretty damn nice! And when did it all start? And what will happen to Solaris? Right, it will inherit the features!!!

I think that will give sun a serious chance back in the business workstation arena. Sun and OSS will embrace and extend .... Made me consider getting a new sun for @home.

OpenOffice/StarOffice will sit on MS Office in 5 years, you'll see it come!

EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows


One minute folks

MacOS, linux, iphone, nokia, [name it] do not have 90+% market share.

Who thinks the computer manufacturers will not bundle several browsers to choose from?

btw, even windows allows you to get a browser off the web without a browser, ever heard of ftp? And windows even comes with a command-line ftp client, named ... guess what? ftp

That's how I get firefox on freshly installed computers ... ie? ROFL The silly wizard that 99% of the people don't need upsets me so much! I have to uncheck a box on almost every screen, IIRC!

@AC/Many people seem to be missing the point.

Who are you? come on! Ha, have never of heard XPLite?? really?? Please, when you have no clue .... just before you ask, there wasa 98Lite as well and no sane person wants ie integrated into the OS - Windows update works fine with my firefox, but I use automatic updates ... who uses a browser to get patches these days?

IE and OWA need to comply with web standards, and OWA must present the same functionality to mozilla and wekbkit-based browsers as it does to ie

Apple to push Nokia into smartphone second place


@Walker, please walk home!

[...] the search engine giant Google, who in the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) has revealed that iPhone originates 50 times more searches than any other mobile handset. This owes credit to the superb user interfaces and simple, structured internet plans in iPhones, which encourage more internet usage in comparison to other mobile services.[...]

I doubt any other handset gets close to that ...

I have used an iphone for a little while and must admit, the internet is so much fun on it (don't own one), nokias, blackebrries and windows mobiles are plain crap at navigating the web, I have tested recently - i'm looking for a phone ... I have not tested Palms ... worst are, in my opinion, windows mobile phones, though ... a real pain. I have not tried blackberry storm, so maybe it is so much better on internet than other blackberries, which I doubt ... and No, I am no Apple fanboy!

I am most likely getting a storm soon ...once I have tested it and only if internet is at least usable ... I would like to avoid iphones - I refuse to get hype products ....

Palm Pré WebOS: the UI in action

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This phone has potential!

Has Palm stopped trying to go out of business, then? great news!!

It is still a bit weird, though, as the tiles do not always follow the orientation of the phone, and the ui seems to remain static when you turn the phone on its side ... a few glitches here and there, but what a nice phone, indeed .... they need to iron out the glitches and then we have a windows mobile killer!

Microsoft moves Macs closer to PC parity



Why on earth did they create a separate app? Users want to use their browser, not some crappy app ... everything's going to be done in a browser and all that can be done in a browser.

I guess they found no easy way to make it work in ff on mac and fail with the same browser on other Unices ... or they do not have developers that know web standards .... pathetic!

When are they gonna fix owa so that it does no longer matter if you use ie, ff or safari?

We have a rich web app that works accross all main browsers on all main platforms ... it is not that hard.

DCC useless

How Microsoft blew its own RIA invention


@ance P. Frickey

I am a Sun fanboy, but please, please do not say Macs are less stable than Vista, you do not own a mac for sure! Does the sentence: "It simply works" ring a bell? Windows has always been plug'n'pray.

I have used 2k, XP and Vista for quite some time (Vista 1 month, XP since 2004 and 2k since it came out in 2000), I have also used Macos 10.2 onwards as well as Solaris 9 and 10 ... Linux extensively since Suse 7.2 Pro and I can tell ya, I have even had some exposure to HP OpenVMS, Matt Bryant is gonna love this, LOL, I am sure he has never even heard of OpenVMS ... let alone seen it in action ... I have not used it a lot, so I cannot really tell and have not included it below, the reputation is really good, though ...

From most stable to worst:

1. (obviously, remember, me Sun fanboy) Solaris 10 never seen a kernel panic.

