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Carphone Warehouse linked to Tiscali buy-up (again)

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Had it

Just recently my Tiscali BB was switched of in the evenings (every evening as it happens), according to my usage I was miles away from breaching the Fair Use Policy. They kept telling me it was a techincal problems, I kept not believing them and now I've kept not being with them.

BT wins Starbucks Wi-Fi deal

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Oh goody

I'll be able to take my son to starbucks rather than McDs in the future, do they do kiddy meals?

O2 saunters into laptop market

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The NC10, on which this is written, is considered a SCC (Small Cheap Computer) to be honest at the £270 I paid it only just makes this true, however, at 24 x £30 or £720 it most certainly aint cheap.

Add on the 10GB allowance that makes it useable and you are paying out an awful lot of cash.

However if you need this, mobile broadband service, and are going to pay for it anyway then this becomes a free computer, fill your boots.

Acer intros 10in Aspire One netbook

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299 - Windows = 250

Send it out with a linux distro and you'll have your SCC.

Happy with linux and don't want to go back to Windows, I've got a PC with that on over there.

I think the 10" screen will be the right size and a 7hr battery should be spot on, my current AA1 does cut out too soon.

Sky HD prices to tumble next month

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As soon as the HD PVR comes out

Sorry sky but as soon as Humax bring out their HD PVR I'll be walking, multi room HD TV for ZIP per month.

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Competition at last

As soon as Humax bring out their HD PVR, I'm walking. Multi-room, Multi-channel, No ongoing cost, makes sense.