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Ah, I see you found my PowerShell script called 'SiteReview' – that does not mean what you think it means

Tim J

Re: help?

If the commenter on a Reg article cannot be bothered to actually read said article...

We beg, implore and beseech thee. Stop reusing the same damn password everywhere

Tim J

OK, sp which password manager to plump for?

LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane etc?

Google: All your leaked passwords are belong to us – here's a Chrome extension to find them

Tim J

Which password manager to plump for?

I've finally decided to give in - but which password manager is the choice of the Regerati?

Escape from the Zuckerborg: WhatsApp founder legs it

Tim J

Business model

What is the business model of services like Signal, Telegram and Wire?

UK 'meltdown' bank TSB's owner: Our IT migration was a 'success'

Tim J

Re: Forewarned of the pain

Ouch... a quote from that article by John Harvie, director of global consultancy firm Protiviti:

"It is great [that] Sabadell are so confident this is not going to be a problem, but history tells us these things are difficult and challenging."

Tim J

Re: Where did it go?

The vanishing press release can be found here for posterity:


(Thanks to Google's cache and the Wayback Machine's archive!)

Bargain-happy Brits snub big four mobile network operators

Tim J

Re: Hardly a surprise

I think more and more people are wising up to SIM-only contracts or plans.

I'd recommend the SIM-only route for everyone!

Openreach offers duct-off providers 'OSA Filter' instead of Dark Fibre Access

Tim J

Cripes... this all sounds a bit more complicated than LLU...

Pass me my two cans and a string please, regards, Grandad.

Full-fibre ISP Hyperoptic clocked over mock doc schlock shock

Tim J

Hyperoptic have got a good product, they don't need to get in the gutter and play these marketing tricks.

Cheeky IT rival parks 'we're hiring' van outside 'vote Tory' firm Storm Technologies

Tim J

Re: a sufficiently motivated person could in fact find out exactly how I voted.

I trust the tinfoil hat fits well.

Why the %$£! would it be useful information to an 'obscure government department'?

BOFH: There are no wrong answers, just wrong questions. Mmm, really wrong ones

Tim J

Re: 2B) or not.

Sounds rather like the primary trait was actually smug self-satisfiedness.

At last: Ordnance Survey's map wizardry goes live

Tim J

Re: Best of British

OS maps are absolutely fantastic. That is all.

519070 or blank: The PINs that can pwn 80k online security cams

Tim J

The Internet of Things is going to be great, isn't it!

Twitter CEO Jack's off to the settings page, adds robot-sorted tweets

Tim J

"a hosepipe of real-time wittering"


Hackers mirror 250GB of NASA files on the web

Tim J

Chemtrail fuckwits

What a saddening waste of brain power.

There's an awful lot of *real* pollution out there that's worth worrying about.

But no, invent some nonsense instead...

TalkTalk CEO admits security fail, says hacker emailed ransom demand

Tim J

Re: Birds of a feather?

The inferred misogyny of this and other comments is just such bollocks.

TalkTalk: Hackers may have nicked personal, banking info on 4 million Brits

Tim J

Who's next

Today TalkTalk... tomorrow BT, Virgin Media, Sky, Zen, Andrews and Arnold, Vodafone, EE, HSBC DVLA, HMRC, HM Passport Office, GCHQ...?

Cryptome grudgingly admits to leak of users' ancient IP addresses

Tim J

Your turn, Reg?

About time The Reg had a massive data leak, no?

Google's .bro file format changed to .br after gender bother

Tim J

Re: To others...


Grow up.

Ex-cop: Holborn fireball comms outage cover for £200m bling heist gang

Tim J

Re: Met?

No, Hatton Garden is just outside the City of London (it's in the borough of Camden),

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits

Tim J

A lot of these comments rather prove the idea that the IT business is still full of nerdy mysogynists.

Telly behemoths: Does size matter?

Tim J

The other issue is people knowing what size it is. I wouldn't be sure wthout taking a tape measure to it. (Oo err missus etc...)

Tim Cook chills the spines of swingers worldwide

Tim J

3.45am is *not* the beginning of the day

FFS, that is night time! Getting up then is the behaviour of toddlers.

He's setting a terrible example of getting a good night's kip. I hope his blasted iWatch reprimands him for it...

When will a chief executive come out and say they wake up at 6.30am, and furthermore admit they don't catapult out of bed in a state of gibbering excitement but rather rub their eyes, yawn and reach for the espresso?

