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Now Space Station forced to DODGE flying Japanese junk

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Yes, your maths are wrong

One in 10 000 = 0.0001

One in 1000 = 0.001

Take a look at atom’s shadow

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also erbium!

and it's not so much a town as a tiny place, whose claim to fame is a mine. Mentioned elements, as well as holmium (after Stockholm), thulium and gadolinium where first found in minerals from the quarry there.

Japanese take World Solar Challenge

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...which mostly shows that "normal family-sized cars" are pretty inefficient

To transport one person, say 80 kg, from point A to point B, the car weighs in the range of 1000 kg, or over 12 times the mass of the person being transported, hence requiring 12 times the energy. Of course, if you make that 4 80 kg persons, the car "only" weighs about 3 times as much.

Speaking Clock to celebrate diamond anniversary on Sunday

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It is still used because it is more accurate than some bloke on the street

I'm active in an orienteering club in Sweden, and we use the Swedish equivalent to make sure clocks are synced between the start and finish, for accurate timekeeping. Sure, nowadays this could be superseded by NTP, but then again using a speaking clock is easier, particularly when multiple people, hundreds of meters away from each other, need to be accurate to the second.

California set to impose 'Amazon Tax'

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But the EU has come to a rather sensible agreement on this issue

Sales tax is here collected by the seller, at the rate of the country where the seller resides. That means it's not like the US, where sales tax is generally not collected at all when seller and buyer are located in different states.

Court OK's Assange Sweden extradition, given 7 days to appeal

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If there is no proof, he will not be convicted

And yes, in any Western European country I'd trust that I'd get a fair trial, especially if I could afford the lawyers Assange does.

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There are quite a few people who are wrong on the issues here

The rape claim against him would definitely be a crime in England as well, if her story is true. He stayed with one of the women, and one night they had consensual sex with a condom. The next morning she woke up to find him inside her again, this time without a condom. As she had made clear to him before they'd only have sex if he wore a condom. Remember that English law requires consent for intercourse not to be rape, whereas Swedish law only makes it rape if consent is denied. So "this wouldn't be a crime in the UK" is bullshit, and, as stated above, rape is also one of the crimes where such an issue is not taken into account for extradition.

The women are not pressing charges but criminal cases like rape don't require them to do so, as it falls under public prosecution.

Security shocker: Android apps send private data in clear

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Must it be required?

Tethering: blame the carriers. Battery life: like any smartphone, then. The others can in some part be blamed on Android, true.

Meltdown ahoy!: Net king returns to save the interwebs

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Dead Vulture

But saying that in 1986 the Web was caving in under it's own weight is plainly false

Since the Web wasn't invented until ca 1990

Czechs tell Google to stop StreetView

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What makes you think they made DHCP requests?

From the sound of it they just recorded whatever was being transmitted. Also leaving a car with keys in doesn't mean anyone is allowed to borrow it without permission.

PARIS acquires visual tracking capability

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To those suggesting alternate release mechanisms

One of the stated objectives was that the release mechanism be as purely mechanical as possible.

Apple iPhone app patent claim 'doesn't feel right'

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Jobs Horns

Quite possibly not

Quoting from the App Store developer agreement posted by the EFF earlier this year [1]: "Apple will be free to use and disclose any Licensee Disclosures on an unrestricted basis without notifying or compensating You. You release Apple from all liability and obligations that may arise from the receipt, review, use, or disclosure of any portion of any Licensee Disclosures."

That actually does sound like one deals away any and all chances to stop Apple doing whatever they want with stuff you submit to the App Store, including screenshots.

[1] https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2010/03/iphone-developer-program-license-agreement-all

First WiMAX handset launched, again

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Note how all they said was that...

...LTE networks are currently limited to data-only traffic. Or are you aware of hem carrying voice traffic over dongles as well (apart from VoIP, of course)?

EU says 3G on GSM now the law

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@ AC Re: 3

I doubt 3 will get much from this, considering that they don't have any GSM frequencies.

Swedish military bras burst, melt during 'rigorous exercise'

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@ Craig 28

Yes, although the requirement is only for males, for now. The issue has been raised that laws should apply equally to men and women, but since it's now less than 10% of the guys who do military service there's not much point to keeping it a legal requirement.

Nokia lets operators screw with customise the N900

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@jon 77 "just buy from Nokia"

I'm not sure since when £499 is "almost £1000"?


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Re: Carphone Warehouse

Not a bad idea, but I'm currently rather annoyed with their Swedish branch (called The Phone House here). In the middle of august I ordered a phone, listed as in stock, paying £200 up front and someamount monthly for the 12 monthplan. I got papers for the plan to sign and sent them back in. When I hadn't heard anything more from them last Tuesday I called and was told that the phone had run out of stock and somehow they'd missed notifying me. The person on the other end promised me I'd have the money I paid up front back quite soon. As my bank account was still out of this money today I called again and was promised that they'd log one more anullation of the order with their web sales department. We'll see what happens...

