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Apple and Snow Leopard take-downs - just say no

Daniel Kluge

Standard reply

"We feel that our position was most eloquently argued in Arkell vs. Pressdram."

Rackable Systems slips into SGI's name

Daniel Kluge

From the stupid idea department

I would have gone for "Silicon Racks" for the merged company...

Sun saunters into open storage formation

Daniel Kluge

Re: injections

But why yes, vigor is a vi clone with VBS support :-)


Start-up outfoxes Apple, Dell and HP by offering stock options with PCs

Daniel Kluge

Back to 1999

Are we in a Bubble again already?

We have no product, but tons of pre-IPO stock-options for those loosers who believe they might be the next Marc Cuban.

And oh yes, the most annoying time waster of a website in a long time.

So, the MO is:

1. Find some VC funding

2. Build hype

3. Repeat until popping up on all the hot company lists

4. Flip it to someone with too much money

5. Profit