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Baying mob turns on miniskirted Brazilian uni student

Bastiaan van Zwieten

It can't be the length of the skirt ...

... because the colour is the real offence!

My eyes are hurting after watching this.

That's still no reason to attack her though.

Microsoft denies "screw-Google" political lobbying

Bastiaan van Zwieten

Uh oh, I forgot ...

If you want to influence politics, join a political party or start your own.

Company politics are one thing, a country's politics are something completely different.

Bastiaan van Zwieten

Big companies lobbying?

I may stray from the 'real' topic here, but companies should focus their energy and resources on their products and not on lobbying.

Mixing politics with business is not a good idea, especially when companies become so big that they can actually influence politics. Whether it is Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or any other MegaCorp, mixing politics with business will always end in vendor lock-in.

Governments should think about the future and if necessary specify the standards which software should conform to, not the other way around.

Governing is mainly data-based, this data should be available to a wide variety of operating systems, architectures and — in my opinion — to the people in general.

I greatly respect Bill Gates' 'genius' and the company that he has built, even though Microsoft Office: Mac is a crippled racing horse, but keep Microsoft away from politics!

Keep any big company away from politics for that matter.

AppleT&T's MMS legal woes double

Bastiaan van Zwieten
Jobs Horns

For once I'll say ...

... Sue the bastards!

Apple may have a tiny excuse for an excuse, but AT & T is really lagging and should have made MMS on the iPhone happen by now.

But I have one question; "Who uses MMS when you can send and receive e-mail on almost any mobile phone these days for a fraction of MMS' cost?"

I really wonder.

(StEvil Jobs, because I have been waiting so long to use him in a post ...)

Gimme some (more) money, demand Spinal Tap

Bastiaan van Zwieten

I bet they'll switch Amps ...

... because ols Fender Amps went all the way to twelve!

Free eco-friendly font saves ink and toner

Bastiaan van Zwieten

Very clever, but ...

... nobody noticed tat T'e Register 'as used anot'er trick 'ere to save some pixels?

Come on guys, give Utrecht its 'h' back!

----> Mine's the one with 'eco-friendly' holes in it

Barrow boy Microsoft flogs nostalgic tragic t-shirts

Bastiaan van Zwieten
Jobs Halo

The proof is in the printing

And the proof is ...

... that Microsoft has no taste!

DOS-nostalgia? I can live with that.

Gates-on-a-shirt? Oh why not.

But why for Job's sake not make it a good looking product?

Be a little bit more creative than just slapping that (ooooooooolllllddddd) picture on a t-shirt!

I would sooner buy Vista then this 'softwear'.

Steve said it, not me ...

BOFH: The Christmas party

Bastiaan van Zwieten

No need to freeze the balls

Just buy some boxes of paintball-balls and forget about them for a year (or two).

The outside will harden very well with age and makes great cuts in soft flesh.

There is a reason for those safety goggles ...

iPhone passwords not worth the paper they're written on

Bastiaan van Zwieten
Paris Hilton

They're not the only ones ...

... because my SE K800i has a similar bug.

I don't have to unlock it to get to my Phonebook.

Just press * and then unlock ...

"Hey, not asking me for my code?"

Easy Unlock = Lack of Security!

But since no one would want to type in their unlockcode to answer a call ...

This should be fixed though, on any phone!


- Because she knows all about mobilephone security ...

Jeery Jerry loves Vista, y'know

Bastiaan van Zwieten

He's certainly thinking different now!

He used to be in Apple commercials but that is ancient history.

Maybe he will be funny this time?

TUX: because Linux is next for Jerry ...

Mac users urged to ditch Safari

Bastiaan van Zwieten
Dead Vulture

Internet Helpdesk, how may I help you?

You think you're a victim of fisting?

Oh, your bank-account has been emptied, don't you mean phishing?

OK, are you currently online? Great, please go to your start-page.

Yes, that's the first website you see when you open your webbrowser.

//-- STOP!!!!! --//

Before this gets out of hand, I'll just get to the clue here:

The number of people who can't even properly read out the URL of the website they are visiting is really massive, there is no protection for that.

They are the same people who are unable to distinguish between Yes and No when their OS asks them if they really, really, really want to erase their entire harddrive and external storage and who are still waiting for those Nigerian $$$, and, and, and ...

and ...


German medical team arms man, twice

Bastiaan van Zwieten
Paris Hilton

We should all give them ...

... a great, big hand!

The doctors I mean, off-course. Because this is really getting somewhere.

And it's a big improvement for anybody considering Cryo.

Just freeze my head please and give me a new body.

Paris: Because she should have a transplant the other way round: Keep the body ditch the brain!

Microsoft should buy Rackable instead of building custom computers

Bastiaan van Zwieten
Jobs Horns

The sure route for innovation ...

... if Microsoft would make this or a similar buy, to make their own server hardware.

It could certainly lead to some very interesting innovations.

Perhaps big names like HP and Dell will put more effort into Linux and force Microsoft to become an altogether different company?

Or the big bad Apple might just come along and beat Microsoft to it, there really is no way of knowing, yet.