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Jobsian cult indoctrinates American children


What's so surprising about that ?

Do I detect some sarcasm in "nothing puts sparkle in the eyes of a wee one more than charts and graphs" ?

When I was 8 to 12, I loved charts and graphs, more than bicycles, airfix and scalextric combined. But maybe that's why I ended up working in IT (and reading El Reg)....

Franco had one ball: Official


At a slight tangent...

Stalin had a little lamb

It gave him naughty urges

He put it up against the wall

And shot it, in the Purges.

Facebook eliminates parts of Wales


Re: Fortify Offa's Dyke! Prepare to repel boarders!

"I knew the Welsh would try to take over sooner or later"

Too late, I'm afraid. Mrs Tudor's son Henry and the 'Anglesey Posse' got rid of the last English king in 1485, and his son 'Tubby' then united the two bits into one country - "England and Wales" - a legal definition which has never been repealed. So there is actually no country called "England" (which means there's also no country called "Wales" either - as Mark Daniels correctly pointed out - but that's a minor niggle when it allows me to wind up the Saxons).

Flames cos... well surely that's obvious

Apple double takes on shaken babies


@ so what?

You're not wrong, I say.

In 100 years time people will be horrified by the xenophobic slaughter fest that is "Space Invaders", as much as if it were called "KKK Lynch Mob". Talk about indoctrinating the kids !Just cos they're not from round here and they walk sideways doesn't make it right...

MySpace rant was not private, rules US Court of Appeal

Black Helicopters

I'm no lawyer but...

...surely 'copyright' does NOT mean that someone can't publish/use your work without permission ? IIRC it means that they have to credit the source (which the paper did, only too well) and give a share of royalties (if there are any).

If I was her/her family it's the school principal I'd be dropping a hod of bricks on. Does he habitually trawl teenage girls' Myspace pages looking for embarrassing material, and then forward it to the local newspaper ? Does he not have any duty of care to his pupils to advise them quietly if they've done something daft, not ridicule them in front of the whole town ?

Balck Helicopters because headmasters are all snooping control freaks, they just don't have the budget that the MIBs do...

Pratt changes name to Bruce Willis



Worth looking at the original story for the comments that follow it - I see the Tw*t-O-Tron has penetrated deepest Shropshire :

"Tory boy said: Mar 16th, 2009 at 17:36

people like this are holding bakc business and the red tape (from brussels) which supports this in the name of workers rights should be banned

shameful episode shows labour isnt working"


Russian pops сабоs in pancake-eating contest

IT Angle


...what's the IT angle ? (Apart from the fact that programmers & other IT bods are well-known for stuffing their faces with sweet fattening stodge)

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive

Black Helicopters

@ Man Outraged (08:40)

"Such a shame that such an important discussion about civil rights is marred by the fact that no-one, self included, wants to stand up for the rights of people who face allegations of child abuse"

This is probably why the US law enforcement are using this as a test case - there's no sympathy for him. If they did the same against (for example) some anti-capitalism protesters they know the judge/jury would most likely give the defence the benefit of the doubt, and they wouldn't be able to get the thin end of this particular wedge into a very convenient hole.

Paris because... oh no, got carried away there.

Woman jailed for texting while driving


Plus ca change...

People seem somehow surprised by this turn of events.

Believe me, if you want to go on a random murder spree, DON'T run through a shopping centre with a 16-ounce hammer smacking people in the head. They'll call you a nutter and lock you up for a very long time.

Instead, drive along the road OUTSIDE a shopping centre with 16-hundred-pounds of motorised metal smacking people in the head (or any other bits they're careless enough to leave in your way). The automobile lobby has far more clout than the hammer lobby (no pun intended !) so it'll be treated as 'just one of those unfortunate side-effects of progress' and you'll be out in no time (ten and a half months, perhaps).

Mine's the one with the car keys, the bottle of vodka, and a wireless electronic device for surfing online pawn whilst 'on the go'.

