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Eclipse projects squeeze into record Summer fun pack

Gustav Schoebel

Eclipse is antique.

Eclipse feels like the Soviet Union - well planned, poorly executed, run by a small klan of cigar smoking bureaucrats. Lots of folks are moving to NetBeans, I'm feeling a motivation to do the same. Very sad, given where Eclipse started.

Next year critical for Sun's 'Project Copy Linux'

Gustav Schoebel

Being honest - Linux is dull.

My Dad used Linux, and wears his penguin t-shirt to this day. But let's be honest, it's getting dull, no new infrastructure innovations in years (and "Red Hat" isn't an innovation, it's a distro). While Sun has started creating some extraordinary new ideas and technologies.

So my Dad can keep flying the penguin flag, along with all you folks like Matt. Me, I just want to get my work done faster than last year, not fight some freakazoid license war. OpenSolaris looks pretty slick to me.