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Batman: Arkham City

James Melody

No need for the downvote

Have a look at the video below for some of the goodness only in the PC version


James Melody
Paris Hilton


Do El Reg keep on reviewing games on inferior console versions rather than the PC versions?

Surely it is better to review a game at its best?

Paris, as she probably has an X-Station-Box

Star Trek TNG revamped for Blu-ray in 2012

James Melody

Can I be the first to complain.....

.......Riker shot first!

Mine is the one with the tricorder in the pocket.

ISPs get flimsy self-help leaflet on net speed ads

James Melody

ISP Panther

60% of the time it works all of the time.

HP's UK PC boss: We're going nowhere

James Melody

I got it!

1) Make a Tablet that costs £300 to manufacture

2) Sell it for £89

3) Profit!



James Melody

First Duke now this

Reviewed on the XBOX 360? Why?

Looking at things objectively the PC is leagues ahead when it comes to playing FPS games. The mouse and keyboard combo hasn't been bettered to date and the graphics are always going to be so much better.

If you are going to review games on here why not view them in their best light?

Microsoft, Nokia, HTC fight Apple's 'App store' trademark

James Melody

App Store is not just mobile


COBOL drinks from cloudy fountain of youth

James Melody

The Lords of Cobol live!

I for one welcome our new galactic overlords.

Microsoft sends Windows 7 SP1 to OEMs

James Melody

WinXP mode?

It "just works" for me on Win7 (64bit)

Take two operating systems into the shower? Me, I just click and go.

Microsoft disputes Apple's 'App Store' trademark

James Melody
Gates Halo

I'm with Microsoft on this

Apple are taking the proverbial on this. I can't believe it even needs Microsoft to (wait for it) stand up for common sense.

Apple 4 Verizon. True

James Melody

I agree

I went from an HTC Desire to an iPhone4. I still long for the Desire and I found it better in nearly every respect. The only problem was the battery life.

Apple unwraps app store for proper computers

James Melody
Gates Halo

40% of revenue of indie software?

You have quoted 2dboy (an indie games developer) as your source. What you need to take into account the the effectively non existent supply of games for OSX.

2dboy launched World of Goo (which is a great game BTW) to the market. At a guess there is at least 100 times the competition in the Windows games market compared to the OSX market. I stands to reason that OSX gamers when presented with limited choice are going to spend their money in a more focused way.

As an aside I run Windows 7 on my home PC. Macs are great for boring stuff like designing websites and creating business logos but I use my Windows PC for fun stuff like Bad Company 2 and Dragon Age.

Dell crafts mother of all graphics cards

James Melody

What I want to know is ....

.......Will it Blend?

Leicester City councillors eye up iPad to save £90k a year

James Melody

Councillors don't get paid a salary.

They can only get reimbursed expenses....

...mine is the one with the iPhone MAXI in the pocket.

Consumer Reports: 'We were wrong about the iPhone 4'

James Melody

Or sellotape?

I have never heard someone say adhesive tape.

Brighton NIMBYs complain over BT broadband upgrades

James Melody

Planning application here


The above link is to a planning application for one

iPhone 4 Day: pre-orders and pregnancy cut no ice with 02

James Melody
Jobs Horns


I picked mine up in Hove instead. They still have plenty of stick. I arrived at 7:13 this morning and got served at 11am. They had no problem selling multiple iPhones

Steve Jobs – Apple's not business, it's personal

James Melody
Jobs Horns

Apple Stole MAC OS

LOL - Microsoft didn't steal MAC OS.

Both of Apple and Microsoft STOLE it from Xerox.

'iPhone 4G' found on floor of bar

James Melody

ever heard of...

finders keepers....losers weepers.

Mine is the one with a miniture Richard Stilgoe in the pocket.

Dell bars Win 7 refunds from Linux lovers

James Melody


Nuff said

Apple turns the flamethrower on Android

James Melody
Thumb Up

Baby Eaters Co

Do you have a link to their website?

Note to Captain Kirk: Warp speed will kill you

James Melody
Thumb Up

Maybe some sort...

...could be.....YES....if we reconfigure the main sensor array and use it to fire an inverse tachyon beam in front of the ship we won't have to worry about the <problem of the week>

Doctor Who attempted to overthrow Thatcher

James Melody

BBC Impartial?

Hardly, the BBC has always been a leftie institution.

(Mine is the one with the Thatcher Biography in the pocket)

Red Dwarf's Kryten exposes iPhone number

James Melody


Space Corps Directive 34124 - "Double helping of pudding on sundays for all officers"

I fail to see how this is relevent?

U2 frontman bitchslapped by TalkTalk

James Melody

Gaelic - WTF?

They speak Irish in Ireland not Gaelic.

On a further note - Make Bono History!

ISPA slams Mandy's copyright land grab

James Melody
Paris Hilton

I love democracy

I blame this on all the idiots who voted Mandelson into power.

Oh, wait a minute........

Paris as we didn't vote for her either.

Apple's move to kill Hackintosher suit denied

James Melody
Jobs Horns

Restricting OSX to Apple Hardware IS monopolistic?

Surely it is?

Undead COBOL celebrates (another) 50th birthday

James Melody
IT Angle

Lords of COBOL

The Lords of COBOL don't exist and there is only one true god.

But enought about Battlestar Galactica - what is the IT angle on all of this?

O2 just can't keep it up

James Melody
Jobs Horns

Saturday outage?

I had no service for any of Monday. The sooner mobile phone exclusives end the better. I 3GS contract is up in August 2010 and when it does I will be moving!

Bad steve for sticking us with O2 in the first place.

O2 does Apple-flavour customer service

James Melody
Paris Hilton

I was overcharged!

I had a call yesterday evening from O2 to let me know I had been overcharged for data on my last bill. They told me I would see a credit for it on my next bill. The amoun? 24p!

Paris, as I feel rich like her now.

Ten of the best... Core i7 CPU coolers

James Melody

No titan fenrir?

Keeps my 920 running at 38 degrees at 4Ghz - 56 degrees at load (Prime 95)

(Fire in the disco)

Old school music sales fell 8% last year

James Melody

Pesky pirates

Can we blame them for the fall in sales in the housing market as well?

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way

James Melody
Paris Hilton

A use....

Finally I will be able to download 50GB Blu-Ray images over BitTorrent.

The paris angle? One night in paris in HD goodness!

Connoisseurs go mad for £1,000 ham

James Melody

IT Angle

I think iberico ham is fantastic - but what is the IT angle on this?

Say goodbye to Office 2003, Microsoft tells PC builders

James Melody

docx format

I had to setup a group policy on our server to force Office 2007 not to use docx. It was a nightmare haveing 99% of emails returned because the recipient couldn't open the attachment.

P2P pinball lawyers say ignorance is no defence

James Melody

Who owns the network?

My understanding of UK contract law with regards to ISPs is that the level 1 ISP (ie BT in most cases) actually owns the network. Surely if the consumer is liable for how his connection has been used BT is thus equally liable for any offences committed on its network?

Has anybody suggested this crowd of cowboys sue BT as the owner of the network?


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