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ID fraudsters soak the rich

Les Matthew

Target the affluent?

Send em to the ISS where they can target the effluent.

Meizu Mini Player SL 8GB media player

Les Matthew
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Not just Cowan

that support ogg and FLAC now?

Unmanned Aerial Manhood outrage at Kasparov rally

Les Matthew
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Chopper manufacturer


Gordon Brown claims a Brit invented the iPod

Les Matthew

Re: The reason for royalty

Unlike royalty that got all its power from being nice gentle little minnows.

'Great tits cope well with warming'

Les Matthew
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Raised a chuckle

when I saw it listed in last nights BBC RSS feed.

Texas graverobbers 'used skull to smoke dope'

Les Matthew

Talk about

getting out of your skull.

What did happen to all those London mayoral votes?

Les Matthew

Speaks volumes

when 45% turn out is considered record numbers.

Japanese council worker in 750k smut site pornathon

Les Matthew
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"...or does anyone else think the PFY is not the type to take this kind of challenge lying down?"

The PFY has the matter firmly in hand.

HP pulls memory Missing Link from bottle of beer

Les Matthew



That may shed a bit more light on the subject.

School crossing guards join CCTV panlollycon

Les Matthew

@Mark Wilson

"What is the point of that?"

Maybe it's because drivers think that amber means go?

Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'

Les Matthew

Re: Oi! Gordon, you plum! Get yourself a dictionary!

He has, It's called the dictionary of spin.

'Extreme porn' law could criminalise millions

Les Matthew


Beer goggles can now get you into some serious trouble boys and girls.

UK airports to trial face scan passport checks

Les Matthew

Re: @Graham Wood

"Paris because she's never had a beard"

But she has had a close shave.

Scotland Yard pokes crooks on Facebook

Les Matthew

Re: Jobs!

"Any idea if there are jobs going in this area i won't mind trawling through sites and getting paid for it."

Have you ever viewed any pages on MySpace?

Boris backs weed for pain relief

Les Matthew


Heroin is available on prescription, it's called diamorpine.

Carphone Warehouse cleared out of 8GB iPhones

Les Matthew
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You've never sampled the delights of fanboy baiting?

Welsh student exposed to nude webcam operators

Les Matthew
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@Rob Holmes

Where do I sign up?

Do you think I will earn much commission for flashing my hairy white arse and man boobs?

Colliding galaxies mark Hubble anniversary

Les Matthew
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I'm with Ash on this

Even after all my many jaded years, space still fills me with awe and wonder.

Dubai mobe cracking demo barred by Heathrow boffin bust

Les Matthew
Black Helicopters

@yeah right

"I see that the UK is well on its way to being a police state if they can arbitrarily confiscate anything while admitting they don't know what it is. I guess they don't even need warrants or anything else anymore."

I think HMRC have had draconian powers for a very long time.

Nintendo Wii 'like a virus', games boss sniffs

Les Matthew


"It couldn't possibly be that Epic Games are a one trick pony could it?"

How many other developers use the Unreal Engine?

Pirate Bay-probing cop on Warner Brothers payroll

Les Matthew
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In My Not So Humble Estimation?

Fake subpoenas harpoon 2,100 corporate fat cats

Les Matthew
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@vincent himpe

"2000 'execs' with an uneasy conscience"

My thoughts exactly.

Smith plans 300-strong force to tackle UK radicalisation

Les Matthew
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"The dreaded Pamphlet Police?"

A "Constable Visit-the-Infidel-with-Explanatory-Pamphlets" in reverse?

Hacker blasts Mac clone maker's licence 'violation'

Les Matthew


"Just save up that bit more, get a mac, run bootcamp, dual boot, be legal (option), everyones happy!

Interesting though, how so much more people are now looking at ways to get Leopard on their system.... Y'all love to hate it, but ya still want it he he he."

Is it just me or is there a large dose of irony here?

London store brews £50-a-poop cat-crap coffee

Les Matthew
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"At least someone benefits from the separation of fools from their money."

And now they are full of it, literally.

Microsoft discloses 14,000 pages of coding secrets

Les Matthew


"I don't quite see how Opera can claim that, when if Windows wasn't bagged with IE, how would its users download Opera? Please, name an O/S that doesn't come with a basic browser."

Yep, nobody could download before browsers arrived on the scene.

Is Europe's war on Islamist terror running out of terrorists?

Les Matthew
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V for victory with palm facing out.

