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Audi proposes PC-packing stunt bikes

Chris Gregory


Lots of clearance on that cross bar then!?

Might drop the birth rate a bit if lots of blokes started riding one (assuming they provide a saddle in the first place!)

Interwebs stunned by musical atrocity

Chris Gregory

Poor old autotuner . . .

Bet it had to go and have a long cool down after processing this one

BT hijacks business browsers

Chris Gregory

This irst appeared a couple of months ago

Get into work one morning to find that one office is saying they cannot get onto the internet. Strange . . .,check all the links and they seem ok so look into get the users to explain exactly what they can see.

Well peeved, a phone call to BT and it seems that on this occasion it was a trial that made it out into the public, cannot believe that they are actually going live with it. I think I did actually say to BT when I phoned them that I deemed it to be a disruption to the service - be interesting to see if it happens again . . . .

Supersonic stealth jumpjet passes hover thrust test

Chris Gregory

@Pirate Dave

Traditional carrier based aircraft also do this if they encounter a problem just after take off - the arrester equipment is generally not designed to catch a plane full of weapons & fuel. Also the last thing you want landing is a faulty flying object full of somewhat flammable liquid and lots of things that go bang

Boffins (finally) publish hack for world's most popular smartcard

Chris Gregory
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@AC 7th Oct 14:55

Thank you. I am also sick of hearing people complain that transport in London is too expensive. A zone 1 & 2 travel card on Oyster works out at just over £3 a day.

That gets me to and from work (via train, tube, bus or any combination of those), then when I go out in the evening, well what do you know that is all paid for too and then the weekend comes and I fancy going somewhere, touch in, touch out . . . it really is so easy. AND CHEAP.

Having lived in Manchester where the transport was disjointed, over priced and makes the Northern Line look highly efficient. Then in the Midlands where my folks live where it is nearly £2 for a single journey.

BOFH: The Mandelboat virus

Chris Gregory


Not me unfortunately!

Chris Gregory



Hacker murders Facebook word game

Chris Gregory

Erm, removed?

Really - still seems alive and well to me

Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought

Chris Gregory

Dinorwig buys cheap electricity . . . .

to pump water to the holding lakes up the mountain. It then generates electicity when demand is high - it then sells this for a much greater price than is paid for the electricity to pump the water.

IIRC it uses more electricity than it generates, it is just that it can provide an almost immediate response to a surge in demand.

Chris Gregory

It DOES use more electricity than it generates!


Ex-Logica boss to teach UK.gov how to identify crap IT

Chris Gregory

Logica, that well known supplier of IT

Cos of course they never deliver crap, over budget, over running non-functioning solutions!

Coat, cos it is time to leave the country


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