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Sony Oz mod chip dongle ban hearing delayed

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"There is no reason for this modchip other than piracy, that is the bottom line."

What utter rubbish! How about wanting backups of those bloody expensive discs so that the original (purchased!) disc remains scratch free?

It's pretty obvious you won't accept this argument though. In your eyes, everyone's a pirate, eh?

Half of UK road users support usage-based road charging

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I can think of one straight away.

Disabled drivers. Or those with Motability Scheme vehicles.

Particularly with regards to those with Motability Scheme cars - where usually their entire Disability Allowance is used to fund the cost of the car, leaving nothing left over for the cost of the fuel. You suggestion would unfairly penalise them.

Here's another one - rural drivers. Often with no public transport alternatives and are accordingly forced to use their cars. This would unfairly penalise them.

Oh and how about this one - People who use their cars because the public transport costs are an absolute bloody rip off and, in many cases, are MUCH more expensive than driving the car. Sort out the bloody public transport costs BEFORE hammering motorists at every angle and I might be inclined to start agreeing with you.

So much for 'pretty much non-existant downsides', eh? Or was it a case of you not being bothered enough to actually give it some thought?

I never fail to be amazed that we SOLD OFF the train rail network to private investors who then still demand massive subsidies to operate, seemingly increase ticket prices whenever they feel like it, cut train services (or increase the First Class provision), are making enormous profits for the shareholders and Execs - and yet still bleat and whine that they don't have any money for investment! They should be forced to invest some of those obscene profits ni the network. Or use them to reduce ticket prices. No-one (and I don't believe the poll stating that 4 out of 5 agree with road pricing) will accept us as drivers continuing being milked until there are AFFORDABLE alternatives.

Google unleashes phone calls from Gmail

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It'd be nice

If Google started noticing there's a world beyond America too. Google Voice, Google Calls, Google almost everything else - unavailable outside the U.S.

Japanese press step into execution chamber

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Tell you what..

With that attitude, how about I withhold any of MY money that goes towards making YOUR life easier than you obviously imagine you have it. I don't want any more of my money wasted on you.

I can probably guess what newspaper you read too.

Barclays computer says d'oh!

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It could equally apply

to the drones that work inside too.

iPhone 4 on Pay as You Go: UK networks compared

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I really like GiffGaffs tariffs

Made even nicer by the knowledge that they are actually O2 in disguise - just much, much cheaper.

Which kinds of makes me wonder why O2 are so bloody expensive.

Piggy and Tazzy

Data charges

Jeez! Some of those data usage charges are extortionate!

Taking the Tesco one as an example, I could pay 79p or whatever for a song, but be charged £12-£16 by Tesco to actually download the bloody thing!

Yes, yes. I know they are out of bundle charges (I'd hope), but still... £4 per Meg? Who the hell dreams up these charges?

I hate Orange with a passion, but comparing them (5p per MB) and Tesco (£4 per MB) and the difference in charges is, quite frankly, startling.

Apple spews Judas Phone signal bar 'fix' to world+dog

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So in other words...

By their own admission, iPhone reception is shite.

Microsoft dubs Windows Phone 7 'ad serving machine'

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I wish...

Advertisers - and those who seem to think we're all advert junkies - would all fuck off and die.

If they want to advertise on the phone I've just shelled out shitloads of money on, then let THEM pay ME - not the other way around. Why the hell should the data allowance that *I* pay for be used by bloody advertisers to shove their crap onto my display?

If they want to advertise, then give me the phone for free. If I'm paying for it (and the data), then they can go and fuck themselves.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

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Is it a ploy?

A ploy to make customers spend another £25 on a 'bumper' that's probably worth 2p?

Birmingham jihad-cam network suspended

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How exactly is a couple of hundred camera's mounted on big poles and on the side of buildings in plain view of all that want to look at (and be watched by them) 'covert'?

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban

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I was thinking the same thing...

That's everyone with 3 kids (if they all want one) stuffed then. I can just imagine the screaming and wailing on Crimbo morning because Santa's not allowed to give them one each.

But of course, there'll be something MUCH better (and non-Apple) out by then.

UK almost tops international Google-snoop league

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Big Brother

I'm not surprised either

It was almost to be expected.

Virgin Media to demo 200Mb/s broadband tomorrow

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Sort the bloody 20 meg service out first

They really make me laugh. Why don't they sort out their appalling 10 and 20 meg services first? Hell, even the 50meg service is suffering for many.

