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Assassin's Creed 3 game review


Anything like Dishonored?

I just finished Dishonored and loved every minute of it. I haven't played any of the Creed games though. Is this game anything like Dishonored, in terms of the stealth and sneaking around aspects, where it's best to avoid a fight outright?

WD embiggens Scorpio Black notebook drive

Thumb Up


It's a perfectly cromulent word.

Corduroy cuffed, banged up for teaching while drunk

IT Angle

Pardon me?

I've read through all the comments expecting at least one person to wonder what "corduroy" meant with no luck. Google also fails me in this regard. Please enlighten me!

'Cops help kill 32 Students', claims furious blogger


Re: How are the police to blame?

To the second poster, Nick,

I live in Chicago and work on the UIC campus near downtown. If for every double homicide in a 10 mile radius around the campus we "treated the situation as an ongoing emergency" we'd live in a constant state of emergency.