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Google's new VR Daydream View will cripple your phone

john devoy

not a big problem

luckily the phone isn't actually IN the headset, a quick redesign of the back panel that holds the phone in should fix it, maybe one with a little fan.

Squeaky bum time for Apple: It hasn’t made enough iPhone 7 Pluses

john devoy

A couple removed their headphone jack, most new androids still have it.

Google Pixel: Devices are a dangerous distraction from the new AI interface

john devoy

As far as i know from forums the free daydreamvr only applies to the usa. Doesn't the new AI assistant rely on the user giving Google permission to monitor and store everything done on the phone? The NSA must be kicking themselves for not thinking of it first...get people to pay a fortune to have everything they do monitored.

Steve Jobs' thermonuclear showdown with Samsung reaches US Supreme Court

john devoy

It was a ridiculous patent to grant, practically every high tech phone or tablet in films for decades has been a rectangle with round corners. The home button in the bottom center would have made more sense as a patent.

Chinese rivals: ZTE to take on Huawei... in the UK

john devoy


if the UK is important why is their new Axon7 impossible to buy here, yet keeps popping up in Germany.

Apple is making life terrible in its factories – labor rights warriors

john devoy

So Apple are driving down costs at every turn but retail prices continue to creep up, all so they can hide more and more in their offshore accounts.

$100m settlement snub: Super Cali goes ballistic, says Uber deal atrocious

john devoy

I'm clearly missing something, as i understand it Uber drivers want the benefits of being a self employed driver, no expensive taxi license or extensive training to prove they're capable and trustworthy etc. and work the hours they want; but they want all the perks of being employees with holiday pay etc.

UK's mass-surveillance draft law grants spies incredible powers for no real reason – review

john devoy

Does is apply to everyone or is it another thing that exempts politicians?

Samsung Note 7: Probably the best phone in the world. Yeah – you heard right

john devoy

Given the estimated price it should be the best, even seems a little underwhelming given the cost.

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd

john devoy

shot yourself with vaping

Your vaping argument was weak, it isn't sold as a health product, it's generally being sold as a nicotine delivery system.

Supreme Court okays troll toll increase

john devoy

usa strikes again

I wonder how many of those judges now have down payments on a nice holiday home.

Why does an Android keyboard need to see your camera and log files – and why does it phone home to China?

john devoy

what a crock

What do they mean they don't think its intentional? Do they think pixies changed the code while the devs were sleeping, of course it's all intentional. What they mean is it's blatant malware stealing data but they don't want to offend the Chinese.

The Windows Phone story: From hope to dusty abandonware

john devoy

MS were clueless

Microsoft were utterly clueless at every step, they created a nice phone OS that ran well on average hardware...then ran on the spot so their partners could release their offerings, which they eventually did half heartedly. Microsoft should have copied Apple and kept it all in house, setting a price they wanted on a release schedule that suited them instead of worrying about their so called 'partners'. Windows phone is now onto its third major OS upgrade with no upgrade path yet again for most users and special deals for US buyers that only served to alienate all other WP users; Sometimes it has seemed as if Microsoft was trying to fail.

Google to kill passwords on Android, replace 'em with 'trust scores'

john devoy

seems a bit suspect

So they're going to build trust scores partly built by monitoring your surroundings, sounds like a back door way of having people track themselves, saving Google the hassle.

Microsoft's Windows Phone folly costs it another billion dollars

john devoy

MS seem to be run by idiots

The sheer amount of money MS are wasting on its phones is amazing, they could have given them away cheaper.

How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest

john devoy

where are the sue crazy americans when we need them?

Why haven't a group of annoyed Americans started a class action against MS yet? Their attitude with windows 10 is alienating a lot of people.

Doctor Who: Even the TARDIS key can't unpick the chronolock in Face the Raven

john devoy

How come he didnt try stuffing her into the stasis pod?

Apple's Watch charging pad proves Cupertino still screwing buyers

john devoy

No surprise

I cant imagine anyone is surprised by this; Apple dont see the sheeple as valued customers, they're sheep there to be fleeced.

iPad data entry errors caused plane to strike runway during takeoff

john devoy

why are they having to manually enter the planes weight? surely they could have a system on the wheels that worked out how far the supports are being compressed to get the weight.

Virgin Media hikes broadband, phone prices by five per cent

john devoy

This isnt bait and switch, its just blatant lies. There is no other option in my area, a switch to BT would drop me from 150mb to 4mb.

Next year's Windows 10 auto-upgrade is MSFT's worst idea since Vista

john devoy

The problem with windows 10 is Microsoft are taking over your pc, they're controlling when to push updates onto it without telling anyone what they do; This added to microsofts sudden belief they have the right to know everything you do with your pc is taking it too far.

European Parliament votes to grant Snowden protection from US

john devoy

it won't help him

The days are long gone since the USA obeys international laws and borders, first chance they get they'll snatch him.

'Profoundly stupid' Dubliner's hoax call lost Intel 6,000 hours of production

john devoy

Community service, that really showed him whos boss. He is.

LG uses sucky logic to force Dyson admission its vacuums suck badly

john devoy

Re: Sucked in, bad

the smaller the motor the noisier it gets, get a miele...they use big motors that make half the noise of most others.

Windows 10 out, users happy, PCs upgraded, my work here is done – says Microsoft OS chief

john devoy

Windows10 itself is fine, the problem is MS then decided to treat its users like morons and bolted on a ton of spyware and an update system that hides what it's doing.

Microsoft's top lawyer: I have a cunning plan ... to rescue sunk safe harbor agreement

john devoy

Re: Sounds like common sense....

