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Spoiler alert: Google's would-be iPhone killer Pixel 3 – so many leaks


Re: "Pixel sales have been unimpressive"

> but news flash, most people don't want to spend £600-800 on

> a handset!

I'd say most Android users don't want to spend that kind of money.

iOS users on the other hand...

Developer goes rogue, shoots four colleagues at ERP code maker


Re: A gun is involved in every single mass shooting.

AFAIK, you can't easily make ANFO anymore, because they changed the recipe of fertilizer to contain less nitrogen.

As for "doing something": anything that would be done now would only impact the (very) far out future because of the number of legal and illegal guns in circulation.

We know how good politicians are with such far-out timelines...

The sheer availability of weapons is not the only factor in reducing the number of shootings.

I live in a country where every able-bodied citizen has to join the military for compulsory training once he turns 18. Everybody who completes that training gets a fully functional, automatic assault riffle to take home and keep, in case the country is attacked and quick mobilization is needed.

Ammunition is not handed out anymore (since 2007), but that is not a big obstacle.

While murder-suicides did and do happen, but they usually involve close family.

Why is that?

Maybe because a functioning social security system exists, that doesn't leave people completely hopeless? Even criminals can have hope here (up to a point, of course).

Maybe it has to do with the amount of holiday people get, the amount of work-related stress?

Also, the amount of prescription drugs consumed is way less here (well, pretty much everywhere else but the USA has lower consumption).

I'm in favor of restricting gun-ownership (unless maybe you live in the mid-west and actually own a farm or go hunting nobody needs a gun).

But it's unfortunately only a very, very small part of the puzzle and it will only slightly reduce the problem, for a very long time: the guns will be around for decades to come.

Holy macaroni! After months of number-crunching, behold the strongest material in the universe: Nuclear pasta


I bet

it's pretty much bullet-proof.

Apple leaks rekindle some hope for iPhone 'supercycle' this year


Re: Is China that big a market for dual-SIMs?

Probably less iPhone users in the whole of Africa than in NYC alone.

They mostly have other problems.

Tax the tech giants and ISPs until the bits squeak – Corbyn


Re: Boo Hoo

Pinochet came into power through a coup in which the CIA had a substantial role.

The US never cared who its allies were, as long as they went along the party line and lined the pockets of US corporations.

Revolving doors between CIA, private corporations, contractors meant that they were often indistinguishable anyway.

Who was it that hacked Apple? Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, boy boy boy!


To be fair

Never underestimate the persistence, determination and general ingenuity of a motivated teenager.

Also, he wasn't trying to be particularly stealthy as it seems.

If you drop a tablet in a forest of smartphones, will anyone hear it fall?


AFAIK, Google has ceased development in Android for tablets

In that sense, there's really only Apple and Microsoft who actively develop their OS for tablets.

Talk about left Field: Apple lures back Tesla engineering guru


If you look at the state of software in cars

you realize it sorely needs somebody to shake it up.

Car manufactures got to be software-manufactures quasi-overnight and for some it seems it still hasn't registered.

Tesla may have better software, the infrastructure to deliver and update it - but it was always clear from the beginning that Tesla would struggle with ramping up production beyond the original couple of thousands of cars per year.

Maybe some people at Apple thought they could excel where Tesla has failed - maybe at least at the beginning of "Project Titan". But the manufacturing challenges are real.

I think they'll go with the "Designed in California, made in China" scheme on this one, too.

They'll probably partner with somebody like Geely and just have them execute their designs.

Crumbs. Apple has tweaked the MacBook Pro keyboard


Re: A fully spec'd 15'' macbook pro is now £6209.

This is not a laptop. As you say, it's more of a desktop-replacement.

How much does it weigh?

Personally, I can't stand Windows 10. I'd rather pay more for something I like to use than pay less for something that I hate switching on.

I don't need any of the Windows-apps, there would be no benefit for me to switch to Windows, except saving a bit of money every couple of years.

That said, I currently don't need a laptop anyway. My hardware-requirements are very modest (satisfied with a 2012 i7 MacMini, 512 GB SSD, 16GB RAM).


Re: A fully spec'd 15'' macbook pro is now £6209.

These are enterprise-grade NVMe PCIe SSDs.


The price isn't even overly expensive, AFAIK.

There's a reason people use these laptops for video-editing, even if they have no liking to Apple in every other aspect.

Farewell then, Slack: The grown-ups have arrived


We have Mattermost

Self-hosted, off-premise, on an OVH-VPS that costs <5€/month, IIRC.