2. second Mac OS X (I have experienced ONE kernel panic in Mac OS since 2001 (10.1), it was not even my system. Yes, I have seen one single kernel panic on a mac in 7 years)

[...] various BSD's Linuces

100. Windows 2000 (really reliable!!!, best OS MS brought out ever)

101. Windows XP (crapware)

102. Windows Vista (the bug)

[many others]

999. MacOS 9.22

∞. Windows 98

∞+1. Windows 95

∞+2. HP-UX (for Matt Bryant) ;-) - hardly used it, wouldn't know (to be honest)

PS: The only HP-UX fanboy I have ever seen spent hours, yes litterally, in front of Solaris box trying to get the cd out ... he had never heard of "eject" before ... so much for HP-UX ....

Universities reject Stasi role

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Wait, don't let em go, we need 'em!

How else are we supposed to fill our unis over in the Uk? Brits with brains go for Ox/Bridge or unis on the continent anyway, right?

Besides, when I studied, I had to work to survive. So I had a full time job (I started part time first year) and I managed to go to uni about half the time, not even ... I did not fail but I certainly missed more than half the lectures!

Now, these guyz from the rest of the world might not have the cash to survive without working, and with the current economy, I do not think you can survive without a full time job ... so cut the crap guyz. Just how many are working in the UK with a student visa and failing because they do not attend any classes? Why must the majority always endure for the minority?

@Chris, up until you wrote East Bumfuckistan I was with you ... sad :( - If you can prove that they are fraudsters! Then again, if they work, what is wrong with that, I mean, it is not like they are living off us?

@Jay, I encounter this everyday, Brits (or Amercians, ... ) that work here in France and cannot speak French ... so what? They'll learn soon ... ;-)

The more you differ from me, the more you can enrich me and I you; we both need to open up for it to happen, though! So, open up, people!

Ubuntu 8.10 - All Hail new Network Manager


@Virtual PCs AC

Wow, incredible, finally .... GUYS!!!! We have found the only guy on the planet using MS Virtual PC 2007!

Seriously, go get vmware player!

Yang! tells! MS! to! buy! Yahoo!



I guess YOU are rich now, as YOU knew of the economic disaster that just occurred well in advance? Cut the crap, please, Yang wanted to get as much out of Yahoo as possible at the time ... and failed, but he could not "really" predict the meltdown, well he could have, but it was thought to be very unlikely to happen this year, at the time ....

Anyway, who sells to Microsoft, vanishes.

Gates predicts 'significant' US recession


Willy Gates?

The lowest form of scum on this planet!

Mine's the tuxedo with the Apple pocket square, sir!

AVG tags ZoneAlarm as Trojan



I use avast, we had mcAfee @work, but now have migrated to avast (with license).

Avast is the way to go. I do not really understand ppl complaining about weekly scans of their entire hard drive. Nobody with common sense does that anymore except when you turn off real-time scanning and start downloading stuff ... and who would do that?

Besides, who in their right mind would want to use a software firewall??? ZoneAlarm is the last piece of c%$p on the net, you cannot even turn it off properly (well at least the version I saw 3 years ago)!

A dsl/cable router, my friends, is what you need.

If you don't like real-time scanning, because it eats up your resources (McAffee is great at that, especially when you copy files), then you should switch to another platform (Mac, Linux).

I have removed a lot of viri, I used to work for Norton (Symantec), and I can tell you, their software is bad - stay clear!

@Toastan Buttar

Don't wonder one day why your computer is part of a botnet, then; Actually, it might already be so.


@David Wiernicki

Sorry, forgot you in prev comment.

Please, please in 1984, there was no internet as we know it now.

Computers require training, nobody should go onto the internet without training, and sometimes training does not even help that much.

Boy band sings praises of Windows 7

Gates Halo

PDC Buzz is amping up on the Blogosphere

I went off to the site www.microsoftpdc.com for a good laugh and read this piece of crap:

PDC Buzz is amping up on the Blogosphere

I immediately saw that the proof reader must have seen that video, taken prozac with Cognac before going on with his work:


Amazon announced that their could platform will soon support Windows Server and other MS technologies.


So, apparently, the word "could" (most likely the truth) was supposed to be replaced with "will soon", their wet dream!, and they forgot to remove it ... hahahaha ... of course they rephrased a bit and that's why it ended up before the word "platform" ... damn idiots!

Microsoft, where are you heading???

