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Wipro uses Nexenta to blast its way out of the hardware prison


Re: purchase price is not the full cost

I haven't really looked for success stories with Oracle's - but I see they have showcase video with Specialized (the bike company). So it must be good, right? ;-)

I do zfs sends from one machine to another, hourly. In case of a failure, I'd need to switch the NFS mounts manually.

For our customer, that's good enough. Also, because the delta is usually small (though the data-set is 3+ TB)

I use FreeBSD and I was thinking about HAST - but I'm not sure it's really a solution or if it doesn't create more problems than it seems to solve.

Every two-headed HA-"Solution" lacks the "arbitrator" that can decide if a failure has actually occurred.

GlusterFS will officially support FreeBSD, soon - but it remains to be seen how well it actually works. We do use it on Linux, but we don't really have a tough use-case, yet.

From what I have read, lots of small files just kill GlusterFS and thus the traditional "home-directory" use-case is still only really served by NFS - which is why all kinds of HA-solutions come into play in the first place.

In the cloud world, high-availability is moving into the application-stack anyway (like with RIAK, where you have stuff distributed between multiple servers anyway, so you don't need to cluster the individual servers).

But for now, there are way too many "legacy" applications out there that require a file-system - and assume it's local and "always there".


Re: purchase price is not the full cost

I though, there was no way to repair a ZFS filesystem anyway - either it repairs itself or you (indeed) restore from backup.

ZFS certainly doesn't have a "fsck".

I'm not sure if there's a bullet-proof way to do HA with ZFS (maybe Oracle has one by now?).

The filesystem was clearly never built with such a design-goal.

I knew that the old version of the Nexenta-software wasn't really very good (have never used it) - but given that all vendors in that space nowadays use nearly the same code (OpenZFS, with a few patches here and there), the basis should be much more stable.

I'd give than a try again, if I were you ;-)

The Great Smartphone Massacre: Android bloodbath gathers pace


Re: Evolution and extinction

So you also believe that the competition between the various TV channels has made the content better, more educational?

Wake up, it's a race to the bottom - in two years, you can only buy crap Android phones and iPhones - because no company will want to be in a market losing money year after year.

The only reason not more Companies have signed up with Microsoft is that they know MSFT will knife them in the back rather earlier than later. Most remember "Plays 4 Sure".

Something ate Google's at about eight in Asia's evening


These are not DNS-Servers

They are not authoritative. and are resolvers.

Only because - unfortunately - Microsoft chose to (wrongly) call the tab in the network-configuration dialog "DNS-Servers" doesn't make it right.

Please, El Reg (an IT publication, although self-proclaimed), actually read a book some time, or read wikipedia or at least listen to the "Ask Mr DNS" podcast http://www.ask-mrdns.com from Matt Larson and Cricket Liu.

To Russia With Love: Snowden's pole-dancer girlfriend is living with him in Moscow


Re: >/Edward-Snowden-leaks-mean-GCHQ-takes-three-times-as-long-to-track-terrorists.html

ISIS didn't just appear out of nothing.

Whenever there is a power-vaccuum in the Middle-East, it gets filled with either a war-lord or a couple of religious nuts.

You don't need to tap phones or bug computers for seeing the rise of ISIS.

Reading and understanding Sunni blogs would probably have been enough.

Blaming Snowden on the rise of ISIS is absolutely inane.

We (the West) brought them on ourselves.

The Turks still think they can have them "solve" the Kurds-"problem" and then defeat them.

I wish I could share that optimism.

iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?


> As we've seen from commoditization in the laptop market

> it's a tough task and it's one that the

> Chinese will be very confident of doing well in.

> Android is their weapon of choice and it's here to stay.

People line up to buy Apple laptops. too. At two or three times the prices of other manufacturers' products.

They own almost all the profit in that market - and they have done so since a very long time.

Moves of Intel et.al to get out of that situation have only further cemented that lead (Netbooks -> MacBookAir -> UltraBooks -> ?)

Android may well be winning the market-share crown - and the "preferred by geeks and people who don't buy Apps"-title.

But even Google is finding out that this is not a large enough niche of the market to make targeting for it a successful long-term business strategy....

iPhone 6: Advanced features? Pah! Nexus 4 had most of them in 2012


So, the Nexus 4 had all the feature for two years already?

And what did that matter?

Answer: nothing, apparently. Because Google is not a product company - and apparently neither are its licensees.

While your Android phone might have had an NFC reader for years, did it combine it with a finger-print reader to essentially generate one-time credit card transaction numbers to eliminate credit card fraud and maybe even beat manipulated terminals that SMS your card-details to Pakistan?

I don't think so.