Say goodbye to landfill Android: Top 10 cheap 'n' cheerful smartphones

Tim J

Re: Moto G

Agreed, the side buttons (power + volume up/down rocker button) feel a tad flimsy/loose, hopefully that's just how they feel and they last the course - haven't read any mass complaints of them breaking, which is reassuring.

Tim J

Yep, the Moto G is great.

Nokia Camera guru: I'm finished being Finnish, and off to 'the company you're thinking of'

Tim J

iPad and tablet photography...

...is for the home, and possibly the workplace. It's not for the big wide world out there.

Except for those who wish to brand themselves as utter tools in public.

IT MELTDOWN ruins Cyber Monday for RBS, Natwest customers

Tim J

Re: Resolved? I think not.

@NomNomNom (12:15)

The Co-Op bank was formed in 1872, and became a 'proper' clearing bank in 1975 - so it's not a new entity.

Fed up with poor Brit telly and radio output? Ofcom wants a word with YOU

Tim J

Re the headline - it's not "output", it's reception.

Output suggests content (i.e.programmes), whereas this issue is about reception of broadcast transmissions.

RBS and NatWest FAIL downs services across UK

Tim J

In other news...

...the Payment Cards Association have said that the UK could do away with physical currency within a decade as Britons switch to using their debit cards for all transactions, large and small...

Montana TV warns of ZOMBIE ATTACK in epic prank hack

Tim J

Huh? People are allowed to purchase guns in any US state.

Hello? You'll never guess where I am ... I'm under a ferry

Tim J

The handoff

I wonder if the 'handoff' situation will be solved simply by having a short 'neutral' bit of the tunnel before network coverage of the country one is entering begins, rather than anything more complicated?

Cabinet Office moves step closer to killing Directgov

Tim J

From the pop-up on first visit - "N.B. This site uses ‘cookies’ and Google Analytics" - should it?

The Crown and blocky "GOV.UK" text in the top-left hand corner rather look like they were 'inspired' by the wartime "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. Whilst government isn't cuddly or soft, I think I'd prefer it if the style they used was rather less harsh - no need for all caps SHOUTY text, for example - the all lower case "directgov" might be a bit naff now (arguably it always was naff), but it looks a bit more friendly than the in-yer-face "GOV.UK".

BBC iPlayer to require TV licence

Tim J

I'm always amazed by the number of people who simply can't get their head around the idea that there are some folk out there who simply don't watch television.

The magic lantern doesn't feature prominently, or even at all, in the lives of a significant minority of the population.

Halifax cuts investment accounts off from the web until April 2012

Tim J


No, I don't have an investment account with HBOS / Lloyds Banking Group - does that make me a bad person?

Tim J

Re: Halifax Bank of Scotland twunts

It's only the *investment accounts* that'll be without online access - regular current and savings accounts will continue to have access to an online banking system.

New iPod crew: 'Phoney, futuristic, retro, doomed'

Tim J
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Bravo for the back to the future iPod Shuffle

The 2nd gen iPod Shuffle was absolutely perfect for me, until I accidentally put it in the washing machine and it decided (quite reasonably) that it would no longer work.

I could never quite fathom why on earth Apple had to dick around and withdraw it in favour of the inferior 3rd gen Shuffle, so I'm very pleased that they've seen sense and are basically going back to the great clip-on design of the 2nd gen with the new 4th gen model. I only hope that it's got a standard headphone jack - if not, I withdraw everything I said!

And please Apple, don't stop making it again in the future - an itsy bitsy audio player that's great for sticking in one's pocket or taking for a run is just what many of us want, and the iPod Shuffle 2nd gen did it fantastically (and hopefully the 4th gen will do so too).

O2 blamed for iPhone's data sucking

Tim J

@Hmpty McNumpty

I suggest you keep your £5 rather than giving it to Three as a top-up if all you're going to do is find where the nearest KFC is - you could, y'know, put it towards providing yourself with some proper food instead...

Kaspersky blocks BBC News over false phishing fears

Tim J
IT Angle

Re - Krapspersky does it again

OK, so Kaspersky is a "Cheap second-rate virus scanner" - what AV system do people recommend for a Wintel box these days then?

(Yes, am quite willing to pay a modest sum for it.)