US consumers flock to Mac laptops


@Eric Dennis

Luxury items, as weird as it sounds, are not that much affected by the economy. There will always be people with money. I am far from rich, but I am gonna get a mac book [pro] next month. I think it is worth it, and do not compare el cheapo laptops selling < 500 with Mac books, please ... it's like comparing Fiat or Ford with Audi. You usually get what you pay for, it might not be processing speed, but it's design, reliability, durability, support and pleasure. I had an XP laptop for work and no, XP, or Vista for that matter, is not what I call a pleasing experience. I used Vista for about 6 weeks, and I hated it.

To the other twat who was mentioning that you don't see why your processor should waste cycles to make an icon bounce. Please, cut the crap, that stuff is done almost totally by the GPU, unlike in Vista. It worked fine on my PowerBook G4 550Mhz (!) with rage 128 with 16Mb vram. On Vista, or XP, move a window around quick and watch how the cpu usage goes up, nothing else needs to be running, just Windows Explorer. Now do the same on a Mac, or on Linux (with compizfusion) ... I have linux at home for work, and I use compizfusion only because it accelerates switching desktops, moving windows etc. not for the eye candy.



Same here, will get a macbook pro .... when the new models come out

Sony all-in-one PCs get even more iMac-alike

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wow, look alike?

The fact that they both have everything behind a screen does not mean it's a look alike ... the keyboard is a look alike, all they did is paint the keys gray!

The casing lacks the design ... I mean, what the heck is that for a stand??? Why are they constantly trying to "hide" the rear of it in their pictures? Maybe because of that awful stand you can see on the first pic (center); so they too think it's awful? However, they are trying to ship it with that? Somebody has done something terribly wrong ...

I agree with bluesxman, no slot loading optical drive kills it!

And I have not even got started on the software ... ;-), no need this time.

Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?


@Solomon Grundy

So, you are proud of your ignorance, I guess you also only listen to music that gets pumped through the major radio stations, watch cnn, drive a Ford (LOL)? You are a victim of ultra capitalism and deserve all you get.

Using the word gay in an offensive way just shows how immature you are, last time I did that, I was at school, maybe 14 years old ... before you ask, I am not gay. ;-)

I would certainly have a job without MS, I have never paid microsoft for a license, and never used a Microsoft license illegally ... and at some point became a Microsoft guru ... but, no, I am also an early linux adopter ... even before I went to work for a company.

I have never, even when I was 14, "jerked" off at covers of a magazine ... I used to practice on females ;-).

As to Microsoft stealing stuff from others, just browse the web and you will see that there are many, many, no really many ppl that agree, show proof ... so cut your crap.

I think you are way out of your league, here. Ford stole design for cars? new to me, as for Apple? Nope, they hire very good designers, they need exclusive design, otherwise they could not sell their goods at a higher price than the competition and still be number 1 ... for music players that is.

Please, do not become the new Webster, we already have one, and Webster IS funny, you ain't.

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple

Dead Vulture

@Tom and all other honda ford guyz

One thing you don't get:

Apple has nothing against a company that buys an apple computer, mods it and sells it again... remember the ibook tablet pc with touch screen ....

It's more like you buy the Mercedes dashboard WITH MERCEDES LOGO and fit it into a Ford or the Italian Fiat (Fehler In Allen Teilen). Honda? Do they make cars? I thought you called those things lawnmowers, crap on wheels ... ;-)

Apple sell Mac OS X well under-priced so that Apple owners can upgrade their OS cheap.

Now the issue is, that Mac OS X is designed to work on specific hardware, not all hardware, specific hardware. That it might hurt apple if this guy f0cks up, an update that breaks a driver, because he does not have that wifi card with firmware 1.2.2 (special mac version), only 1.2.1 ... for example. He can hurt apple, like all those PackardBell etc that sell pc's with Vista that can't run it properly hurt MS. MS has always lived with it, gosh, MS have had a bad name in computing since MS-DOS times. Even Windows98 bluescreen live on CNN had the Wintards shout as loud as the iTards when Steve shows a new "feature".

Apple are right to say stop here, they are, it would hurt them too much. They could create an el cheapo subsidiary to sell Mac OS X in grey boxes - but design is everything ... don't you pay more for designer chairs, it's still the same plastic!

But Apple will likely lose this one, if this psystar can hold out long enough and it might bury Apple, as the former Mac clones had a contract with Apple, which could be terminated. Here, there is no such thing.