Instead, you can use it to send pictures and vcards to other people.

Great. That's surely going to revolutionize the industry.

Edward Snowden's not a one-off: US.gov hunts new secret doc leaker


Re: People do not like to hear this but here it goes...


but at least in China, nobody claims it's a democracy.

If you ate at one of these PF Chang's restaurants, your bank card is at risk

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Doesn't anyone pay cash anymore?

Glad I'm living in a country that still honors cash (no practical limit on cash payments here, be it cars, food, even houses) ;-)

Though, I witnessed a man being turned down for trying to pay a coffee with the equivalent of 650 GBP in one banknote. He was advised to have it changed downstairs ;-)

The hoarder's dilemma: 'Why can't I throw anything away?'


Dad dumped most of my stuff stored at home

like the Acorn RISC PC600 (upgraded with StrongARM, the "Clan" priority reservation certificate must also be somewhere...). I don't think I've had it booted for a decade or even more.

I think he also threw out all my expensive (well, then) Iyama CRTs in the same run to the recycling center.

Other stuff, like the slightly functioning SGI Octane had to go in a move about nine years ago (yet, my parents' VW Passat was full just with my computer-stuff, the rest fit into my Lupo...)

I've still got an old DLT40/80 external tape drive that will probably be very difficult to get to work (which modern PC are my SCSI-controllers going to work in?) and also lots of cables.

And that old 24" CRT monitor that came with the HP Kayak, almost 14 years ago - still in the basement - you can't throw away such stuff, can you?

But I've dumped a lot of DVD-Rs recently. And the cases. In fact, even more cases than DVD-Rs...

Pivotal fluffs up *sigh* Cloud Foundry *sigh* cloud for battle in the *sigh* cloud


fog actually exists

a ruby cloud services library.

HP drops $1bn, two-year OpenStack cash bomb


Re: Why use Helion...

Does VMware have a Type2 Hypervisor, BTW?

I like a lot about vmware, but the fact that it emulates the complete hardware even if it wouldn't need to is sort of annoying.

AFAIK, a Type2 Hypervisor like kvm would be almost as fast as running on bare-metal.

Target ignored hacker alarms as crooks took 40m credit cards – claim


FWD: Intrusion Alert

"Please do the needful".


I have to wonder, though, if anybody at Target HQ actually knew how the monitoring worked - and if anybody in Bangalore actually knew, how these alerts should or would be processed or in what context to the rest of the IT they were generated?

HP wants to help you mount a Moonshot



Starting with the solution and then look for a problem - that really got SUN off the ground ;-)

That said, I'm really a bit puzzled as to what one can use these servers for.

The CPU doesn't look very fast, internal HD space is limited - what would one use this thing for?

Maybe an array for caching proxies with NGINX and Varnish?

It's the software, stupid: Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch bags big apps

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Re: Almost 100x in each category as one of the first commercial ARM based computers

But the Acorns had a big advantage: they had SCSI-interfaces (well, you could buy).


I put insane amounts of money in SCSI accessories for my A5000 and RISC PC 600.

Godmother of Unix admins Evi Nemeth presumed lost at sea


Probably got what she wanted

May sound harsh - but at 73, you don't need to be a genius to assume that any major injury at sea could end up fatal.

Having been hospitalized next to people slowly dying of old-age, I have a feeling it wasn't the worst choice.

I have to say, though, on the photo she looks a lot healthier and fitter than a lot of sysadmins I know that are halve her age. She seemed to have known about "work-life balance" long before the word was actually coined.

Bill & Jobs' excellent adventure: Steve's tech looked better than mine


Re: Microsoft spent years trying to shoehorn a desktop OS onto a tablet form-factor

Hey, I actually like launchpad. Even without a touchpad and a simple non-Apple mouse.

But then, I never really clicked with the Windows Start-Menu anyway.

I started to use spotlight a lot to start applications, recently.

Space Shuttle Columbia disaster remembered 10 years on

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Re: "those who were in the know"

I think I read an article on slashdot that mentioned that all the people in charge for shooting down the engineers who saw the accident coming had either left NASA or had been transferred to other departments.

It was simply to big a scandal to just bury it in a committee.

How to build a BONKERS 7.5TB, 10GbE test lab for under £60,000


Interesting article

The headline is a bit misleading as the hardware alone is much cheaper.

I'd love to see how several different on-premise cloud solutions perform on this kind of setup, notably:

- openstack

- proxmox

- SmartOS with the "cloud" GUI from this guy: http://blog.smartcore.net.au

Certainly not a #FAIL article. True, I'm not the least interested in how well HyperV runs on that - but that does not diminish the value of the article or the information contained within it.

