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Shop risks legal action for posting 'shoplifter' CCTV online

Joseph Gregory

Can you sue?

You can't sue anyone for 'suspecting' you of something or we would all be in court. Only if they directly accuse you of an offence can you sue for libel.

A civil libel case costs at least £15,000 up front to prepare, win or lose. The company apologises the day before the case is heard and posts it on their website. Hence, end of claim. YOU still have the £15,000 bill to pay. No court case, no damages/costs.

Before someone suggests it, 'no win, no fee' lawyers wouldn't touch it with a bargepole at 50 paces.

UK launches £25m e-car trial

Joseph Gregory

More money than sense

So, the government plans to pay out £73,000 per leccy vehicle for this trial, on top of all the other £billions of subsidies. These leccys will have to be charged by coal fired power stations as wind power is nonexistant on most days.

Very environmental - burning £50 notes is cheaper. Oh, they already do that don't they!

Motor quango thumbsup for satnav speed restrictions

Joseph Gregory

Lies, Damn Lies and Anti-car £orums

So, a mandatory fitting of controlling speed limiters will save 29% of all injury accidents. Can anyone from the Anti-car Forum tell me how this would work.

Road Casualties Great Britain, 2007 states that ALL road injury accidents, however caused, while exceeding the speed limit have an average of 6.5% of the total.

Where did the 29% come from? If this had been a private company, claiming such fantasy figures would have seen bosses sitting in an 8 by 10 room with a steel door and a peephole.

Stob latest: It was a cunning trick, says Open University

Joseph Gregory

Peer Reviewed

Quote: It had been endorsed by "a prestigious peer-reviewed journal". That clarifies the level of OU teaching then.

If the gibberish was about the impact of global warming, it would be impossible to figure out the truth from the excess of alarmist crap anyway.

ITV gets adverts into video

Joseph Gregory

On TV soon

A spokeswoman for ITV was at pains to point out that there are no plans to transfer the technology to broadcast TV. But don't hold your breath as we will ASAP.

The answer is email anyone who advertises and say, I will not buy your product!

OMFG, what have you done?

Joseph Gregory

Creep, creep

While us poor suckers out here continue to enjoy El Reg for free, I consider that the staff should all get a huge pay rise from the extra width for more ads.

(I await the cheque in the post)

ID scheme plans 50,000 cards by April

Joseph Gregory


Given the figures for total cost versus issued cards, makes it about £2,700 per card.

It has to be cost effective, compared to exorbitant heating bills and anti-cancer drugs.

Carpetbomb bug tarnishes Google Chrome

Joseph Gregory
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All left

Looking at my website in Chrome, I find that everything now hugs the left margin even though the code says to centre it all. It simply can't interpret layout code.

This is a really basic flaw. I know its a Beta but this is a Bad Beta.

UK.gov child data-sharing scheme delayed (again)

Joseph Gregory

Delay, what delay?

I wonder if the database is being delayed so that it can be properly equipped with worms, trojans, etc. and well hacked into or for when so much data is lost that it becomes unnecessary as its all 'in the public domain' anyway.

Ofcom considers termination charges

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You WOULD be charged for spam being saved to your voicemail, as the reverse of page 839, para. 97(f)(n), line 58, of your contract clearly states that, 'all calls will be answered and charged for'.

You would then be charged for your voicemail receiving spam, sending you a reminder, for receiving the reminder, for calling your voicemail, then for your voicemail replying to you and for you receiving the reply.

Thank you for calling your spam voicemail, we appreciate your custom, six times over.

Home Office bankrolls plastic plod 'documentaries'

Joseph Gregory

A Convenient Truth

Have a documentary on why teachers have such large, free car parks at schools to encourage them to drive, but tell parents they should not use their cars to take disabled children to school but that the child should walk.

Even better, on why the government are now forced to admit that they are defrauding the motorist by fiddling the figures on the expected drop in pollution on the new, confusing, retrospective vehicle taxes? After spending £millions on such negligence why is no minister to be sacked, but given the usual huge pay rise for failure?

Of course, they would have to create a real Ministry of Justice first.

Citizens's panel demands policing for DNA database

Joseph Gregory

Citizens Panel

So how was this so called Citizens Panel chosen? Were they carefully nominated to attend their secretive meetings?

Perhaps they used the same method as used for the new members of the House of Lords. How much did they give to the appropriate political party to join?

They certainly don't speak on my behalf or anyone I know, as innocent people are added to the DNA Database every day.

As for conviction on DNA alone, 'I wasn't there at the time, My Lord', 'but your alibi of watching TV at home is uncorroborated, your DNA (from a legitimate visit several days prior to the offence) was found'. Guilty as charged!

And of course, they never, never clone number plates.

More dodgy phone-ins cost BBC £400,000

Joseph Gregory

Heads will (not) roll

So, no one will be sacked for this as they did not use premium phone lines. How about the costs of using the normal phone lines or do they think phone calls are free.

The head of BBC Radio 6 was moved from his job. To where? Not sacked, not downgraded. Job safe, overstuffed final salary pension safe.

Time the BBC realised they work for us. Time for a clear out of the feather bedded management and also get rid of the licence fee compulsory hidden tax.

Plods say it's OK for them give out your DNA

Joseph Gregory

Stringent Guidlines

Just like the 'stringent guidelines' at the DVLA.

Sell multiple identities to any crook with a cloned credit card.

King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim

Joseph Gregory

Tour de France

Perhaps it is time for another tour of France.

Crecy, Agincourt, Normandy, and Rennes.

Simply rolls off the tongue.

Mars suitable for growing asparagus

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Education, Economics, Extinction

De said: So the first Martians to visit earth are going to be plants? Well, can't say I have seen that in any sci-fi before.

Not seen 'Day of the Triffids' yet?

Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM

Joseph Gregory

Just Another Hidden Tax

So, the Digital Radio Working Group arm of the despotical British Government want to shut down all the popular frequencies and bring in unpopular DAB 'subsidised radios'.

Where will the money for the subsidy come from? Government subsidies, of course! Who pays for these subsidies? Why! surprise, surprise, the struggling taxpayer.

Just another spiralling radio congestion charge to let just the toffs and the rich listen to radio, while the plebs do without. Again.

Heavyweight physics prof weighs into climate/energy scrap

Joseph Gregory

Missing Information

The CO2 output from the prolific village/town home wood and coal fires in Africa, India and China are totally missing from the causes of a rise in CO2.

Giving a low CO2 output to large Asiatic/African countries seriously distorts the data and brings the rest of the information into disrepute. To simply blame the Western countries' Industrial Revolution for ALL of the given 0.00001% rise, (100ppm), since 1850 (See. Fig. 4), is to wear blinkers to what was happening in the rest of the world.

As populations and industrialisation have risen sharply in the above countries, then the use of wood/coal home fires rise proportionally and add to measured world CO2 rises, which some scientists attempt wrongly to apply solely to the US and UK.

A very modern political con trick is to pay a lot of scientists to produce page after page of confusing mumbo-jumbo on minuscule atmospheric changes and then have a hefty rise in taxes, government control and large fines for the crime of existing. A 0.00001% rise in CO2 is the equivalent to pulling a single blade of grass from a lawn and deserves the same level of interest.