Add in their draconian traffic management policies, pathetic customer service and useless billing system and it's nothing but a joke of a service.

200meg. Yeah right. My arse.

Apple to take iPad orders this week?

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Well, those kids and the wife will be disappointed

The wifey won't be playing Farmville (or whatever it is that wimmin spend untold hours doing on Facebook) due to the lack of Flash.

The kid's won't be playing too many games either, for the same reason. Apart from the crap available on the Apps Store.

And doesn't Spotify use flash too?

So, techy or not, it's still shite. Overpriced shite at that.

3G networks appeal for power boost

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Mine too

My brain is my friend too.

Virgin hails 'free' landline-to-mobe calls

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Yes you can

It's called 'Vonage' or any other of the VOIP services.

Govt promises unemployed free laptops, net access, websites

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Some of you lot are arseholes

I'm really effing stunned at some of the comments on this. I might as well be reading the bloody Daily Mail - the messages carry the same amount of pathetic hatred.

Gawd help any of you lot with the negative comments should you ever find yourself out of a job - THROUGH NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN.

I seriously hope anyone currently unemployed (but looking - it does happen) treats the vast majority of comments on here with the utter contempt that they deserve.

Yes, we all know SOME twats on the dole are exactly as described - sponging wastes of space, but get a fucking grip guys (and girls, if you're not too busy scrubbing pots and ironing) and quit with the tarring of everyone with the same brush - the vast majority of those on the dole don't want to be.

And no, before anyone wonders - I'm lucky enough not to be unemployed.

iPhone apps top 100,000

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100,000 apps

Of which 99,900 are shite.

Vodafone joins the iPhone throng

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Does this mean we'll now be able to 'legitimately' unlock the bloody things now?

As someone else already said - if the phone is now to be available on competing networks, then there's surely no reason to continue locking us to the crap show that is O2.

Personally, it really, really pisses me off that even though I've paid (via the PAYG route) for my phone and O2 won't unlock so that I can use an operator of my own choosing. I think they're pushing the limits of the law in telling us that we're never allowed to leave them. As far as I'm concerned, it's MY phone and I should be able to go wherever I bloody hell want to - WITHOUT having to resort to jailbreaking.

Contracts, on the other hand... That's a different matter altogether. That bunch signed up for a fixed term, loyalty, subsidised handsets, etc. Well I didn't. I purchased a phone. Never wanted to and never will want their crap service - hence paying more to avoid the contract. As such, I should be free to go wherever I want to.

I'm actually stunned that no-one has challenged them (via legal means) over this already.

Nokia brings Braille to SMS

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Paris Hilton

Is it just me?

Or did he sound like one of those robotic text to speech synthesisers?

Some would find it sexy, I suppose.

Paris Hilton's knickers are probably on auto-pilot as he speaks.

A phone in every car gains hard-won GSMA support

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Does this now mean that to buy a car that we'll be forced to take out a mobile phone contract too?

I can just picture it already... "Sorry sir, it doesn't matter that you're paying £15k for the car - you've been turned down for the mobile contract".

Orange predicts death of bosses and birth of P2P offices

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Is this the same P2P that we're being told by the other lot (The Gov't and the music/film industry) is evil?

I wish they'd make their fucking minds up.

AppleT&T's MMS legal woes double

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Does anyone actualle use MMS?

I'm a bit stunned that people are actually complaining about the lack of MMS?

Who actually uses it, other than brain-dead teenagers?

Apple decrees Spotify worthy of iPhone

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@Simon Buttress

Premium subscribers get it for free on the phone.

The big difference is that they also get to store chosen playlists on the phone for offlline listening at any time too.

A tenner a month for the opportunity to list to any track (or complete albums) from the Spotify library (at a 320 bitrate) on or offline, at home on the PC and mobile on the, erm, mobile (and without any annoying advertisements) - isn't such a bad deal in my mind.

A dozen crap tracks from iTunes would eat up that tenner. Given the choice of iTunes or Spotify, I know which I'll be choosing as soon as it becomes available.

Interestingly, the upcoming Grooveshark might also be giving both iTunes AND Spotify a run for their money, although I suspect it'll have a much harder time getting approved.

