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MPs: This plan for proper navy carriers and jets is crazy!


Not nuclear?

How far will we be able to afford to send such a vehicle using fossil fuels in 2030?

How to stay out of big trouble from little devices


lmgtfy - why?

Exactly, www.me.com/signup_EOL/en/ "Apple is no longer offering new MobileMe trials or subscriptions."

No need to look it up anyway - Apple already sent me an email "Your MobileMe subscription will be automatically extended through June 30, 2012, at no additional charge. After that date, MobileMe will no longer be available."

Cheers chaps, guess we're not paying you enough to keep that one running...


"MobileMe also offers remote data wiping"

That sounds useful, where can I get this MobileMe service?

Now Apple expands time


Can it now fry eggs twice as fast?

Flames, because it's hot as hell

Ofcom exempts wall-piercing tech



a damp squid would be a good thing, better than a damp squib at least?

O2 wins UK exclusive on Palm Pre, says report


die whiners

Annoyed with exclusivity deals? Quit whining. Never used a shop, vending machine, public transport, bought a car from a showroom, took a flight, lah lah lah. Wake up and smell the coffee - these beans exclusive to Starbucks obviously...

Mines the one with the earplugs so I can't hear you.

Google's email goes titsup (again)


@Gmail fail

Mmm, our Exchange 2007 server crashes my Outlook at least once daily, at least gmail (my personal fallback) had the decency to ship with the beta label on it - despite it being far more reliable.

iPhone rumor mill conjures multiple models

Paris Hilton

video sharing?

Paris, because video sharing is always a painful experience - no matter how fast the upload...

UFO wind turbine prang site: Exclusive photos

Jobs Horns

Number 6

Surely the spinning beachball of death, indicating that your Google Earth has crashed...

Palm Treo Pro Windows Mobile smartphone


3g or not 3g

"Palm hasn't given the Pro a forward facing video camera though in the real world this is hardly a major oversight. Does anyone ever actually make 3G video calls?"

Apparently you need that for video conferencing, as mentioned in the Reg review of the iphone 3G:

"And despite the 3G upgrade, there's no front-facing camera for video conferencing."

Mines the one with the Jesus phone in the pocket, I swear you can see the virgin Mary weeping in the default wallpaper.

Bank of England prescribes 'boredom'


"kit and component prices are generally set in dollars"

We should have tried a bit harder to keep JVC and Freescale semiconductor open in East Kilbride and made all that junk ourselves instead of importing it.

Mines the one with the P45 slip in the pocket and the footprints all over it.

T-Mobile Googlephone to hit UK in two weeks

Thumb Down

Thanks for the warning

Still time to poke my eyes out with a sharp stick before I catch sight of this vision of beauty...

Orange prices up iPhone en France


Rotten oranges

Will it come with a nasty Orange logo plastered over it and one of the most useful functions from the menu removed and replaced with a pointless shortcut to the orange wap site / music store...?

Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM


Been to Japan recently?

See many digital radios there? No, they love FM and that's good enough gadgety advice for me. Most of the owners here in the UK must have got them as giveaways on Virgin - the BBC can't say that Virgin haven't helped spread this (as well as so much other) drivel.

Icon? From my cold dead hands...

3G iPhone not ready for the enterprise?

Thumb Up

Ready for something

"a device which offers no local encryption, and unknown central management systems"

Now approved for use in all government departments...


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