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Samsung R522

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Actually David Simpson I remember chicklet keys on my old ZX Spectrum nearly 30 years ago now.

Dr. Strangevote saves mankind with Luddite voting recipe

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Why Perfect?

Why is there such a concern about the complete and perfect accuracy of votes? Surely as long as the margin for error is lower than the winning margin everything is fine.

For example if the wining candidate has 200,000 votes more than the second place one does it matter that 10 votes were not counted, or even 100,000? Even if they were all for the second place candidate the winner remains the same does it not?

London hospital loses 20,000 unencrypted patient files

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Smart Cards

Why were the PC protected by passwords. According to the Information Governance Toolkit (Question 303 IGT watchers) all trusts have, as part of their obligation as a Registration Authority, to have "established business processes that ensure all staff smartcards and access profiles issued are appropriate".

Passwords should not be the authenitcation method used. Perhaps as well as breaching the Data Protection Act the executives of the trust have made a false declaration in their IGT return and so could be found guilty of perjury?

PH because she protects her assets better.


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