I'm glad I don't have to have the Skyke-Client open in the Remote Desktop session to the Windows Terminal Server.

That would be even more destraction.

iPhone 8 now outsells X, and every other phone


I liked the form-factor and haptics of the iPhone X, compared to any other iPhone.

I still have the 4S. Will look into the SE successor.

I tried all of non-SE, non-X iPhones in the store and they seemed too "light" and a bit flimsy.

The all-glass iPhone X - while easily shattering when it does fall down - had a certain weight that made it comfortable to hold and yet wasn't as huge as the 8+.

So, it's either last year's X or an updated SE.

Whatever you say about the price, the X is a remarkable piece of technology.

No one wants new phones – it's chips that keep Samsung chugging


The problem is:

Apple actually does make money from the phones beyond the sale. Apps, iCloudStorage, accessories, add-ons.

That's why they have no problem extending the life of the iPhones 5S(!) another year by giving it iOS12.

Android OEMs? Nope.

You can make an educated guess as what to expect from this race to the bottom.

So... where's the rest? Xiaomi walks away from IPO with less than hoped


The problem is:

you can only get by with 5% margins if Apple does all your research and your major sales point is basically "Looks just like Apple, but way cheaper".

Soon enough, there'll be another copy-cat that works on even thinner margins and the people who buy such crap will flog to that.

Creep travels half the world to harass online teen gamer… and gets shot by her mom – cops


Home invasion 101

If it's the US: Don't.

SUSE Linux Enterprise turns 15: Look, Ma! A common code base


Luckily, it's just a number

They don't really mean anything anymore.

The floor, gate, train renumbering is absurd though.

At least, we've still got Tram 13 here. And my street has a house number 13 (I live in 15).

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich quits biz after fling with coworker rumbled


Re: Similar thing at HP

My brother works at a French University. At another department, a professor was screwing his secretary.

It worked well, until someone reported it. Apparently, the French also have regulations against this (Mon dieu!) and the professor was sacked and the secretary is since then sick at home.

Because the professor is suing the university, they couldn't hire a replacement and his department is/was headless for a while.

So, it's not all "nudge-nudge wink-wink" in France either anymore.

OpenBSD disables Intel’s hyper-threading over CPU data leak fears


Probably heard a rumor

Like with the "Eager FPU" thing.

2018 will be a memorable year.

Android users: Are you ready for the great unbundling?


You people are funny

Someone has to pay for all this stuff.

People want cheap phones, an OS and apps with no ads but for free and all open-source.

Unless you get the taxpayer to subsidize it, that's not going to happen.

Tech giants! How do you know Jim in accounting isn't Putin moves on you


Re: Tech giants! How do you know Jim in accounting isn't Putin moves on you

It seems to have some sort of sexual innuendo:


Not something you'd expect from El Reg. Oh wait...


"Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit"

Well, the concept wasn't exactly new.

US Congress mulls expanding copyright yet again – to 144 years


Re: Crony Capitalism at it's best

Laws are mostly written by law-firms these days.

As it goes, the same law-firms often also happen to represent the corporations the laws are about.

Data centre down: Budget plane-ride mart Ryanair goes all in with AWS


I get it that amazon shop is better run than most other IT shops on the planet - but having all these businesses sign up to them and basically marrying their business-logic to their cloud-provider can't be a good long-term strategy.

Once Amazon has enough market-share, they'll really want to make money and start milking their customers.

I've got way too much cash, thinks Jeff Bezos. Hmmm, pay more tax? Pay staff more? Nah, let's just go into space


Re: Olds

At least, Carnegie founded libraries.

Bezos is just pissing away the money on space-travel - as if space there wasn't enough space-debris in the atmosphere already.


Compare Bezos to Reinhold Würth

See the German Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinhold_W%C3%BCrth

He's also a billionaire, but he founds museums and art-galleries (free admission) in various countries and pays for an orchestra in his home-town.

People always complain about Apple being the big tax-cheat - but in reality, Amazon is much worse. And at least, Apple didn't hold a silly contest about where to build campuses.

Bezos acts a lot like a late-19th-century capitalist, who thought all workers were lazy bastards that needed to be held down and kept on the short-leash, else they would spend all the money on booze and stop coming to work a few days.

Leave it to Beaver: Unity is long gone and you're on your GNOME


Re: And yet ...

Outlook is horrible.

Especially the web-version. It just shows a handful of emails and if you switch it back to some "show me more emails" mode, it's barely usable.