But the USA no longer feels it has to respect the laws of other countries, only its own.

GCHQ to pore over blueprints of Chinese built Brit nuke plants

john devoy

Cameron and Osborne are selling the UK out to the Chinese, the UK is going to underwrite costs with a guaranteed market price, and no doubt we will foot the clean up bill...so what the hell are the Chinese bringing to this? other than potential jobs for a few bent politicians when they leave office?

Microsoft offers to PAY YOU to trade in your old computer for a Windows 10 device

john devoy

MS are idiots

Microsoft seem to be increasingly clueless as time goes on, there isn't much that engenders bad feeling more that a policy of giving the biggest rebates to the people with the most money. Microsoft...alienating it's customers one dumb idea at a time.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

john devoy

No dear, the video chat is fine here, the problem must be on your end.

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back

john devoy


Surely this must count as criminal mischief, MS should be held liable for any problems people have because of it.

Facebook's UK wing paid just £4k in corporation tax last year

john devoy

Yet another huge company shuffling the books to appear to make no money, they had money to buy oculus for over $2 billion though.

Glasgow fanbois keep the faith at iPhone 6S benefaction

john devoy

Glasgow buyers don't take kindly to the stupid type of US shenanigans of apple employees running about telling people to cheer and scream, they'd be told to f**k off pretty quickly.

You call THAT safe? Top EU legal bod says data sent to US is anything but

john devoy

It was never serious

Safe Harbor was always a joke, the simple fact was the USA got whatever it wanted cos everyones greedy and the voluntary arrangement was just designed to be a catch all so no-one could be held liable.

XcodeGhost attack tapped into dev distaste for Apple's Gatekeeper

john devoy

How are they getting these apps onto Apples appstore if you need a valid developer license to publish them onto the appstore?

AVG to flog your web browsing, search history from mid-October

john devoy

sign of the times

And to think we used to have actual data protection laws.

Global warming stopped in 1998? No it didn't. If you say that, you're going to prison

john devoy

Re: Interesting law to apply

Welcome to modern debate, either agree with the mob or be shouted down as a heretic.

Ahmed's clock wasn't a bomb, but it blew up the 'net and Zuckerberg, Obama want to meet him

john devoy

Band Wagons Ho

The police were morons and the school totally over reacted, but i'm more disgusted by the band wagon jumping, why is the president involved?

BAN the ROBOT WHORES, says robot whore expert: 'These AREN'T BARBIES'

john devoy

Very one sided arguement

She seems to assume only men would use such a device. As per usual anything men do is perverse but vibrators connected to iphones etc are just good clean fun for women.

'Walter Mitty' IT manager admits to buying gun on dark web

john devoy

Case appears very flawed

We cant deny the guy is a moron but legally this whole case seems seriously flawed.

1. He wouldn't have been able to buy the gun if the US authorities weren't pretending to sell it which should be entrapment.

2. He has been charged under firearm laws when he isn't in possession of a firearm, he has a plastic toy, surely to make this charge stick they would have had to send him an actual gun.

Under this system of law, if i advertise a nuke for £100 but only send him a broken down PS1, he is guilty of having WMDs because that what he thought he was getting...this may be good enough for the US/UK governments but it shouldn't be good enough for a court of law.

Doctor Who returns to our screens next week – so, WHO is the worst Time Lord of them all?

john devoy

Sylvester McCoy was worst but it wasn't all his fault, he got some truly awful scripts.

Plan to shift internet's control panel away from US government gets tentative thumbs-up

john devoy

seems a bit unlikely

Why on earth would the USA give up control of the internets main DNS servers?

Apple hypegasm countdown. What will the new, big iPad ACTUALLY be called?

john devoy

I'd call it...

Unnecessary. If you need a pro device than an IOS tablet is the wrong tool.

Want your kids to learn coding? Train the darn teachers first

john devoy

I dropped out of my ICT teaching course when i realised there would be the minimum of the most basic programming involved, it was clear i would be teaching what basically amounted to MS Office for beginners; Incredibly I would also have had to teach things that were patently wrong due to changes in technology, I just couldn't face years of that. It's incredibly unfair to blame the teachers, the bulk of what they teach is dictated to them, they only have leeway in how they teach it.

Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches

john devoy

Where are the hackers when you need them?

Maybe some friendly hackers could make a tool to overwrite the hard coded addresses with some localhost redirects.

Vodafone: Dammit Britain, your emergency services need 4G!

john devoy

4g isnt ready

4G is still far too patchy to be used on anything critical, as an example i live in an area with no 4G, despite being less than 100metres from the boundary of the biggest city in Scotland.

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive

john devoy

"I should have stuck with my original butterfly tattoo idea"

So unfair! Teachers know what’s happening on students' fondleslabs

john devoy

They shouldn't be submitting work electronically unless its multimedia based, idle teachers will be producing a generation of people who can't write.

Windows 10 growth flattens out to 30 per cent per week

john devoy

Re: Only 30% a week?

Just the way the tech press works, anything MS does sucks while apple could release an iphone that sets peoples hands on fire and they would lawd it as a new hand warming system.

PALE, MALE AND STALE: Apple reveals it has just ONE black exec

john devoy

I attended a talk a couple of months ago given by the guy who spearheaded early xbox development, he said the sad fact was most of the team were men simply because women didn't apply.

You can't fix the problem with 'affirmative action', that's simply reverse racism/sexism where the best person for job is excluded because they don't meet your quota.

Free Windows 10 upgrades from Microsoft will FLATTEN PC sales

john devoy

You can trust benchmarks about as far as you can fart them; Various big names have been caught adding routines specifically to generate fake results to popular benchmarks.