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Das überdatabase: Inside Wacky Jacqui's motherbrain

IT Angle

Vacancy - Database & System Programmers - GCHQ - UK

Contract: Long Term (Up to 15 years)

Salary: £120,000 PA + Benefits + Council House

Location: GCHQ, UK

We are currently looking to recruit technians and engineers for our unified database and in particular welcome applicants from ethnic backgrounds to help with the UK's biggest security system. You will require experience with MS Office, especially Excel & Access with vast experience of being able to transfer data to USB Memory Stick and CD.

We offer an attractive salary, 5 prayer breaks a day, halal dinners in our exclusive resturant and provide free email and phone facilities to phone home. We can provide a relocation package for properties up to 7 bedrooms if required.

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics


Self gratification?

I'm sure the only reason these charges we're brought against these teens is for the self gratification of those upholding the law. I can imagine the prosecution and the judge getting hairy palms after 'studying the evidence'.

Personlly, I think most sex offenders seem to work in the legal system.

Judge points laser dazzler man towards prison

Paris Hilton

@ RobaJob

LOL - What has the Middle East to do with what I was saying? Sorry about the grammar and spelling, I didn't think I was making a point to my School Teacher. Get a life! You sad specimen. I was merely pointing out the fact that criminals will counter actions from our State Police. What the hell the middle east has to do with what I was talking about is a mystery. Keep taking the hippy pills.

Paris Hilton, need I say anymore


Surveillance Defence

If you are fed up being tracked by CCTV, these pens cause havoc for CCTV cams. But be prepared for the Government Storm Troopers to send out the brigade to put you away after tasering you. The Police state won't like the fact that people are starting too counter act the Big Brother State and that their toys are vulnerable to all sorts of attack, i.e. Laser Pens, High Powered Video Band Modulators that wipe out baseband video in an instant. Next these terrorists (Kids) will be blocking the Video downlink frequencies from Pold in the sky.

Extreme meausures employ exteme counter measures. If plod hasn't learned that by now, they never will. Too much is exposed on TV nowadays for people to act and defeat Hi Tec gadgets and equipment. Our media is our own worse enemy.

Snoop-happy councils warned off RIPA abuse


It's all a load of poo

I think this country has much more to worry about than who's dogs shite where and what school little Johnny goes too. Fact is, the cameras are not ding what they are supposed to do and thats deter / detect real crime. The camera opposite my house is currently pointing at someones window and has been for the last 3 days. Are the operators perving? What happened to the privacy zones these cameras should be programmed with (ie. no snooping into peoples windows)

Its been proven so far that our camera state has only detected 3% of crime, compare this to the costs of running such systems, they should be scrapped. Cameras run by local authorities is just another excuse to spy on us normal everyday citizens whilst in reality, they don't prevent and detect real crime. I'm fed up with being snooped apon when I'm walking, shopping, driving, having a meal out, having a pint out and probably whilst I'm having a dump in a public toilet somewhere. When has any of these cameras contributed to busting a terrorist or drugs cartel? Never.Congratulations for all the Dog Shit detection! Horrah for watching little johnny go to school, What a feat which costs us millions of pounds to have these jobs worth, perving camera operators film our every movement.

What a weak nation this pathetic island has become!

Vodafone hangs up on Tiscali auction

IT Angle

Trying to be one of the Big Boys

I'm afraid Tiscali just can't deliver. It's IPTV service that was due to be launched in late Feb has errrrr, not been launched, its just available to a few thousand subscribers who we're inherited from a former london tv company. The national launch of IPTV has just not happened and probably will not. I don't know why Tiscali doesn't just gracefully give up to the likes of Virgin Media or BT and let them take their subscribers. Everyone wants to jump on the TV delivery band wagon, but before doing it, they should have a full understanding of what they are undertaking and the means to fund it fully.

If you are wanting a reliable TV / Internet / Telco service, it pays to be with an established company as I learned at my own costs. 'Wanna be' providers just think they can set up, sell off and make a quick buck. Established Telcos have been burned by purchasing poorly set up companies in the past (NTL CableTel - Cable & Wireless, Videotron etc) and are wary of buying companies like Tiscali and inheriting a 'pants' network costing millions to put right. Vodaphone should concentrate on it's own products and spend the money investing on their own subscriber bases from scratch, its much more cost effective than inheriting a pile of poo from someone else.

Brown pledges annual commons debate on surveillance


War on who?

Let's remember, this isn't about war on terror. Simply put, this Government is at war with us!