It will hurt Microsoft as well, as I see Dell going ahead and selling Mac OS X on their boxes as soon as psystar wins ... nobody wants Vista and building the next OS on Vista will only give greater bloatware! Apple might end up selling 'a lot of' Mac OS X licenses!

But Apple cannot keep the OS at that price if their hardware sales fall, which they will! They will have to raise the price of the OS ....

Apple and MS are doomed as far as I can see....

tux, because I long for my ubuntu box.

@el reg: I want a sun icon!!!!!

Palm launches £399 Treo Pro


@el Reg: Auto-refresh

We want auto-refresh on comment pages on el reg ... I don't wanna have to come back every now and then to check for replies ... or even beter ... rss!



They not dead yet?

@Norfolk Enchants Paris

1. You forgot the "Hilton" in your nick ;-)

2. "I like the way that you can replace the shell and make it look nice and work better." Now I can guess what you like about WinMobile.

@Alan W. Rateliff

"That crap went out with the Atari ST, Amiga, and Mac" Common issue in the 90's for all vendors. I think you have forgotten Windows 9x and especially Me, which as its name implies came out in 2000 and was the last OS I am aware of to have been shipped with this "feature" lol

Well, actually, I like Palm, so I went and had a look at their phoney kit! Now, on their French website, the specification of their Centro mobile are in German! LOL


But I'm a nice chap, and attempt to let them know ... how? I am not gonna call the premium tel number and their link to the "contact us" form is dead - great job!


They are trying hard, really hard! Chapter 11 by the end of the decade, as I already said on another comment about Palm!

Sad, I really like Palm OS!

Palm to unveil Treo Pro today?



How come these guyz are still making stuff ? They've spent the last 10 years trying hard to go bankrupt, amazing lot!

They started off with

* excellent kit

* excellent software

They decided to make average kit, but people would still buy it! They figured, it must be the software that is driving sales, it had to be those many 3rd party applications!!!! So they attempted to discourage the developers on the Palm platform by announcing a different platform on a yearly basis! How smart was that???

Finally, they get rid of their software and replace it with below average software ( WM{6|7|8}), clever lot, they might even go bankrupt before the end of the decade!

IBM's Ubuntu deal favors the server


@Graham Dawson

Still using w2k? Your old boss certainly has a brain that works and did not take productivity crap about xp, he might be the right candidate for this indeed!

Firefox 3.1 vs IE8: 'Alpha, beta testers step forward, please'



I do most of my work in a browser, filling in forms etc. I have 20 to 30 tabs open, the only way I can have that many is by using FF without using loads of mem. Occasionally, when I open a site with big flash movies, ff tends to grind to a halt, I am sure if I wait a bit it will display it, but I am not the patient guy, so I just kill it and manage close the last tab before it loads when it restarts.

FF 3.0? The password manager sucks, I have not tried recent version, though. Rich text field editing also sucks on the mac version of ff3, since the MAC OS "jump to beginning of line" keyboard shortcut is mapped to "back" in browser history. very frustrating!

Analysts slam iPhone security and battery life


Gartner says what?

The last time those idiots proclaimed something that was true was in 2003, when they proclaimed Vista would be late, which was not really news. Can anybody make sure those brats shut up?

Not that I am an iPhone user or wanter, but how exactly is the iPhone less secure than any other smart mobile, please? bs, as usual ...

Mine's the one with "I do it my way!" on the back!

Ballmer upset by Apple cart



Steve's clone was the irAki infoRmation miniStEr! I love hist stuff!

Retailer punts MacBook Air-friendly solar charger

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A bit big, though. I was thinking of using that in the train ... :(

Sun picks away at NetApp's patent claims


@Matt Bryant

Matt Bryant, there you are!

Compare Samba to zfs? What, rofl? ... no really, WTF? Had you come with xfs and lvm, maybe, but samba? I guess you like comparing lemons and apples ... where was the joke icon? I guess you installed HP-UX on that old system.

Mine's the coat with the "HP" name tag (my initials)!

Europe acts on mobile charges

Black Helicopters

@john loader

Yes, they charge you, the end user, 50 cents to put you through, "because they have to pay these termination charges." True, the actual termination charges they have to pay they will certainly receive again ... almost .... some more, some less, but 90% of what they charge us for termination charges goes into their pockets ....