Disney sued over Pixar lamp 'copy'

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@ Giles Jones: It's not the design, it's the name

So not on trademark grounds, no.

Olof P

@ Stef 1: Thank you for making that clear

For those interested, the trademark in question has serial number 73449167 at the US PTO and the type of goods it applies to is "Electric Lighting Fixtures and Electric Lamps Mounted on Fixed Brackets, Movable Bases and Stands, Including Electric Lamps Supported Spring-Arm Assemblies and Components Thereof." (First used in 1972, trademark granted in 1985 and renewed in 2005). Since it only applies to lamps, they could hardly use it to stop Pixar from making a movie, while they can stop any lamps from being sold under the Luxo name.

Seriously, how did Disney not do a simple search at the PTO before launching the product?

Ryanair faces ban on luggage charge auto-opt-in

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@ AC 13:55

Anything that doesn't incur an extra cost on the customer that's not advertised on the first page is fine. It's only if a retailer includes a checked box that you want to purchase anti-virus in addition to the computer you just bought that they'd be in trouble from this. If it's bundled, it's fine.

Nokia's £500 netbook: What were they thinking?

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@ How come...

Other manufacturers also have screen with 720p or more. Examples include the Acer Aspire One D250 (Atom N270 and 10.1" screen) and models from both Asus, Acer and Packard Bell with Atom Z520 and 11.6" display.

100 freetards an hour join Pirate Party UK

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As a Swede, what they did was get many of the "apathetic" people to vote

That's why a) they got into the EU parliament and b) several groups there wanted to associate with them because they had massive numbers among young voters.

Periodic table adding new element

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@ AC Re: The core

No, there *has been* only 4 atoms of it so far. Now there are none, again, since the last one decayed.

The Pirate Bay loads cannon with official appeal

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Re: Which court is next

Actually this'll go to a Court of Appeal (hovrätt) before it possibly makes it to the Supreme Court (which is not guaranteed to take up every case that's appealed from the appeal court level). I believe the defendants have also declared that they'll appeal to the European Court of Human Rights if they'd lose on all levels in Sweden.

Pro-filesharing Swedish party hopes for seat in Brussels

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Pirate party was around for the 2006 elections

They were the third largest party not to make it into the Riksdag, with 34 918 votes (number taken from http://www.val.se/val/val2006/slutlig/R/rike/ovriga.html)

BOFH: Cable entanglements

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Eau de rodent

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Did TomTom test Microsoft's Linux patent lock-down?

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Gates Horns

One aspect missed in the article

Or at least that needs to be more explicitly stated: If they were to cross-license and not be allowed to distribute their modifications in source form, they wouldn't be allowed to use Linux in their devices since GPLv2 requires that any source modifications be made available to end users should they request it. It's not just a case of them not being allowed to release code back into the ecosystem, since a ban on that would prevent them from modifying and distributing any GPLv2 software.

Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard

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@ Mage

There's plenty of legal material on TPB as well. Several artists have released their material there, as a way of spreading the word.

Unix world braces for geekgasm

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@ Matt Devney

UTC is almost what used to be called GMT with some small differences. However, using UK time gets troublesome when you consider that like the rest of Europe, that changes by an hour twice a year.

Large Hadron Timewaster

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Parsing the name

It's not the hadron collider that is large, it's a collider for large hadrons.

@ Stevie: CERN provides a whole lot of computer research, in addition to their physics, due to the very large amounts of data they have to shuffle around and then analyse.

Palm to take on iPhone with web 2.0 banana phone

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Not for Europe then

EVDO = CDMA = No phone use on this side of the pond. Seems kinda silly to limit yourself to the american market for something like this.

Microsoft opens arms to Firefox with OXML plug-in release

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OXML or the Office '07 format?

Notice how MS doesn't support OXML (as defined by the specification) in Office '07, so don't hold your breath for this plugin doing so either.

MacBook buyers bite Apple over copy protection cock-up

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Can HDCP content play in full definition over DVI?

I was under the impression this kind of content would not play in full definition unless the whole chain from disc to monitor was HDCP compatible. In that case, using VGA or (non-HDCP) DVI is hardly a fix, since it'll give lower quaity output compared.

Or as it could be easier said, DRM sucks.

EFF reveals vastly expanded search policy at US borders

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@ Dan Gray (yes, one more)

It's true that immigration officers won't see your checked luggage, however customs you have to pass after you've picked it up. It'd be pretty hard to stop smuggling otherwise...