Similar to the "up yours" or "F off" with palm facing in.

Check the wikipedia "Insult" entry for V sign. :)

Seagate ships first 1TB HDD of the SAS persuasion

Les Matthew

@James O'Brien

I always thought one of the reasons that SCSI drives were more expensive was because they are individually tested unlike IDE/SATA drives which are batch tested.

Some SATA drives cost the same as SCSI drives now.



HMRC tax credit database takes the week off

Les Matthew

HMRC are not the only ones

to lose discs.


French won Waterloo, says Italian telecoms chief

Les Matthew

@Cartload of surrender monkeys...

Try 1066 and The Hundred Years War.

Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics

Les Matthew

@Roger Stenning

"So, I again ask: If they didn't want folks driving around their estate or road, where the heck were the gates?"

Maybe they thought people would understand the meaning of the word "private"?

Wanted: AMD Athlon upgrade advice

Les Matthew


Nice card but be aware that these cards are long, about 9 inches and they have a power connector to go on the end too. So I should make sure you have enough space for card and power connection to fit.

Intel still telling Yorker corker

Les Matthew


Point taken. ;)

In my defence, when I see desktop I think home users and general office work, what you describe I think workstation.

Wankers and Bankers? I'm having trouble seeing a difference between those two at this moment in time. ;)

Les Matthew

Pork Pies and chips

Love it. ;)

Apart from bragging rights, is there any point in having quad cores on desktops?

I have a couple of dual core boxes here and the only thing that appears to actually use both cores fully is the folding@home smp client.

Blogging Whitehall mandarin had top secret 'panopticon' plan

Les Matthew
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"Smiley - cos I havent done any work yet, just been laughing at today's stories."

You had better get your Arsene Ghia then. ;)

CIA demands UK halts interrogation tactics

Les Matthew
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/me checks date

and avoids the anal probe. :P

LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary

Les Matthew

@Neil Hoskins

Dawgeh, is that you? ;)

Ohio man cuffed for shagging picnic table

Les Matthew
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Love it!

"provided police with hard evidence of Price's perversion."

fnar fnar frnar.

Dutch MP releases anti-Islam movie

Les Matthew


"I don't like religious people with medieval world views using technology - it smacks of hypocrisy."

The trouble with that is they have most of the juice that is needed to power technology.

@Chris Bradshaw

"Al Qaeda and Hamas are trying to recruit and build community support."

Flying planes into sky scrapers, suicide bombings and indiscriminate firing of rockets are real community builders.

Can 1,000 fans replace the music business?

Les Matthew


"How do they get the 1000 fans, without marketing, management, advertising etc?"

"Without it, a musician is just one of a million with undiscoverable myspace pages."

I don't know about anywhere else in the world but in the UK we used to have this thing called "The Transit Van".

Maybe the idea of actually getting up off your arse and slogging it round the country doing gigs is a bit too much for today's budding musicians/performers. Do they all expect instant success with mega sales and stadium concerts straight off the bat?

Botanist sues to stop CERN hurling Earth into parallel universe

Les Matthew

End of the Universe? No problem

my table at Milliways is booked and waiting.

El Reg reconstructs Heathrow T5 chaos

Les Matthew
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Obviously Photoshopped

As I can see no bottles of suspect liquids.

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

Les Matthew
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Re: Get a PC !

I think that all the new Macs are just a PC in fancy packaging with a different OS on them. ;)

Flame away!

Adobe opens Photoshop for freetards

Les Matthew
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Inkscape, new release 4.6


Being a Windows user I'm still stuck on 4.5 till some kind soul does 4.6 build.

Les Matthew
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@Eduard Coli

Paint.NET. I'll second that.

T5 opening turns into Airplane 3.0

Les Matthew
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Don't worry folks, it gets better

by the minute


Transgender man prepares to give birth

Les Matthew

@Bob ter

Kids aren't cruel, they're just brutally honest. ;)

Les Matthew
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Did anyone else get the

"Here's to fewer dropped balls"

in the Visual Studio ad that was running in the article?

MPs: Axe Nimrod subhunters to balance MoD budget

Les Matthew
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Avro Shackleton for the win. ;)


There was always something about that wedge shaped nose that did it for me. ;)

Intel wants to get into heavy petascaling

Les Matthew
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@Anonymous John

I think Ashlee has a bad case of that quintessentially British affliction.

"The bad pun"


I rest my case. ;)



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