Lords demand DNA database deletions

Paris Hilton

Hurray for the un-democratically-elected old duffers

Around the end of the last millennium I was given a cunningly-worded invite to have a swab taken, after going to an all-night garage for some fags on a saturday - the VERY SAME day of the week that a woman had been attacked near the garage earlier that month, which naturally made me (and presumably every other male who popped into the garage that night) fair game for a bit of hot databasing action. Ten years on, I'm still looking forward to the chance of getting plod to do what they were supposed to do (removing my details from the database once they'd got the right guy), hopefully before they leave my details on a train somewhere. Go on you Lords.

Paris, cos I'd give her a sample of my DNA anytime.

Neo-Nazi forum hacked


Get real, people

@ Graham Dawson & AC - your claim that Antifa "are no better than the Nazis" is utter bollocks. How, exactly, is giving a few boneheads a good hiding equal to the systematic murder of ten million people ? You may as well say that a five-year-old boy who hits his little sister is just as bad as the Yorkshire Ripper.

@ Roger Pearse - saying "no-one believes in Naziism any more...there is not the slightest risk to the rest of us" really does fly in the face of reality. Perhaps you should take a holiday in Moscow or St Petersburg, and be sure to advertise the fact that you're a foreigner (or just do a bit of googling to find out how many murders by gangs of swastika'd skinheads are going on over there).

There are two solid bases for non-legally-sanctioned direct action against fascists. The legal basis is that the argument of "force majeure" applies, as it did with the peace campaigners who gave some missiles a good seeing-to with a hammer - whilst they were doing something technically illegal, the fact that they did it to stop a much greater evil means that they can be excused.

The moral basis is the Voltairism of "I don't agree with you, but will fight to the death to defend your right to say it". This is often employed by namby-pamby liberals & pacifists to justify why they will happily let fascists say whatever they want (as when Nick Griffin was allowed to speak at the Oxford Union)... but those people are blissfully ignoring the logical conclusion of the statement : there actually are some people - the fascists both in government and in gangs - that we have to fight to the death, to defend everyone else's rights.

Skull & Bones - for the F.C. St. Pauli fans everywhere.

Think tank slams paedophile paranoia culture


Furedi ? I know that name...

While I totally agree that (justifiable) concern about child welfare has quickly degenerated into a paranoid pogrom, and fully support El Reg in highlighting the way the issue has - like terrorism -been used to justify huge attacks on civil liberties, I must point out that Frank Furedi was the former head of the "Revolutionary" "Communist" "Party", many of whose former bigwigs have insinuated their way into various mainstream media outlets (they weren't having much luck peddling newspapers in shopping centres - wikipedia has a reasonable rundown on 'where are they now'). Just to do 'full disclosure', I would describe myself as both a revolutionary and a communist, and I can tell you these jokers were neither. They specialised in 'adversarial politics', i.e. they would deliberately try to take a position that compelled people to stop and argue with them, e.g. claiming that ITN footage of Serb concentration camps was faked, or (I loved this one) argued that because the British 'national identity' was largely based on us having thrashed the Nazis' backsides, to be anti-fascist was to be a nationalist and therefore bad... does that make sense to anyone ? Basically, a bit like that annoying twunt you spent two hours arguing with at a student party once, before you realised they didn't have a point, they were just doing it to feel important.

That's not to deny the seemingly reasonableness of Mr F.'s latest outpourings, but you need to read between the lines of anything he or his like says.

Skull and Bones, because all politicians should be forced to walk the plank in shark-infested waters.

Cambridge woman in £90m 'leccy bill shocker

Paris Hilton

"We have systems...

Npower once entered our gas meter reading (c.8000 units) onto our electric account (which had previously stood at over 50,000 units), resulting in us being (by their reckoning) £3,650 in credit. When I questioned a year later why we hadn't received a bill for ages, they explained they didn't bother to send one if we were in credit. Brilliant. (btw I would never advocate people doing this on purpose, then piling the bill money into a high-interest account until such time as Npower discover their mistake...)

Paris, cos she'd expect to get paid £3,650 before she provided a service.