In France, where I happen to live, mobile telco's are really bad, they have been found guilty a price fixing, had to pay a hefty fine, that they now have us consumers pay that while they go on price fixing!

Besides, has anybody heard of pay as you go card valid fortnight? Well, in France, you have that .... so pay as you go is exactly the same as a 1.5 hours subscription ... only you don't get 1.5 hours airtime ... Go buy a phone in this country, ask a phonehouse employee which operator to choose. In Holland and Germany they ask you how much you call, where you call ... in France, it's which providers do most of your firends have - sick!

Then again, I do not believe the corrupt bunch of Brussels sprouts is gonna change that, they'll just a find a way to let it go on like that, while filling their Cayman Island Bank accounts faster ... they are entitled to a share after all, they control the market.

Don't get caught!

Trojan heralds OS X's 'new phase of exposure to malware'



Mine is < favoriteAdjective> than yours, hahahaha!

You don't have mine, get a {Brain|Clue|Life|Whatever}!

Insulting each other for what? Computers? Software?

Using the word "retard" to qualify somebody is something kids do in secondary school. So you guyz feel really cool, because you remove the <re> from the retard word and append it to some computer platform abbreviation? I think what you have written so far is immature and I do not know where you guyz were educated.

I think you should honestly look at your life, think about what is important to you! There is CCTV everywhere, coppers can arrest as they please, our countries are engaging in wars for the leaders' own private profits and worst of all ... And you guyz rant, insult over software??!?

My coat please, yes, the one with "I'm just 17" on the back.

Germany, Spain and Belgium get free mobile calls

Paris Hilton


You can get paid to read email, view adds, but even if you did it all day, you would not make a living out of it ... :(

@Wim, I have thought of similar things for quite a while - what is it worth for a company to send me ads about contact lenses when my eyesight is perfect? Send me stuff I am interested in (a list of subjects/products to choose from)

A possibility to exclude brands I h8.

E.g. McDonalds, Nike, CocaCola, Pepsi, Heineken, Bud ... ads have a negative/repulsive effect on me - I don't buy that crap so spare those ads.

I don't think that advertisers would go so far as to do what you want, Wim, besides, that would mean that need a great number of adds.

Paris, because I live in wonderland, France :-)

Next year critical for Sun's 'Project Copy Linux'


@Matt Bryant

You're funny, really!

I say NEC are number 1, no, better, SGI are number 1 ... you want a proof, well I could ask the SGI sales rep, I am sure he will hand me over objective material that will show that SGI rulez the market, but I don't feel like it today.

And true, HP is doing better than Sun, both overall. However, HP is not just selling UNIX servers and workstations ... they are selling winblows pc, lappys etc and they are milking printer owners royally,

HP are selling iTanic :D

3rd paragraph of the following states is clearly, sorry 4 u, SUN rulez in UNIX server market! and by far:


(and it's pc World saying it, not www.hp.com or www.sun.com ...)

And stop telling people to look through elReg for HP server sales figures, are you mad? Do you really want more people to take the piss out of HP? iTanic, hahahaha!

They increased their shipments by 30% and still are below IBM, which shipped half of what Sun ships .... l00sers. But they are up 30%, wow ... does not sound difficult, if you take into account how low they were ;-)

mine's the one with the red sun printed on the back!

I don't work for sun, hp, ibm, elreg, sgi or nec ...

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda


XP? 2k ....

I never get it, guyz .... we had the same in 2002.

manager: We needa move from 2k to Xp.

me: why?

manager: It's faster, better ... guyz will be more productive, bla bla bla ....

me: XP boots faster than 2k, but is hog slow with 2x the ram that 2k needs. Plus, we needa upgrade 2/3 of the computers .... you mad? Benefit: 15 seconds boot time, slow the rest of the day ...

I left the company shortly after that. I still see NO reason to upgrade the 2k boxes that are running fine, browser here is firefox - ie7 would have been the only thing that misses in 2k. I do not work for Shell :-)

Nobody is gonna tell me that xp is that much faster on core2duos than 2k.

And Vista IS NOT faster than XP or 2k on that hardware!

same bs again, complete bs.

I wanna put solaris on those core2duos, solaris scales better with multiple cpu's/cores ...

Nokia grabs control of Symbian - then gives it away


SonyEricsson ui ????!!! who would want that ????