Mandy not swayed by ents mogul on illegal file sharing

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Dear gawd in heaven (if you exist), help us.

Why the fuck is that twat, Mandelson, able to do AN YTHING?

Oh, the unelected, twice banished fucktard is, it appears, able to decide what the rest of us should be doing and imposing financial penalties if we break HIS rules?

True, or not? I don't know. But I do know I'm getting sick and tired of him having his finger in every pie. I despise the fact that he's unelected by any of us, but appears to have great power - more so, it transpires that that other unelected twat, Brown.

Stephen Hawking both British and not dead

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"Instead, you worry about when you can get fit in for whatever procedure you need to survive ... and if you can get fit in on time. I once lived with a very painful molar, to the point of being unable to drive (or sleep!) for several weeks. This was in Yorkshire. In this country (USA), Emergency would take me in even without insurance without notice on my part"

Well, funnily enough, I live in Yorkshire.

I also can visit 'Emergency', or 'A&E' and I'd be seen without the need for insurance or notice. Almost every A&E department has a 'maxilofacial' unit, or a dental school which acts as the emergency dental department.

Methinks you ought to research a little more before using such (incorrect) examples.

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

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Best news all day.

UK2 brings support back to Blighty, culls execs

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"You'd never know it if you've every tried to get hold of them!"

Well you could equally apply that to ANY company if you happen to have had a bad experience. Quite honestly though, I've neve had any problems either getting in touch with them or had to wait long for a reply - I've been quite astonished to get responses WITHIN 2 MINUTES at times.

"What hosting company (of any size) needs 200 people? Crazy!"

Probably the ones that employ the number of staff the deem necessary to run the company properly. There are way too many fly-by-nights with half a dozen staff trying to sell to, support and keep track of stuff even though they have thousands or tens of thousands of customers.

Quite frankly, I think that's where UK2 and VPS.net are getting it spot on.

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Well done UK2

I echo what Daniel Voyce said.

As a customer of UK2 through it's VPS.Net arm, I think this is an excellent move by them. Ditlev, I've noticed, regularly shows his presence on the customer forums - and can take criticism on the chin and respond humbly. Something I always appreciate.

As for the rest of the support over there, it's nothing short of excellent in my experience.

Well done UK2!

'Air fuelled' battery tech invented in Scotland

Piggy and Tazzy

Massive cost savings

if used to power the Houses of Parliament and/or the Lords. It'd make up for all money we taxpayers have lost through the expenses claims.

Oh, wait... hot air isn't quite the same as oxygen.

Perhaps not then.

BT cuts phone charges for prisoners

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Well said!

As always, there are those that shout their mouths off without any thought or understanding.

Nice to see someone (ie: you!) bring a touch of reality back into the discussion.

Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope springs to beta

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But will wireless work out of the box?

Probably not.

Until such time as it's no longer a bloody nightmare to get wireless working (especially Broadcom), I won't be going anywhere near it.

Firefox update tackles critical memory bugs

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"I am sick and tired of these updates and am seriously considering going back to IE"

Yeah, okay. Good luck.

Let's see how long you last with that pile of crap.

UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?

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Dear gawd

Why don't the fuckers just tag, chip, barcode and gouge our eyes out at birth and be done with it?

Amazon: Kindle 2 to sell internationally

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How much?

At £240, it's still too bloody expensive.

Apple explores auto iPhone audio

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IT Angle


My car and my satnav already do this.

Well, they do in relation to the speed at which I'm travelling, rather than ambient sound. But it's the same principle, surely?

Hitachi highlights gesture-controlled HD TV

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Sod all that waving the hands around crap. It's easier just to use the remote.

Demon ends porn-less Internet Archive block

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I'm sick to the back teeth of being told what I can/can't look at, what I'm allowed/not allowed to say in real life or on the internet.

Okay, I accept that there are a lot of bad bastards out there, but I'm an adult that can make my own bloody mind up about what's acceptable to me. I don't require some faceless bunch of do-gooders to make my mind up for me.

As far as the bad bastards are concerned - arrest the fuckers if they're really that bad and have broken any laws. But don't get on a pedestal and deny me the right to look at something I might consider to be less offensive than you do.

As Mycho said, spam filters are there for a reason. They're checkable and the ability is there to mark it as 'not spam' if required. Let the filtering companies filter as they wish, but don't BLOCK my access to stuff THEY don't agree with - just give me a warning and let me choose for myself.