US and UK spooks alerted over massive Swiss data leak


Access control

The Swiss taxpayer does not like to allocate huge resources to the government. As such, government operates on a small budget and under a no-debt mandate (so it can't just borrow the money from your children, like the rest of the world does).

Infrastructure projects do get special funding, once they pass public vote.

But the budget of a spy-agency in a small country with a part-time government is very limited....

Dr No, Thunderball, Casino Royale? Vote now for the best Bond film



Because it had Pussy Galore (but not too much pussy like in Octopussy)

OK, also a somewhat almost-believable plot.

And where is the IT-angle, BTW?

Playboy model's complaints against HP chief Hurd laid bare by court



What really is amazing is the fact that he kept hitting her for two years.

Perhaps he read somewhere that "women like persistence" or he has his knowledge about women from telenovelas and hollywood-movies, where the women also say "yes", eventually, and marries the hero.

At least, the FAIL icon is thoroughly deserved here.

Would be interesting to know who had the idea to hire her in the first place...

Public transport 'is bad for commuters' health'


Only if...

...you can sleep on the seat next to the driver.

Occasionally driving to work is OK, but doing it on a regular basis? Bah!

Also, driving by car is only cheaper if you don't have an accident and use the cheapest car available.

Jobs was 'working on future product day before he died'


Keyword being "might"

From all I have read, it's unclear what exactly happened before and immediately after he was diagnosed with that isletcell-tumor.

There was a very lengthy blog-post doing the rounds a few days ago, from a doctor. It contained a lot of details and insight.

Apple's Tim Cook gets one million reasons to stay on as CEO


Past performance

If he continues to deliver results like in the past, that bonus is not gross.

Wall-Street has paid much more to people who destroyed more value than he helped create.

It's probably better to let Scott and Phil do the presentations, though ;-)

Even Phil has gotten better at it over the last key-notes - and I though he was hopeless.

Prime Minister recalls holidaying MPs after London riots


Doesn't matter

Doesn't matter to Curry's anyway. As long as their insurer pays...

At least, El Reg already has an appropriate logo for all this...

Anonymous and LulzSec spew out largest ever police data dump

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I have no problem with this

Even if my data was involved.

The bad guys ("shady rat") have been doing this in secret and for money for a very long time - but nobody likes to talk about it, claiming security where it never really existed.

At last, there's somebody exposing this security-theater.


Acer turns to trains for imports


No worries

They probably sold/traded it to the next gullible person.

A peek inside Apple's iCloud data center


We've been through this

Apple has been looking for RHEL/CentOS and Solaris admins, with various related skills.

I don't think there's much OSX-Server running there.

The guy running that particular part of the show (on behalf of Steve, of course), Eddie Cue, is famous for using what's needed and what works.

It's not Google, of course, but I have to assume it's reasonable close.

Texas bank robber asked for ID

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I bet the person behind the counter was also a film-buff ;-)

openSUSE 11.4 rocks despite missing GNOME


OpenSuSE 11.4 - my windows lose focus

It's basically the only problem I seem to have.

I start typing something and suddenly, the focus will be removed from the window I type in, basically going nowhere.

I've got to click in the window again.

Sort of totally ruins the experience....

Also, having the 3d-effects enabled by default is not a good idea on systems that are too weak to handle them.

Three-day gaming session kills Chinese man


What was he playing?

Must 've been addictive!

I'm sure, the manufacturer of the game could spin this as positive news.


Memo to iPad mimics: No one wants a $799 knockoff


You should have...

...bought an iPad.

It's only the ViewSonic device that is pointless ;-)

Steve Jobs gets Obama love


That's not the problem

The problem is not that the iPhone adds to the trade deficit (it does, though - but so does every other phone, laptop and PC, of which there are far more in volume and value, still).

The real problem is that the US barely has any products that the rest of the world wants to buy.

Germany sells a lot of tools and machinery to actually build stuff (and some cars, though production of those moves to China, too).

What kind of (high value) products are actually still built in USA?

FBI 'planted backdoor' in OpenBSD

Black Helicopters

Small yes

...but influential nevertheless.

In the security-world, trends tend to hit OpenBSD 6 months before the rest of the world.

Plastic plod used police database to find dates


Facebook & MySpace not enough?

'nuff said

German kiddies punted porn-projecting pens

Paris Hilton

Pictures or it didn't happen

'nuff said.

Underweight passport pic left traveller stuck in Amsterdam


Too bad

...that the original passport was canceled.

He could have slimmed down enough in the three months "languishing" to match the photo again.

Apple iPhone exec falls on sword



...if he doesn't want a job anymore in this life.