But hey, I guess you can auto-filter your mails into different folders (where you will never look at them).


Thanks but no, thanks

I'm using OpenSuse Leap 42.3 with LXDE.

Works really, really well and stable, most likely because the upstream is SLES.

Not always the latest and greatest (well, that's debatable anyway) but I just really want to get stuff done.

Apple leak: If you leak from Apple, we'll have you arrested, says Apple


I'm not sure what the problem really is

I work in a 60-odd employees company and what little and inconsequential pieces of news we produce, the boss doesn't to want to leak to the press ahead of time.

If anybody would do that, it would certainly be a bad day for the person if the leak could be pinpointed to a specific individual.

In a company the size of Apple (both in number of employees and profit), the stakes are much higher.

Leaking is, in the end, a very egoistical thing: you get to feel special and relevant, for five minutes, but it doesn't really help anybody else. Especially not at the company that pays you money for not leaking.

Java-aaaargh! Google faces $9bn copyright bill after Oracle scores 'fair use' court appeal win


Serves them right

Apple went with the NeXT codebase and the BSD-userland.

That should have told them something.

But they were probably too much Java and Linux fanbois.

Steve and Larry were good friends, neighbours at some point....

Maybe, when the cheque comes through the mail, Larry will put a flower on Steve's grave and silently mumble "I did it, buddy, I did it!"

Huawei guns for Apple with Mac-alike Matebook X



When will this be available for sale?


Ah, so I see it's already available, at least the non "Pro" version.

It has "HD+" resolution, it looks like. I was confused by the use of the word "3k" display in the article.

So, comparing it to the MacBook is really difficult. They use completely different CPUs etc.

This one looks like it's a bit more "modern" - but as the article hints: you have to run Windows on it.

Having recently had to use W10, I found it nearly unusable. At least, from an "occasional Windows 7 and mostly X-Windows / macOS"-user point of view.

Maybe, if all you do is switch between a browser and an office app, that's enough.

The slight price increase of the Apple MacBook compared to this one, as well as the ability to spec it to 16GB would be totally worth it - for me.



When will this be available for sale?

You're the IT worker in charge of securing the cloud for your company. Welcome to Hell


Bonus points

For our Windows-guys for removing CTRL+C + CTRL-V in our VDIs so we can't copy anything out of rdesktop-sessions anymore. Instead, we have to resort to pastebin.com.

Are you taking the peacock? United Airlines deny flight to 'emotional support' bird


You don't need to fly

There are very few countries that really require you to fly in.

In Europe, the only one that comes into mind is Isreal.

The rest can probably be reached by car or boat. Just takes time.

Dell sell-off saga gets weird: Subsidiary VMware may buy parent in 'reverse merger'


Sounds like an April's Fool joke

My head spins thinking about this.

Apple iPhone X: Two weeks in the life of an anxious user


Worried about losing it or getting it stolen?

I have an "ancient" iPhone 4S that I got free from the carrier back then - and I still fear of losing it.

It's not a question of price. It's about valuing things - and the hassle of replacing a SIM.

Beer hall putz: Regulator slaps northern pub over Nazi-themed ad


> Germans are pretty sick of war jokes and I'm not surprised.

You get used to it, after a couple of decades.

Intel to slap hardware lock on Management Engine code to thwart downgrade attacks


Macs don't have it, AFAIK

Currently the only x86 computer without it.

But hey, here come the "Apple robs our freedom"-trolls.

Big Mike is going to make HPE's life a living Dell: Server sales surge


Re: Moving to Raspberry Pi

Isn't the HP(E) Moonshot server about ARM CPUs?

A while back, somebody on reddit asked about these and one of the VARs in the forum said that he had multiple customers look into them, seriously, and after doing the math came back with normal x86 servers (or blades).

Wait, did Oracle tip off world to Google's creepy always-on location tracking in Android?


Re: Oracle tipped off the world ...

> Pissed off that Google is doing this? Think about AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobil, Sprint, EE ... they all do it.

But they don't know as much about me as Google does.

That's the problem with the Big G: once it slurps up everything in your life, it becomes a very powerful target. Not for hackers or crackers but for governments around the world.

There's a reason Apple anonymizes as much data as possible they get from their users - they know governments are greedy.

And before everyone chimes in with: "It's all according to the law...etc.bla.bla". Yes, it is, sort of. In Europe. But what if you travel to Turkey and the government there wants to know your search-history?

And maybe you set next to some guy in the metro they don't like?