Offline Google Docs disappear on May 3

Tim J

Data in the cloude = no control

If you store data in the cloud, this just goes to show that you're not in control of it.

Transport for London gobbles up Oyster

Tim J

Oyster is v. useful

No hassle, no faff, just touch and go. Better than the old days.

Beeb deletes iPlayer app from iPhone

Tim J

All content everywhere should be free...

...and without adverts. The notion of controlling or paying for content is disgusting. The BBC, all writers, musical performers and composers, actors, film producers, technical staff et al should do the work for free. Equipment companies should donate their highest spec kit for free to these people. Studio space will just appear out of nowhere, as will broadcast and content distribution infrastructure. Simples.

Google Buzz leaves privacy concerns ringing in ears

Tim J

May I recommend FastMail.FM...

It's a paid for email service that offers some pretty advanced functionality. They're very well established, have a big customer base., and don't cost all that much really.

I've been a satisfied paying customer for, ooh, seven years or so. I remember people getting all excited over Gmail, but I was wary - Google obviously wanted to flog you stuff in return for all this freebie goodness - and I'm glad that I'm now not in a situation where my life is reliant on the boys from Mountain View.

Remember folks, free costs.

(No, I don't work for FastMail or anything along those lines, am just a punter.)

Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'

Tim J
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The world's only revolving because of Steve though...

...let us all bow down before the master and empty our wallets so we too can play with the latest god-like bit of consumer electronics. It will undoubtedly change your life, and make you a better person. Well, better than all the lesser people. i.e. The losers.

Winners Heart Apple.

Chris Morris jihad film good to go

Tim J

Chris Morris should be sectioned

It's not cool to simply rim his bumhole, ladies and gents - if you want to show appreciation, at least try and be original, like he is.

Integrated tube tickets not on the Olympic menu

Tim J

Mag stripe travel ticket

The inclusive public transport ticket that everyone with an Olympic Games spectator ticket will get will almost invariably be a conventional printed ticket with a magnetic stripe on the back (and would I expect have the same validity as a normal all-zones Travelcard).

This makes sense - the infrastructure for reading mag stripe tickets exists across London, as despite the existence of the Oyster card system plenty of passengers continue to use conventional printed tickets - being specific, all ticket gates in London can read mag stripe tickets in tandem with the ability to 'read' Oyster cards.

Whilst it might have been neat to issue the free travel on Oyster cards, they're inherently more expensive to produce, and many might never have been re-used but simply just gone in the bin instead.

In other words, this really is no big deal.

Why Nominet disconnected 1,000 sites with no court oversight

Tim J

Nominet are enforcing their T&Cs

No need for a court order to do that - their T&C's are part of the contract you agree to when you register a domain - if you fail to keep your side of the bargain (i.e. provide proper registration details) then they can suspend your domain.

Or should Nominet have to go to court each time they want to uphold their T&Cs? If you say yes, then why shouldn't the same apply to any company? In which case the courts will be absolutely chock-a-block with silly court cases, and most business will probably decide it's not worthwhile any more, turn out the lights and go home.

Tim J

Can't see the big deal

I really cant' get fussed over this one and see what the big deal is - these domains were basically being used by crooks, and they'd failed to comply with Nominet rules by giving false registration information.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

Tim J

"...like the vast cooling towers..."

"...like the vast cooling towers at each end of the Holland or Rotherhithe Tunnels"

Hmm. And then more hmm.

(a) These aren't cooling towers - cooling towers exist at power stations - what you're trying to refer to is ventilation 'towers' (if, indeed, you must call them towers at all).

(b) Have you ever been around the Rotherhithe tunnel? The ventilation installations, such as they are, can hardly be described as 'towers'. You're probably trying to refer to the Blackwall tunnel, which does have (sort-of) ventilation towers... but it's too late.

Mr Bean ousts PM from Spain's official website

Tim J

@Vincent Ballard - you're quite right...

...it's just a website for the Spanish presidency of the EU - technically it's actually the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. What the rotating presidency of the EU means has of course changed since the Treaty of Lisbon created a permanent President of the European Council (this new position being held by Herman Van Rompuy) - the European Council and the Council of the European Union being different things, just to make life easier!

Cartoon smut law to make life sucky for Olympic organisers

Tim J
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This article is incredibly daft...

...and I'm really rather daft for spending a few minutes reading it, as are you for reading the comments about it.

It fails at being funny too.