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Punters to pick up cheap laptops not Ultrabooks


Paid for stating the obvious...

Become a consultant.

Comet opens e-car power car park



"Hugh Harvey, Managing Director of Comet, hinted that the firm may even add e-cars to its shelves in the future"

Better get some stronger shelves then.

ahem........ i'll be off then.

ISPs frosty on Jacqui's comms surveillance plan

Black Helicopters

If this ever happens....

it won't be long before a P2P app is created that will make the info gathered on the wire totally useless. All it has to do is create numerous connections to peers, send some random data and close the connection, repeat.

Apple White MacBook Early 2009


@Adrian: Firewire 400

USB2 con only manage 480 in bursts, in sustained transfers Firewire 400 beats it hands down.


Apple eats video editing jobs

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article error?

"The capacity is no problem for now as a 50x4TB node setup has been tested and the company says 24TB nodes would work just as well, meaning a 1.2TB cluster is feasible"

Should that be 1.2PB cluster is feasible?

Sony Ericsson sees profits tumble, turns on workers


I'd be happy with these figures!

according to the report:

'bringing in €2.8bn million'

2.8Bn million, and they're not happy???? That's almost MS profit levels.

Mines the one with wads of monopoly money stuffed in the pockets.

Apple grabs number-three US PC market slot

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Internationally - I'm not surprised...

... the gear is just too expensive and that counts for a lot. Don't get me wrong, I've got a Mac and really like it, but I also have to put fuel in the car, heat the house and occasionally eat.

In the current climate, spending £800+ on a Macbook (before anyone pipes up - I don't count the lowest spec model - who apart from apple sells a machine without a DVD burner!!??!), seems daft when you can pick up a cheap lappy for £300. And for most people - at the end of the day - it's the numbers that matter.

London hospital loses 20,000 unencrypted patient files


Come on lets do this properly

Come on!!!!!!!! Let's do this right - let's get ID cards implemented so that everyone can have their identity 'shared'.

Wouldn't it be great to nip down your local dodgy boozer, 'ave a word wiv the shady bloke in the corner:

You: Now then mate, what have you got for me?

Bloke: Well, I can do ya a Brown for a ton, we have a special on Darlings this week, £80.

You: Cool, I'll take a Darling and a Brown for the missus.

Bloke: Done.

And courtesy of your government you too can say: "Tonight Michael I'm going to be....!"

Great eh?

We're all shagged.

The iPhone - yours for €1


Interesting prepay price

The announced Italian price is interesting, does this indicate the likely O2 pay as you go price? If so, it seems a bit steep.