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Channel 4 cans Celebrity Big Brother

Les Matthew

@Ralph B



Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign

Les Matthew

The naked truth

Wasn't the Wispa just a Flake with its clothes on?

Naomi Campbell piles into Vogue

Les Matthew

Re: My bits are sagging

You need a body that actually has some flesh on it to get saggy bits.

Jason Bourne disses James Bond

Les Matthew

Re: True, so true...

Who wants Emma Peel when you can have Pussy Galore?

Chav-hunting toffs cop some flack

Les Matthew

Re: Damn and blast!

Don't worry you didn't miss anything.

Piss poor camera work.

Piss poor acting.

And it wasn't even funny.

UK punters love music on the move

Les Matthew

like 904

is going to show valid results for a population of around 60 million.

Police want DNA collection superpowers

Les Matthew

Re: Guilty from birth

Scotland has a completely separate legal system from that of England and Wales.

That might have something to do with it.

Society of Jesus calls missionaries to Second Life

Les Matthew

Just all you Second Lifers wait

for the Jehovah's Witnesses to appear and start knocking on your virtual doors.

Muffy Mount voted ultimate 'nom de sex'

Les Matthew

Where would we be

without Lesters Friday pr0nucopia column? ;)

I never entered mine, but it would have been Fiver Cockels.

Fort Bragg grunt in gay porn vid shocker

Les Matthew

Re: theres a surprise

That was a bit of a rimshot.

I'll get my coat too.

Cat senses impending death

Les Matthew

An unrelated cat story

I got up one morning and into the bathroom for the brushing of teeth and a quick wash before getting off out to work.

So there I was in the altogether having a wash with my dear old moggy weaving in and around my legs purring away. Woops, the soaps slips out of my hands and falls onto the floor. So I squat down to pick it up and suddenly the little sod takes a swipe at my dangly bits with claws extended. The shock makes me jump up in shock and I smack my head on the underside of the washand basin on the way up.

Talk about a double whammy. ;)

Can Osama keep Bush afloat?

Les Matthew

Re: EU troops in Afghanistan

I guess that's why the British military is pissed about other EU nations troops staying in their bases?

BBC Trust backs calls for Linux iPlayer

Les Matthew

To all the Linux nay sayers

What if the BBC suddenly said that you could only watch terrestrial TV on Sony television sets. Would you be happy with that?

And no, I'm not a Linux zealot or user. Yet.

Les Matthew

Re: Content Providers

I think you'll find that changed during the reign of Blue Sky Birt.

Facebook in court over IP theft allegations

Les Matthew

This was on Radio 4 news this morning

With an American Expert saying (roughly) It started with open source and that open source has NO copyright.

That's not correct, is it?

I just love the experts that get rolled out. ;)

Suit blows £105k in London bar

Les Matthew

18 people and that ammount of booze

makes me wonder how much Bolivian marching powder was also involved? ;)

Jordan names sprog 'Princess Tiaamii'

Les Matthew

Re: Once again.....

Well don't read the articles that are under "Odds & Sods/Entertainment" ;)

Conservapedia too pinko? Try Metapedia

Les Matthew

I've always thought

that racism is a bogus term.

We are "all" members of the human race are we not?

Taser markets electric cattleprod gun to the laydeez

Les Matthew

From its shape

It looks kind of dual purpose to me. ;)

Vote now for the ultimate 'nom de sex'

Les Matthew

How am I supposed to choose

between "Fluffy Bristol" and "Muffy Mount"? ;)

Tesco beefs up under 20 quid software offering

Les Matthew

Instead of The Gimp

for home users I would recommend paint.net


I think they would be more at home with its UI.

German hurls computer from apartment block

Les Matthew

Not work safe: German lad in a tizzy with his PC


Second Life gets its first copyright law suit

Les Matthew

Ex Plumber?

Does that mean that his price of $46 is hugely inflated or shock horror actually a rip off. ;)

Just to let you know, my daughters current boyfriend is a plumber and from what I've heard from him rip off is the standard.

He left his last job because his boss was trying to get him to over charge customers, which he did not want to do.

Romanian cops cuff drunk, naked, handless driver

Les Matthew

Re: the real news

legless = seriously drunk. ;)

'You're a f**king moron'

Les Matthew

The expression

Hoist by your own petard.

Springs to mind. ;)

Woman arrested for WoW love affair

Les Matthew


Wizards hat and robe for them then. ;)

NZ couple fight to name kid '4Real'

Les Matthew

Are these people

for real? ;)

MPs under fire for £3bn IT consultancy bill

Les Matthew

Now that

is what I call value for money.

Yes, that is sarcasm.

Considering the success of government IT projects.

Outrage over 'sponsor a boob job' website

Les Matthew

Never mind BAAPS

What the hell is a 'Gummy Bear'?

Off to googly now,

Jobs chucks Leopard titbits to Apple masses

Les Matthew

Re: What really annoys me...

I thought that OS X is basically a modified version of BSD? If so I assume a lot of it was already designed and written by other people.

Though I may be wrong. ;)

BBC shows Olympic logo the door

Les Matthew

Re: Really - £400,000?

I really am in the wrong line of work.

Linux fans go nuclear over Microsoft's patent teasing

Les Matthew

For all you English Xenophobes with Nuclear Power

Do a google for "scotland+hydro-electric"

I'm off to check the half-life of H2O. ;)

Royal Marine helmet-cam auteur hit during Afghan gunfight

Les Matthew

RE: (w)here is it

Click on the Green LiveLink insert.

HP garage becomes national landmark

Les Matthew

Pot meet kettle

This from the linked pic article made me chuckle.

"A note from the HP Corporate Archives:


and HP urges you to respect the privacy of our neighbors."

the word "pretext" springs to mind.

Eighties throwback worm spreads via memory sticks

Les Matthew

RE: RE: This method of spreading isn't new...

I don't remember DOS having a auto-run feature in the eighties. ;)

Registrars victims of latest UK.gov IT fiasco

Les Matthew

Remember The Crystals song

Da don't run RON RON, da don't run RON ;)

Seriously though, has there ever been a government IT project that has worked and come in on or under budget?

Glastonbury hippies force-fed spam

Les Matthew


Glastonbury festival has not been full of hippies for about two decades. At least when I was working there in 1989 it wasn't all hippies. (I was a tech with the company that supplied the P.A. system)

BT brings Wii-like remote control to PCs

Les Matthew

Isn't there another group that

"need to control their computers with one hand." ;)

Reg readers total 3,238 years against cancer

Les Matthew

Great effort

from all the Vultures. ;)

I'm on the folding@home now.

Dutch escort agency to service geek virgins

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MSI NX8600GTS graphics card

Les Matthew

Nice to see

that a 6800GTS graphics card does so well in the benckmarks.




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