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Brit chap weaves silver bullet for wireless health scare bollocks

Peter Holgate

Load of Bollocks

If I remember an old study from years ago, the reason for the low sperm count is more due to the tight underwear that athletes wear. I'm not a Scot, but the kilt is the best way to increase sperm count

Sean Parker: 'My fairy-tale wedding harmed no trees'

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His own fault

"Parker's diatribe rails against the modern media and its shoddy journalism, saying, "It's easier to generate traffic with snarky stories than hard news"

Shouldn't support f***book

Bill Gates offends Koreans after sticking hand down trousers

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Re: Maybe

@pPPPP If you want us to behave their way in their country, then make them behave the way we do in our country.

That steady diet of EastEnders is turning her into a shrew

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Big Brother

Re: "Study shows soap operas trigger aggression in women"

Personally, I've always believed that the goverment is slipping subliminal messages in these programs to keep the brain-dead masses suppressed and depressed so as to be so complacent for their manipulation.


Google emails Virgin Media subscribers ... about privacy

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No they didnt

Virgin NEVER informed the NTL customers (at least) of their transfer to Google mail. I only discovered this after the Spam influx mulitplied from 1 a month pre transfer to 30 a day post transfer.

I HATE Google mail - stuck with it at work too!

Google hands Britain’s eTown award to Scunthorpe

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I would like to know where these businesses are. Sadly I live and work in "Sunny " Scunny - and I've not seen any improvements in anything.

Nice try, Amazon: 'One-click' payment too obvious to patent

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Not quite

Try getting them to ship 2 dvds in one parcel. Not if it comes from Jersey!

Yes I know it's the way they avoid VAT but it's a real pain balancing your credit card statement with multiple entries for one order price

Google officially unveils 'cloud' music beta

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You're Wrong

It's the british laws that cause the fail

Facebook friends Obama's ex-press rep

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Hide them well

Based on his performance with obuma, Facebook will be able to hide all their dirty little secrets

Google adds tool to block shabby, dirty, vulgar sites from search results

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Two stupid questions

Who/what defines low quality sites?

What happens if you block Google itself?

In schools, we have site filtration and one idiot entered *.* in the filter list - that was fun!!!

Building Windows 7 skills - will we need another 10 years?

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"Ten years of Windows XP means that the whole world knows how to use it, from administrators to users."

Like ot know which world your users come from - I support three schools and 90% of the staff have trouble with email and word documents without going into "How to save a file to a different folder other than 'My Documents'.

Google wheels (another) Trojan App inside Microsoft Office

Peter Holgate

They did it once

Google seemed to have an innovative idea with their email - and f**ked it up big time

Microsoft student mail checkmates Google state grab

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Anything is better the Google Mail - stuck with that rubbish (epithets removed) in this school for 4 years - even Lotus Notes that the admin staf use is better, and I never thought I would state that!!!

Google Docs morphs into once and future 'GDrive'

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Totally Useless

Having to live with the GMail paltform for work, I can honestly and wholeheartedly state that it's the worst email platform I've ever had to use.

Prisoners plot strike action over mobile phones

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Pinko Commie Liberal

Send for Sheriff Joe

UK gov could not procure its way out of a paper bag

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If you only knew...

As far as schools are concerned, yes, they do do their own purchasing. BUT you don't realise that they can only buy from suppliers who will let them pay via invoice, the schools are not permitted to use credit cards to buy direct from cheaper sources.

Then there is the extra charge (last I heard £1.50 per) imposed on the school for each invoice submitted to the local government for the budget paper trail.

Lego and RM plot robot future

Peter Holgate

Good, yet BAD

The idea is great, just wished they had picked someone other than RM. As an IT technician in schools, RM has caused the most problems for me in over 8 years.

Public sector earning more than private, but less than last month

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As an public sector employee, I know these statistics are WRONG.

Earth's first all Klingon opera debuts

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There are in Italian and how many of the audience can actually speak Italian?

NZ spider objects to Canadian's todger

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Careful of the Welsh Rozzers

If you get pics of this they'll arrest you for extreme p*rn

Penalty for silent calling goes sky high

Peter Holgate

You're an idiot

Not eveyone needs or wants a mobile phone to chat whilst shopping, or driving or use it in another moronic way.

Spam filters stuff Canadian Beaver

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Too right

I live there - and it does live down to it's name

Google derides 'dinosaur' system integrators

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So you're one of the lucky naive b'strds who have never had their network service fail.

Microsoft's Automatic Update - the way to browser competition?

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Too many computer morons

The remark posted by Anonymous Coward ... "and the average user is too fucking clueless to know there are alternatives" ... I will be brave enough to reiterate this statement. They ARE fucking morons.

I support 3 schools and a lot of home users, the majority of whom are only skilled enough to turn the computer on - don't confuse them with trying to make choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wi-Fi comes to school buses

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Paris Hilton


for KenBW2

You're an idiot - just because they aren't allowed, do you think that stops them -- if you do you're as naive as the rest of the government education organisation.

And you're dumber than Paris

Samsung camera recognises faces, names, shoe sizes...

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If this phrase is correct -- "The technology also prioritises friends, family and the frequently photographed so that the camera's smile mode will only take photos of recognised faces when they’re grinning"

what happens when, after frequently taking a family member smiling, you want to take a picture of them pouting /scowling then the camera prevents this???

Isn't this censorship?

No cheap Blu-ray players for Blighty this Xmas

Peter Holgate

Who wants Blu Ray anyway?

Who cares if there's a shortage, the only people who will buy them are the idiots who MUST have the latest toys!!!

US woman sues over exploding thong

Peter Holgate

Bad Attitudes

Most of you must be under 25 to send in the types of comments that you have done;

Women in their 50's can be sexy.

I am english, live in england and there are more FAT, UGLY women in england than in America - i lived there for 10 years!

I'm not condoning this stupid woman suing, or defending her in anyway - i hate traffic wardens as much as the next person,