Jobs Halo


As funny as it is watching this ballade - the question looming behind the horizon is: can Apple execs under Steve Jobs - and let's be honest: there's nobody next to him - can they actually be successful?

It must be incredibly difficult to be a successful executive at Apple - and it must be equally difficult to find people who want to take such a job and actually get accepted by Apple.

Apple has a leadership-problem. It's not at the top, but just below.

It may also be that the hardware is just not ready for the software.

A little bit like in the NeXT days.

HP's Hurd quits quickly on sexual harassment probe



Why did he make the company pay for her?

You can do that if you own the company.

But a CEO is basically only an employee. 17 million per year or not.

Too bad - he probably feared his spouse was not "tolerant" enough to pay his mistress himself.

Ballmer and Softies sacrifice sleep to catch iPad


Didn't they eliminate the "tablet" group some months ago?

I believe I read an article written by some ex-MSFT exec that basically was one long complaint how f+cked-up the company and its politics were (and probably still are). Among other things, this was one claim of the article.

(search Google for "Dick Brass")

Armed with exploits, ATM hacker hits the jackpot



WTF are you talking about?

The bad guys already know about this stuff, probably, and the ATM-vendors have basically taken a year to get the most fixes in place.

In the meantime, you (the customer) have been fronting all the losses, together with the losses incurred by ATM-card skimmers etc.

If there were no talks like the one mentioned in the article, vendors could still deny the existence of the problem!

Apple reels as Steve Jobs Flashturbates


"Banned from the iPhone for three years"?

You must be kidding.

Mobile Flash simply does not exist (other than on Laptops).

A small but inconvenient fact that Adobe forgets to mention every time it slams Apple and the iPhone.

Adobe has been promising it for years.

It's literally the Duke Nukem Forever of the smartphone world.

Also, Flash is next to useless on any device:

- video-play -> HTLM5

- flash-ads -> who wants those anyway? I now run Click2Flash on my Mac and the only thing I miss are ads.

That only leaves games - but as the upcoming release of the infamous "Farmville" for iPhone and iPad proves, one doesn't need Flash to have a popular game on a Flash-less platform.

The iPhone is its own platform - and rightfully so.

Wii Fit fall woman turns into nympho


pics of her


Milkman skewers Google Street View over garage break-in

Paris Hilton

One point...

herearound, when google updated its sat-images, one could suddenly see clearly which house had a pool in the garden (and how big it was).

Before, everything was hidden behind hedges....

I haven't heard of an increase in break-ins, though.

(Paris, because she's been a victim of burglary, too)

Internet junkie detox center claims US first



...they have good wireless signal strength all over the place, so you can at least get your mail via iPhone while you're there.


Microsoft's Windows 7 price gamble opens door to Linux

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Killed by their own success

Most people will opt for the Win7-version (if Linux is available at all) - the cost is almost irrelevant - so much is true.

But where a Linux-version is available, the price-difference will stick out.

What most people do not seem to realize is that a sale of Win7 for a netbook will result in the loss of a "full" sale of Win7 for a notebook, most likely.

Already, shipments of netbooks (and the reduced price MSFT has to offer XP for) shows in their balance-sheet.

They may win the netbook-war - but at their own expense, because Linux isn't even the enemy, it's Windows itself.

While Linux-netbooks are not compelling to people outside special-interest markets (sysadmins etc.) - an Apple-designed netbook may very well be.

With carrier-subsidies, it might in some cases be priced below Win7 offerings of competitors with "inferior" products.

While not a real mass-market, Apple might once again be able to pull a high-margin segment almost completely into their control.

Apple has no problem with a 1, 2, or 5% marketshare - as long as those people guarantee them a healthy margin.

Apple has been adding 0.5b to 1b USD _per_ quarter to the bank (for years now) only from pleasing a very, very small segment of the market.

Turns out, volume doesn't beat anything. Only fools would sacrifice volume over margin.

Sun's not so cheap trick doesn't work

Paris Hilton

Solaris is indeed not a toy

Where would Linux (and to a certain degree, BSD, too) copy from if Solaris would go away?

Linux would go nowhere.

Paris because even she knows what she talks about - at least sometimes.

Aussie school trials use of gadgets in exams


A maths professor allowed this

On my technical university.

You were even allowed to use a notebook with Mathematica or Maple.

Most people believed the exam would be super-easy like this - but the prof just formulated the questions in a way that made notebooks next to useless.

You first had to get a grasp of the story that was described, before you could actually start doing calculations.

Lot's of people failed and he had to stop this concept later...

I didn't own a notebook anyway and I did never failed. You just had to do the exercises.



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