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Watch SpaceX's Starship SN4 prototype accidentally self-destruct in a rocket test burn



Is primarily a military asset.

Breaking virus lockdown rules, suing officials, threatening staff, raging on Twitter. Just Elon Musk things


Plandemic. You missed the 'l'


Bill Gates is Evil

Musk is a hero. He knows all about scams and can see the Emperor has no clothes.

Jeff Bezos tells shareholders to buckle up: Amazon to blow this quarter's profits and more on coronavirus costs



Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg et al are not your friends.

If at first you don't succeed, fly, fly again: Boeing to repeat CST-100 test, Russia preps another ISS taxi


...Massive Tracts of Land


Remember when Europe’s entire Galileo satellite system fell over last summer? No you don’t. The official stats reveal it never happened


Re: Actually Galileo has reached its most important goal

The EU is evil, not Europe.

Train-knackering software design blunder discovered after lightning sparked Thameslink megadelay


When the wind blows

Or not, as the case may be.

It’s been two years since net neutrality was killed in the US. Let’s celebrate by having another fight over it


Best President Ever

The average US broadband MBs/$ has reached a level previously thought impossible.

We strained our eyes with Lenovo's monster monitor: 43.4 inches for price of five 24" screens


Vertical space rules

Get a proper 43" 16:9 3840x2160 screen. Trust me.

High-resolution display output or Wi-Fi: It seems you can only choose one on Raspberry Pi 4


Re: The RPi 4 is a complete fail

Very low power consumption thanks!

ESA toasts 10% budget boost by stretching ISS support out to 2030


Doomed I tells yer

The ESA, just like the EU, is doomed to ultimate catastrophic failure.

One man's mistake, missing backups and complete reboot: The tale of Europe's Galileo satellites going dark


In short, the EU project is a classic European misadventure: a tyrannical idea with corrupt people that has turned into a bureaucratic mess in which no one wants to take the blame for problems caused by unnecessary organizational complexity.

Europe's digital identity system needs patching after can_we_trust_this function call ignored


No, no, no.

The flaw is far more fundamental than that. It is the EU project in it's entirety that is broken.

Remember the big IBM 360 mainframe rescue job? For now, Brexit has ballsed it up – big iron restorers


Correction: The EU ballsed it up.

Will someone think of the taxpayer? UK.gov needs to stop burning billions on shoddy procurement, says Reform


Nonsense. Cutting income tax and VAT would focus the 'minds' of govt. depts.

Minigame: Celebrate Firefox 70's release by finding a website with 70+ trackers blocked


Re: telegraph.co.uk



Junior minister says gov.UK considering facial recognition to verify age of p0rn-watchers


Re: Umm - yet another poorly thought out idea

Why would porn facial recognition need to distinguish between monkeys and people. Are monkeys banned from spanking in the UK?

As Windows 10 lands on 900m devices, Microsoft shows us the shape of clunk to come (again)


Bleeding eyeballs

When does The Reg get a dark mode?

UK ISPs must block access to Nintendo Switch piracy sites, High Court rules


Re: Aren't UK laws optional these days ?

EU law is supreme over UK law. Funnily enough, that's how we're going to get WTO-deal UK Independence on the 31st Oct.


Thanks for letting us know!

I know what would make a good Christmas present now.

Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?


A Creme Egg

Disables a charge point quite effectively.


Lukewarm water.

Q. If machine learning is so smart, how come AI models are such racist, sexist homophobes? A. Humans really suck


This proves that society has been thoroughly subverted by cultural Marxism. I for one welcome our new red-pilled AI overlords.

YouTube's radicalizing Alt-right trolls and Facebook's recruiting new language boffins


I was radicalised by Jack Dorsey

Dude is edgy.

Oh chute. Doubts cast on ExoMars lander's 2020 red planet jaunt after another failed test


Re: International cooperation

It's basically a EU vanity project. As with anything EU it is corrupt and doomed. Doomed I tells ya!

Cloudflare punts far-right hate-hole 8chan off the internet after 30 slayed in US mass shootings


Re: "Inspired by 8chan"

A glitch in the matrix. Pay attention.

DoH! Secure DNS doesn't make us a villain, Mozilla tells UK broadband providers


The winner of internet villain 2019 is...

The BBC News website

The latest FCC plan to boost US broadband? Prevent competition in apartment blocks



Pai rocks.

Musk loves his Starlink sat constellation – but astroboffins are less than dazzled by them

Thumb Down

Scenic vandalism

Globalists have a penchant for violating anything beautiful.

Compare this with the scenic violation imposed by Big Wind in Scotland.

No Widevine DRM for you! Developer left with two years of work stymied by Google snub


Re: DRM and excessive copyright strike again!

Whitepines you deserve free beer/smoke/whatever.

Have you thought about writing an article with your thoughts for El Reg or elsewhere?

Gotta be worth a few quid. ;-)

Googlers, eggheads urge web giant's bosses to kick top conservative off its AI ethics council


Re: Proving the well known Google Bias once again

What would you know about science?

You are probably of the view that gender, and the corresponding differences we see between men and women, are socially constructed.

You would be quite wrong.



Re: Articles of Faith

It annoys you postmodern neomarxist types. Justifies it's existence completely.

The UK's Cairncross Review calls for Google, Facebook to be regulated – and life support for journalism


Re: Just throw them out

I bet you voted Remain.

Viasat: Huzzah, we're going to the EU courts over airline broadband


EU fail.

Satellite bandwidth will become dirt cheap. Again the EU show themselves as a useless bunch of commies.

SpaceX sends Iridium-8 into space while Musk flaunts his retro rocket


Star bangled banner

Did you miss it? The UK would do well to align with the US and ditch the collapsing EU asap.

Just for EU, just for EU, just for EU: Forget about enforcing Right To Be Forgotten outside member states


Re: Good

I think the Brussels Effect is soon to be a thing of the past.


Re: Good

They are wannabe global dictators though. Thank heavens for WTO deal Brexit.

Mark Zuckerberg did everything in his power to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but forgot one crucial detail…


Re: Good article. Assuming TheRegister is clean with our data.

Staggering hubris.

Giraffe hacks printers worldwide to promote God-awful YouTuber. Did we read that one right?


Re: Absolute Garbage

Yes, the video turns out to be absolute genius to boot!


Re: Get me a babysitter

Die Iron Bone connecky to the Truth Bone!

UK networks have 'no plans' to bring roaming fees back after Brexit


Re: I'm not British

I live in Scotland.

You don't get it at all.

The UK, especially Scotland will thrive and prosper under the Union flag rather than having our identity crushed under the EU globalist jackboot.

People here want to leave under the WTO deal and who can blame them? The EU is holed below the waterline and she's going down fast.


We should not be relying on the EU at all.

The best possible option for the UK is to leave under the WTO deal.

No 'No Deal' or 'Hard Brexit' just Brexit.


Re: Who's opinion would you trust most out of this lot?

Anne Marie Waters


Moot point. The EU as we know it will not exist in 5-10 years time.

Leavers know this. Smart bunch we are.

Oh my Tosh, it's only a 100TB small form-factor SSD, SK?



Hands up who HASN'T sued Intel over Spectre, Meltdown chip flaws


When do I get my design flaw free Skylake X?

NASA budget shock: Climate studies? GTFO. We're making the Moon great again, says Trump


Re: I really hate that man

I want to watch the gorilla channel.


Re: Outer Space Treaty?

Quit with the postmodern neomarxist twaddle and grow up some.


Re: I really hate that man

Whilst you merely display the politics of envy. Sad!


Across realtime...

The GEOTUS has vision.

A truly great man.



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