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Intel releases Core 2 chip Bios fix


c2d ramdom restarts

i thort my computer was overheating when it was left at full load for a few minutes and randomly restarting, now i think it could be this problem. i have an e6750 engineering sample and there must be a reason as to why intel havent gone into full production with them. other than that my comp goes like stink its a c2d at 3.3ghz with an fsb of 1650mhz, 3gigs of 1ghz mem, two 8800 gts in sli all in an asus striker extreme :) not bad for someone who doesnt have a job lol

Palm reveals 'secret' smartphone buddy


portable smartphone with large screen

i have a nokia n80 and can plug that into my dvd player screen in my car, along with a bluetooth keyboard it makes a perfectly good multimedia player/web/email/phone/satnav lol it does literally everything

Nokia N95 multimedia slider phone


gps reciever

i have one of these and the gps works fine, if you read the instructions you'll learn that the reciever is under the number keypad so that needs to have a clear view of the sky, eg. slide the phone up and hold it in the palm of your hand or sit it on something flat in an open area, once it had locked onto some satalites it will generally work anywhere and i found it to be accurate enough to tell which side of the road i was on. my view for this phone is thats its great but has been missold to people who dont have a clue on how to use half the features.

oh and one more thing... if you get it on o2 it comes with a 1gig memory card with the uk maps preloaded

AMD Radeon HD 2900 XTX tested on web


ati ahem amd

i loved my old x700pro it had a better picture quality than my 7900gs which got better at high resolutions, its a pity that ati cards are lacking the oomph these days. im happy with my 8800gts now which easilly plays every game i throw at it at 1920x1200 with all the settings maxed out

Vodafone explains N95 crippling


n series phones

i own an n95 and an n80 and i found with the n80 that if i restored factory settings then all the o2 branding vanished but if i did a hard reset(holding down green call button, * and 3 then pressing the on button) then they came back. i have yet to try it out with my n95 on o2 as i havent needed to. also does anyone know if o2 removes anything from the n95, voip is there tho

MSI NX8600GTS graphics card



take a look at the benchmark tables again, they say 6800gts not 8600gts, just thort i would bring it to your attention


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