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UK energy industry mugs customers


Wasn't the whole point of privatisation.....

so that companies would be free from the shackles of the government.

This would allow them to freely raise capital on the international money markets to invest in infrastructure and services, which would be used to compete with one another to entice us, the consumer, to sign with one company rather than another.

I seem to remember have this explained to me as a teenager in the 80's and through the 90's at great length.

If this was the case, then why are we constantly paying over and over again with price rises to ensure the future of the industry?

Police, Cameras, Inaction!


Centrally Managed Cameras!

Maybe the answer is to require all cameras to be registered and licensed in the same way as firearms.

You could also stipulate that all cameras must be WIFI enabled and can only record to the Central Police Database.

Once your happy snap has been reviewed for political/terrorist/sexual content, you will then be allowed to download it to your home PC at a nominal charge,

Fingerprint recognition built in to the shutter release and GPS tracking would thus ensure you could be pinpointed at the location of any offending pictures and swiftly removed from polite society

(Smiley face cos' you have to keep on thinking happy thoughts, or else....)

Nortel staff sacked without redundancy payout

Thumb Down

For the greater good

That'll be the flexible labour force necessary to the future prosperity of the country then.

Grey squirrels invade Nutt house



Yum Yum!!


UK opposes copyright exemptions for mash-ups


The parties concerned would be well advised to watch Larry Lessig.

The parties concerned would be well advised to watch Larry Lessig.


No one doubts that this subject is one fraught with problems, both technical and commercial, but the blanket crimilisation of creative output benefits no-one.

It is of course correct that third parties do not profit directly from the labour of others, but likewise, this protection shouldn't stifle the imagination and progression of others.

Thinking back to various gigs I've been too of new bands, they all carry at least one cover of a song they love and respect. Indeed it is this taking of what they love, modifying it and expanding on it that is the catalyst for much future 'unique' work.

Can you imagine if Monet had copyrighted Impressionism in the 1860's. We would have had no Degas, Suerat, Manet etc...

I chose the flame because it is the logo used by Massive Attack and 'original' band who inspired many, who obviously 'stole' the logo from the ISO3864 standard on international safety symbols.

Tory trash talk fails to halt bin bugging plans


Trash Billing

If the council are charging for the rubbish I throw away (although I stupidly thought that was what Council Tax was for?) can I expect an itemised bill at the end of each month like my credit card?

In line with 'Green Credentials' will my council rather than sending a paper copy out then create an eTrash statement administered wholly online, and allowing you to charge heathens who still recieve the paper version?

And will the administration of this in some data centre cost more in resources and council tax than just collecting the bloody stuff in the first place?

I seem to be getting more and more confused as to what the point of all this is.........


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