UK.gov prepares for filesharing fracas

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Sadly, if you watch TV through iPlayer, you're STILL required to have a TV License.

They have us by the bollocks whichever way we turn.

Columbia disaster 'not survivable', NASA concludes

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I agree with Secretgeek

We are indeed indebted to those men and women that put their lives on the line for our advancement.

I've spent many a night since a child in complete awe of them. It still gets me a little teary each and every time I watch a launch and return.

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

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"I shall now enforce a QoS payment system. If I feel they are wasting money, I will reduce the direct debit payment to ensure that abuse of the fuckton of money they receive is not misused or used in an illegal or illicit manner."

Erm... Don't think so. Direct Debit means that THEY choose how much to take from you.

A Standing Order, on the other hand...

Teen discussed suicide plan online 12 hours before webcam death

Piggy and Tazzy

@Davey Bee

Well said!

I too have been there, although without the courage to actually carry out the act. But still, the thought and the intent was very real indeed.

I feel really pleased for those that have never felt the urge or need to end their own life. But for those of us that have, the report of this young mans death is very much more sad indeed - made even more so by the fact that 'the watchers' who encouraged him showed, if nothing else, an incredible lack of maturity or care. It matters not whether they considered this young mans actions an act - the fact is that they took the time to be voyeurs in this mans last hours not knowing if it was real or not.

The fact that there's no way that they could have been sure should have had them picking up a phone and getting him some help.

I disgusts me to think that some of those voyeurs got some kind of cheap thrill from watching this young mans demise. Even if they didn't think it was real, they still took the time to watch it.

How very sad have we, as humans, become?

EFF sues Dubya over warrantless surveillance

Piggy and Tazzy

Well Webster Freaky

If it DOES happen AND the EFF and their families are all at home, then it WONT be them to cry the blame game first, will it?

Now who's the fuckin idiot?

3 punts mobile email for £2.50 a month

Piggy and Tazzy

@Ian J

I thought that too.

How very peculiar.

(not that you and I are peculiar, but the fact that I thought the same thing)

Garmin: Nuvi satnav phone release set for Q1 2009

Piggy and Tazzy

Oh dear

Another really-looked-forward-to phone being restricted to just one mobile carrier.

When will these clowns realise that all they are doing is locking out a lot of customers by doing this?

Regardless of whether or not others think it's just whining, I think it's a bloody shoddy practice. Why can't they release phones on ALL carriers? Some of us don't want to have to change mobile supplier, for god's sake. Not forgetting the fact that any supplier who gets it exclusively inevitably jacks the bloody prices up to stupid levels too.

Adobe boosts Flash media search with Google and Yahoo!

Piggy and Tazzy

I wonder...

How long it'll be before the internet is renamed the 'Adnet'.

As if we haven't reached overkill with bloody advertising already.

The iPhone - yours for €1

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Jobs Horns


would someone like Hedley Lamarr want to stop what he calls the 'peasants and whining bastards' from having one? So that his vanity can shine through? So that he can appear better than the have-nots? So that he can appear to be yet another pathetic twat?

It's exactly the kind of pathetic, snotty, up-my-own-self-important-arse attitude that irritates the fuck out of everyone else.

It's a phone, for fucks sake. A phone. Why on earth do twats like you consider it so important that no-one else can possibly have one? Will you be wandering around with it glued to your ear, or merely waving it around - show-off style - in front of everyone's face, willy nilly? With the attitude you display, I'm surprised you have enough friends that'd want to call you on the bloody thing!

I sincerely hope that once you've upgraded your shiny new 3G one that you discover just how shite the o2 3G experience is.

Oh and that a much better model is just around the corner, just as you've been stupidly locked into your stupidly expensive contract.

Of course, if you were merely being sarcastic then I take all those words back :@)

If not, then I reiterate my thinking that you are a nothing but a pompous twat.

Piggy and Tazzy

How bloody much?

I agree with KazR - the price for pay as you go is interesting.

And a bit of a rip-off, I think.

If o2 launch the payg model at this price, I suspect a good 50% of those who may have been considering buying one will no longer be considering it. Surely common sense would tell o2 to keep the price down, in order to gain a greater customer base?

And with still no indication of the tariff, I can't help but imagine that too will be a considerable rip-off.

Oh well. Another item crossed off the wish-list.