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UK and US agree biometric heavily vetted trusted traveller deal


Kain Preache has a valid point methinks...

I think the UK`s state of democracy is lamentable, Bush was honest in what he stood for, evil but honest while Blair was a picture perfect Machiavellian. I believe that its the massive amounts of upper class UK investment in US that leads our fascist government to take one anally on request from the yanks as they cannot afford US economy to crash. Personally I do hope that our upper classes go bankrupt along with the US economy as I see it as the only way that the Middle-East can ever have peace not to mention the massive benefits to the environment, terrorism and eventually UK surveillance that would be gained by our children as a result of this bankruptcy.

Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought

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Excellent Article!

Its good to see some of the problems our Electricity Generators are going to face in detail.

Personally I think that a trough of power due to a somewhat predictable lull in wind is likely to change the wholesale energy market which will provide solutions. These solutions are likely to include novel ways of storing energy when its cheap(like the Danes car battery), but also Industries whose model could be based on using the incredibly cheap energy at peak-production and shutting down at peak-demand/lull. I believe that the Fair Isle uses its Dump-Electricity to heat the local homes, and generates 85% of its winter and 50% of its summer energy needs through wind.

All this really says is that the Market may have to adapt to a new way of thinking, markets are good at this.

Wind power key to UK's desperate renewable energy bid


What we need is personal carbon allowances...

The air should be seen as a natural resource, and emitting CO2 as exploiting that resource. It is patently unfair if a low paid chav in a flat in Birmingham is expected to pay an premium on his tiny carbon emissions, in order to forcibly invest in reducing those same emissions, if say the Queen (as a major landowner and massive carbon emitter) makes an overall profit from wind-farms built on her land.

What we are seeing is the poor changing their life-style so that the rich can continue their life-style, and then paying for the privilege!

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You know guys I think Edward rose is onto something....

I mean, its one thing to expect hard workin`, disabled and old folk to do the eco-right thing....but why the hell can we not get da lags to go totally green.

They want leccy for their t.v.? Give em a bike and a dynamo!

I think a spell growing their own food would be a hugely beneficial thing for them all.

Hmmm come to think of it why not involve the Unemployed in `food collectives`. As a part of their benefit they work the land and get a food hamper in return.

Not by force you understand......only if they want to!

It`d at least help out with some of the costs we`r all gonna pay in future!

BT and Siemens slammed over prisoner call rates

Paris Hilton

I feel sorry for the remand prisoners...

... after all they are not guilty.

Also perhaps the compensation for prisoners who are later found innocent should include all those calls they were overcharged on. Hmm Itemised billing for 25 years sounds interesting.

Paris cos I bet she used her phone in nick.

Veteran climate scientist says 'lock up the oil men'


its not just the Oil Barons, its the whole economic model

When we drill for Oil (a finite-resource)... as fast as we can....to make plastic bottles, then using more oil-energy fill it full of 3rd world spring water ( and transport the same bottle to E.U./US just (so that we can avoid pollution or taste a few chemicals that could easily have been added/removed to our tap-water). While those people still have unsafe water to drink!

This is considered "good for business", "economic growth" etc..as long as the great profit-margin is worshipped with his pennies per bottle.

Irrespective of the global warming (I agree with Dave...many clever people than I believe in)

IS a penny profit today REALLY worth all the irreplaceable energy that is used (look at recent oil price rises), as well as the damage to the environments (local and national)?