And maybe you have a friend that happens to be a Kurd? That could get very interesting.

iPhone X: Bargain! You've just bagged yourself a cheap AR device


Also: clothes

I rarely order clothes online (hate the returns) - but for some people, that Amazon buy button is apparently the equivalent of the daily prayer for a monk.

So, some retailer will have it (virtually "trying" on clothes) soon-ish and all other will quickly follow.

There are already apps for make-up, so you can superimpose different "styles".

Needless to say, I don't need that. But it's IMO a no-brainer to understand that there is a market for this. And that's just the beginning. The iPhone hardware is so powerful, the possibilities are limitless, almost.

World Vasectomy Day: 15k men line up for live vent-blocking


> if my partner stops smoking I'll get it done

That's ridiculous, IMO.

What if she relapses?

You can't really un-snip it.

Thousand-dollar iPhone X's Face ID wrecked by '$150 3D-printed mask'


Re: When will they learn (@ AC)

> The new Teslas use an app on a phone to unlock and start the car, so by pwning the $1000 phone,

> you've also just got access to their car as well.

Also in the new Mercedes E-Class.

But it does not work with iPhones...

Android at 10: How Google won the smartphone wars


Re: @Ledswinger - prevalence of actively exploited ... on Android v Windows

> But what would be the point of listening to a million phones, what could you do with that?

> Nothing, because it would take forever to find the one or two conversations that you could monetize.

I think, the changing AI-landscape might force you to re-evaluate that position.

Just because you and I can't come up with a way to profit from that in five minutes doesn't mean somebody else (with more criminal energy) can't come up with one next month either.

Google's phone woes: The Pixel and the damage done


Re: The original blog has an unfortunate line break...

Anybody who relies on Google for anything more than search is IMO a fool.

Sure, businesses rely on it for mail and apps and whatnot - but at the end of the day, search the ads that get displayed are their lifeblood and if the shit hits the fan, that's what they're going to keep running. Because everything else is at best a distraction and the impact on the bottom-line is minuscule, compared to search.

They pay Apple several billions per year just to have google-search as the default on the iPhone.

Hackers nip into celeb plastic surgery clinic, tuck away 'terabytes'



It looks like you could transfer out about 80GBytes per day - on 1Mbit/s.

If their pipe is big enough, they wouldn't notice that.

When nobody is in the office, you could probably crank that up quite a bit.

So, if the access lasted for a couple of days or weekends, TBytes is not impossible.

Apple Cook's half-baked defense of the Mac Mini: This kit ain't a leftover


> With the money they had made from phones, they could have become a major player.

Microsoft thought along these lines, with their phones.

But the PC market is shrinking. Why would you take money from a good business to invest in a bad business with small ROIs?

I got a 2012 i7 in 2014, about 6 months before the 2014s landed. So I'm covered until 2019 or so, whenever the hardware gets obsoleted and no new OSs work on it.

I like its ability to drive a 2560x1600 display and a 1920x1200 on HDMI.

Itching to stuff iOS 11 on your iPhone? You may want to hold off for a bit



Oh, the very first game I ever downloaded on an iPhone.

Then I downloaded/bought another one.

And that was it.

I certainly don't contribute too much to the "Services" part of their business.

The subscription to WeatherPro ist sometimes the only thing in a year.

Oracle staff report big layoffs across Solaris, SPARC teams


Could anybody have done better?

After all, Sun Microsystems themselves couldn't produce a profit with the gear either.

At least, Oracle kept the thing running for a couple more years.

PC sales to fall and fall and fall and fall and fall for the next five years


Re: Cause or Effect?

They've recently updated everything bar the MacMini and the MacPro (and the MacBook Air) to Kaby Lake.

They delays are mostly due to Intel no being able to deliver the CPUs they want/need for their products. They always have higher-end integrated graphics for example, and those only come later on the roadmap.

The people that Apple is selling to aren't looking for 249 UKP bargains. Though, with the prices of the latest models, I see a certain threshold reached.

(Even ignoring the FX effects specific to the UK).

I think people will even pay the silly prices that are rumored for iPhone 8 - but as for the PCs and the laptops, there's a certain point where more people will have to say "No" than what you can make up with by the price increase. But Apple is clearly testing this limit.

Meteor swarm spawns new and dangerous branch


Re: Interesting use of statistics...

When the impact is big enough, evolution will have to start over.

If you believe in some sort of higher being keeping an eye on us down here, you can think of it as some sort of "Reset Button" in that being's "Game of Life".



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