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On the matter of shooting down Amazon delivery drones with shotguns

Scott Kirwin

Anon Coward

Vast number of American gun owners are ignorant of their own weapons? And the vast majority of elitist anonymous cowards don't know what they are talking about. Moron.

A Brit who knows his guns is about as rare as a tea drinking American, and it's a pleasure to meet one. I own several weapons of various calibers but none would reach more than one or two hundred feet with any sort of accuracy, and then only against a stationary target. The best option would be a semi-automatic shotgun firing rifled slugs along the lines of a Saiga 12. But then there's the issue of gravity and a spinning solid mass. Shotgun shell shot will fall harmlessly to the ground; not so a spinning bullet fired on a parabolic trajectory.

Aside from safety issues, the legality of the ownership of the airspace above your property has been pretty much determined since the days a century ago when farmers claimed ownership of the air above their farms all the way to the heavens. While an American property owner owns the ground below her feet down to the core of the planet, a reason why fracking is much more popular here than it is across the pond where property owners do not own the mineral rights below ground, she only owns the air above her property for as high as she can reasonably use. That usually means 100-300 ft max.

Law-abiding gun owners such as myself may entertain such flights of fancy as shooting down drones, but none of us are going to take an AK-47 and spray and pray at a drone delivering Anon Coward's anal beads. Not only do we understand the damage a 7.62mm round can do and never shoot in the air with a rifle or handgun, we also know the law.

Ethanol cars unhealthier than petrol ones?

Scott Kirwin

It's not a bug - it's a feature.

"Jacobson found that the E85-driven model forecast 200 more deaths per year across the USA, the majority occurring in Los Angeles."

And this... speaking as someone on the East Coast... would be a bad thing? After all, what's the harm in losing a few aspiring actors and screenwriters?

'Cops help kill 32 Students', claims furious blogger

Scott Kirwin

Leave us alone

Note to World:

Leave us alone. When we want your opinion about the tragedy in Virginia, we'll ask for it.

In the meantime, before you get to feeling all superior about this tragedy, you might want to reflect on those that happened in your own little countries. The Brits seem particularly smug here, which I find rather odd considering that some of the most heinous crimes ever committed on the planet happened on that Sceptred Isle. The slaughtering of James Bulger comes quickest to mind. And to think his killers are walking your streets.

Yeah, you have a lot to be smug about.