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Next Windows name unveiled: Windows 7

Greg Andrews

Seventh verse, same as the first

Windows: 7

CERT Advisories: 7932

Melamine, poisons and the misappliance of science

Greg Andrews

@M Bancroft

Thanks. The term in the US (when talking about drugs) is usually "cut".

Greg Andrews

"step on"

The phrase "step on" was used a couple of times in the article, but in a way that this .us reader isn't familiar with:

"the compound had been used to step on wheat to boost nitrogen determinations" and "finding cheap things with a certain utility in stepping on food additives"

Does it mean "improve upon" or "do better than"?

Sharp pitches 'world's largest' LCD screen

Greg Andrews

Rather old news

Sharp displayed one of these at the CES show in Jan 2007. The column where I first read about the beast decided that it wasn't intended to be a consumer product. Rather it's a demo of Sharp's glass fabrication prowess. Sharp makes displays for a lot of other companies who slap their brand name on the front, and the 108-inch is intended to attract their OEM business rather than purchases from the average consumer.

For those who wanted someone standing next to it:



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