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Yahoo! execs! stick! it! to! the! man!

IT Angle

I only have one thing to say to Yang


Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs

Paris Hilton

Post IT

What the government didn't state was the password is written on a postit stuck to the underside of the laptop.....


US woman sues over exploding thong

Paris Hilton


A Victoria Secret spokesman commented on the case.

“We at Victoria Secret strive to offer quality products at fair prices. To this extent, our generalised slogan also reflects in the products we produce. We develop and produce underwear for the general female demographic. Unfortunately Mrs Paterson weighing in at 46 stones and having an arse larger than a rhino’s does not fit into this category. We do sympathise with Mrs Paterson and her “difficulties” and as a matter of courtesy we have sent her seven silk bed sheets modified to knickers and provided her partner with a 14” extender.”

Paris because only her body type should wear v-type of underwear.

Google keeps killing penguins for money


Sick of Green

I don't believe I'll be the only one, but I'm sick to death with green this and green that. Are we as a whole making a difference and making the Earth a greener, safer and cleaner place? Of course we're not. Its just the latest trend and the only thing that is green and important is money.

If we take the money away we will make a difference but unfortunately thats not going to happen. Baby steps I hear you say....one step at a time....bollocks.

For the folks that are MS haters use linux and help with its development. Google haters group together and start an open source search engine.

Think Purple!


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