I understand all the fuss about symbian, the nokia ui is not even that bad, but please, do us a favor, keep away from that #$@% se ui - I cannot think of a single "feature" to keep in that ui - I had a se business phone for 2 years! And they can't even make a difference with the "Walkman" brand name ... it must be their phones!

Even a buggy prototype (!) Sagem worked better for me (personal phone)! Sagem are not really that much better than Nokia at ui design ... on par. They suck with bt, though (not all services available, so file transfer does not work without their sw, l00sers) Sagem needs to have Mac OS X support, I know there are hacks/software out there that allow you to sync sagems with mac os x, but they are "far" from perfect.

Nokia need software developers! Their sync software is sooo bad, notorious.

Palm, hm, Palm - unfocused CEO in inaction! l00sers, they had it all and lost ... a crime against capitalism, even if we tried hard we could not make it as bad. I bet they are gonna sign up for symbian ... just to l00se another 5 years R&D.

Imagine, these guyz have decent win, bsd, linux, macos support out of the box since the 90's.

Moto, you guyz have sealed your f8 as well - you had a chance, what was the name of the phone with iTunz support? It should have been a first step ... but lacked balls - no balls, no glory!

How much fun is it, to surf the web with windows mobile??? not much, I can tell you ... I want a jesus phone, like the cfo - boss, please get me one, please ...

These mobile guyz have been selling us overpriced shite phones for years, with even the most basic expectations left out, with the #$%&^ telcos removing even more features ... come on jesus phone, kick their butt! How hard can it be to make a phone that is useful as a phone and with which you can internet with fun? With standard contacts, vCard or LDIF anyone?

Who cares about tv on a 2.3" screen anyway, why on earth do they wanna push that down our throats? WE DO NOT WANT TV ON A 2.3" screen! NO TV on my mobile, please.

g00gle phone, cool, where's the hw? Sounds like GNU Hurd ... in 10 years time still not a single phone ...

OpenMoko? Where's the phone?

Samsung? stick to the other stuff you do ... you cannot be good at everything.

Coat, please, mine's the one with the communicator badge.

Google's Gmail verboten in Germany

Black Helicopters

Nice win

In Germany, it is pretty hard, near impossible, to pay off judges, unlike most other places on the planet, so the courts usually don't act any different if you are google Inc or John Doe ... Justiz! Gerechtigkeit!

You can even sue the fed gvt and win without any more hassle than suing John Doe - if you have a case (for the folks in the US - obvious for the rest of us)... which other country can claim that? anyone?

Ei arm Note a Djerman, onnest!

Rare Mac Trojan exploits Apple vuln



Mine does not have the setuid bit set and NO, before you ask, I did not remove it ... I have 10.5.3.

Yes, it is a trojan, and it is a valid security threat - I have always said that a Mac is NOT immune, however, what counts is that in 7 years not one virus, a few "trojans" ... compare that to 100 000+ viri and trojans ... and even if they find/create 1000 trojans/viri this year for mAc, windows still has 100x more .... :-)

Linux and Solaris are just as vulnerable as Mac OS X ... I believe that Windows is more vulnerable by design, though ... and the silly default settings in Windows don't help ...

Before you ask, OpenBSD is far safer than the rest!

As for Mac OS 8/9, most viruses were for MS Office ... lol - I only remember 40 for Mac OS 8/9 ... source: Symantec ... but that was way back in 2002.

BTW, Gilbert Wham, ARD is "slightly more" than remote desktop software ... did I stress slightly? when you don't know, do us & yourself a favor, :-x or go read what it is about.

Am I the only Solaris fanboy here ? :(

Leeds thieves target Ford Focus chips


It works. honest!

All you need to do is put it in the freezer overnight!

European release date inked for Samsung Omnia


iPhone Killer?

I hate it when manufacturers state iphone-|ipod-killer in their ads, it's just soooo naive ... the phone looks pretty cool, but I doubt it will be ground-breaking, let alone a jesus-phone killer!

I'll wait to see the touchscreen interface, but if I need to use a silly stick to use it fully ... Next, please.

In fact, to be honest, Windows Mobile and Internet? NEXT, please, quickly!

No, I'm no apple fanbo[i|y] or M$ hater...

@Niels: The phone might be able to run skype, but providers will "patch" that ... ;-)