Samsung fires up 128GB SSD massive attack

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Re: Math problem

64 x 16 gigabit / (8 bits/byte) = 128 gigabyte

Sweden ushers in bugging for all

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@ my critics:

I think a lot of people missed the fact that I said I disagreed with the law. That doesn't mean everything said against it is true.

To Svein Skogen, the writing limits it to "organised crime that could threaten the stability of the state", one example was that if they figured out someone was smuggling drugs they wouldn't be able to use that, unless they were doing it to finance a terror attack on Sweden.

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Thumb Down

A few thoughts from Sweden

Yes, it's a bad law even if it improved very slightly in the last couple of days. However it still limits them to looking for stuff related to organised crime and/or national security. And no, obviously they won't store everything, only certain parts which match some kind of pattern. If this analysis turns out negative, they have to delete the info ASAP.

@ Oxymoron of the week: There will be at least two control organs: one will be an own agency whose mission is to check up on how FRA uses their new powers, and one will be a committee with representatives from the parties in parliament, and hence represent the Swedish electorate.

@ Really bad...: You have any source at all for that ridiculous claim that they'll sell the information? Sure sounds like a bunch of FUD to me.

Handset sales drop for first time in mobe history

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Dead Vulture

The title

Mobe might be unbanned, but anyone who actually uses it surely deserves to burn in a special level of hell.

EU sets ambitious IPv6 target

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Re: Straight bananas

I thought this was settled once and for all many years ago. The only thing the regulations affect is how they're classified. The directive states that bananas may not have "abnormal curvature of the fingers", and a nicely bent banana has a completely normal shape.

Apple sued over Mighty Mouse

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@ Dex

Trademarks only apply in a certain domain, like, say, comics or computer accessories. Even though Pentium is an Intel trademark for computer processors, you could well get away with selling food under the same name, because the risk of confusion would be small.

In this case a look at the US PTO trademark database shows 6 live trademarks for "mighty mouse". CBS has most of them, but the older of those relate to toys, clothing, vitamin supplements, candy etc. Looking at the ones relating to computer control devices, CBS seems to have filed (not actually required) last summer, and then M&M in december last year. Remember that if CBS/Apple could get it, they could force M&M to rename their product, which has been around longer than Apple's version.

China and Russia still piracy hotbeds, says US gov

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@ AC

"USA is no longer a net exporter of oil since 2006."

The last time US was a net exporter of crude oil was in July 1944, according to the website. If you're talking about finished gasoline, it was in 1966. So the position of (net) oil importer is far from new.

Google starts Street View in Europe

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@ Simple solution

The way the ice cream van gets known is by repeating their jingle many times over. I'd assume google only drives once or twice through each city, which doesn't really allow people to get used to and recognise it.

US court waves through border laptop searches

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...lots of business travellers flying in elsewhere than LAX/SeaTac.

Western Digital uncages ferocious VelociRaptor data hunting drive

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@ "Icepack mounting frame"?

No, the main purpose is to adapt it to 3.5" drive bays. They'll sell a pure 2.5" version without the adapter as well.

Laptop vendors burned in battery plant blaze

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Obviously they do have other suppliers

or else they wouldn't be able to sell the 60-70% of normal that they will in the next quarter.

But what should they do? Have six months worth of batteries in storage? Hard to do in a business where the products are old after that time, and also Li-Ion batteries don't take very well to storage. Have contracts for 30% more batteries than they sell? Say bye-bye to even remotely competitive pricing.

Samsung shifts 22-vibrate-mode handset

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Good for blind people?

They're supposed to have sensitive fingers. I know for sure I don't even get close to reading Braille.

Dell flees sinking US economy on quick boat to China

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@ Further investigation

I'm not surprised, if they're expanding somewhere it doesn't make sense to kick people there. If they hire fewer people, it might have the same effect on sales/employee or some similar number.

Facebook says occupied territories are Israel

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@ "Gave the land to the Israelis"

If you read up on the partition plan, (which was made by the UN and not the British, btw), you'll see that Israel of today is plenty bigger than the Jewish state suggested in there. And that is not because of someone's generosity, but rather the Jews having a better organised militia in 1948, and then winning a couple of wars after that.

Eye-o-Sauron™ man-tracker masts now fully online, says DHS

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The solution for would-be immigrants is more than 2000 years old

See Odysseus' escape from the cyclop, although perhaps change the sheep to cows or whatever else is nearby.

US satellite-shoot effort seeds conspiracy theory storm

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@ Andrew Thomas

A couple of months to get from the edges of the solar system to near Earth?

Let's assume they saw it no further out than Saturn, that's 10 AU or 1.5*10^12 m. If that'd take 100 days = 8.6*10^6 seconds to get from there to here, it'd have a speed of 1.73*10^5 m/s, or roughly 600 000 km/h. It'd move from the moon to here in 40 minutes. Do you really think they'd have any chance of hitting that?