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HP packaging madness continues apace

Paris Hilton

@ Matt Bryant

"And to the idiots above still going on about license certificates in boxes, you really need to get someone qualified to do your ordering so they can get you electronic licenses instead. Again, nothing to do with HP - if you are stupid enough to order bits of paper you will get bits of paper."

Ahem, read the first comment:

"Some years ago (around 2000) I ordered the HPUX development system software."

OK, he didn't order it 2000 years ago, but as recently as 2000 many companies still did not have adequate and/or secure access to the web so keys were still mailed out on paper certificates. Even in the age of broadband, there are enough companies out there, particularly for expensive software, where electronic keys are not available.

Stop shooting the messenger. Paris because her comprehension is questionable too.

San Francisco sysadmin stays in jail for now


"Thank god he did not use CentOS"

Just checked out the Tuttle story. I then checked their website and Taylor has been replaced by "Don Cluck".

A little too close to 'dumb f**k'?

Mine's the one with "I know all about public sector IT" on the back...

Rogue SF sysadmin coughs up passwords

Paris Hilton

You seriously telling me...

That they couldn't find a hacker in the Bay area, if not California that could crack the passwords? Instead they go pleading to the culprit?

Clear case of incompetent bureaucracy.

SF is a BIG city so their budget must be large enough to suggest he had a team rather than be working alone - what were they doing while he was setting all this up?

I was torn between the S&C (a hacker could have sorted them out) and Paris. Paris got it in the end (oooerr) to represent the administration...

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills


Me two penneth


Those same statistics apply to the pro/anti-speed lobbies and prove nothing in terms of speed to accident ratio's.

The true problem with our roads is so damned complicated that the arguments run on for years and in the meantime the governments carry on with legislation that screws us all over, whilst we are arguing. i.e. Tax increases!

Firstly, the speed limits are all wrong. Many haven't been reviewed in years. Many take accidents instead of common sense to be altered (how many places have a 2 mile or less stretch of 30 limit road sandwiched between 60 limits?). When are sensible limits going to be applied to the conditions, rather than 'national speed limits'?

Actually the latter is one of the funniest points (and I don't mean ha, ha) of this whole argument. How many people actually know what the national limits are? How many actually know what the white circle & black stripe sign actually means? I've driven along national speed limit dual carriageways before now with rafts of people driving at 50, who give me dirty looks as I pass them at 70. I once did a straw poll in our office and I think 5 out of 20 people thought the NSL was 50 mph!

When I refer to sensible limits, I don't mean increasing them all. I mean applying sensible limits according to the roads location, conditions etc. not simply it's type. All housing estates should be 25mph MAX regardless of location, and be policed to stop the Evo/Impreza/Saxo brigade storming around them (and getting rid of their illegal exhausts too). Likewise mororways should be maxed according to their location, length/width, density of junctions etc. There are stretches of the M1, M6, M5 that could safely take a 90 or possibly even 100mph limit, and there are stretches of the M25 or M42 that should never have a limit higher than 60. What about day/night variable limits?

I used to use the M42 every day and to be frank, once they'd put the new variable limits in, it flowed much better at a constant 50 than it ever did without them.

Secondly, the cameras (as stated by others) don't improve safety and prevent accidents in and of themselves, because the quality of driving is irrelevant. They only improve the number of fatalities because the accidents still happen but at lower speeds. They are a cash cow first and foremost. There are cameras near me in a 30 zone that rarely gets an accident, but is a main route into and out of town. Yet on a 40 stretch nearby, where there have been multiple accidents, there are no cameras.

I have no problem with cameras in roadworks as they do work (providing the reduced speed limit is reasonable - why are some motorway roadworks under virtually identical conditions given different speed limits?). But static camera's should be replaced with proper policing. Camera's are reactive and capture an offence already committed. Police often prevent bad behaviours simply with their presence. And cameras never catch dangerous driving that doesn't include speed, such as tailgating, changing lanes without warning, drivers not allowing traffic to merge/bombing up the outside lane and cutting in late at roadworks etc.

Last thing I'll add is a couple of questions? Why aren't all modern cars fitted with indicators? And why are some people incapable of realising it's not always foggy?

Disgruntled admin gets 63 months for massive data deletion

Paris Hilton

I can understand him finding/setting up a back door...

But by the dates on the story, it was 6 months between firing and taking action.

1) He had to be SERIOUSLY angry to delay revenge that long. That or deranged. I go for the latter.

2) The real crime is that in 6 months, they MUST have employed a new Sysadmin who should have checked the system for anything untoward left by the previous guy. OK he may have missed something, but then to have no security log and no back up log (or not checking either/both logs) is verging on criminal. Where did they recruit them from, the local internet cafe?

Maybe Paris found herself a 'real' job?