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Cisco.com suffers lower case t breakdown


Yorkshire t's ?

Maybe they are Yorkshire t's and have all gone t'pub. Or, since they are already silent, maybe they decided to become invisible too :-)

T-Mobile doubles 0870 call costs


Are Ofcom on drugs ?

Seriously, they must be !

Didn't Ofcom introduce the 03xx range a while back, and stipulate that they are to be used to give companies etc a "National presence" (i.e. what the 08xx range was originally designed for), but that the 03xx range was to be charged in EXACTLY the same way as calling a National 01xx or 02xx number ??

AFAIK, they also said that the 08xx range would be redefined as lower-premium rate, in order to 'protect' those companies that simply use these numbers for revenue generating services, e.g. international calling cards, etc.

I'm baffled as to why they would now essentially say that 08xx is to be charged in the same way as 03xx.... like, WTF is the point in 03xx now ?

BTW, most, if not all operators, include 03xx numbers in their bundles. Only problem is that nobody actually uses these numbers yet, as of course if would confuse the fuck out of the great British public !

Alien, because clearly Ofcom bods have been fraternising with them lately....

3G iPhone not ready for the enterprise?


RE: slOw2 '3G'

"their capped 128kbps '3G' ...<snip>"

O2 don't cap their 3G at 128kb/s. The WAP APN is capped at that speed and is designed for use with the O2 WAP portal. For full internet use, the mobileweb APN should be used, this is not capped, and will give you full HSDPA speeds, currently 1.8mb/s, soon to be >3mb/s.

True, there was a technical issue a few months ago that saw the mobileweb APN configuration being provisioned incorrectly on some accounts, capping it to 128kb/s, and this was covered by El Reg @ the time - that was resolved, and all customers using mobileweb get full HSDPA now.

"Don't forget they are also liars about their data allowance - it's 200Mb but they swear blind it's 'unlimited'. <snip>

Er, no. It's Unlimited. The original version of it was 200mb, but it is now unlimited, for confirmation, go read the standard T&C's.