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France gets closer to 'three strikes' downloader web ban

Graham Rhodes

High download/upload

What worries me is how they are going to police this...

I download and upload copyrighted material heavily, and mostly encrypted. How many people just jumped to the conclusion that I am a pirate?

Actually it's all work related - each software release is around 300MB, and I download these when required. Legally and Copyrighted. Customer designs and testcases can be bigger than that, and I frequently download them, decrypt them, and place them on the company net. All over encrypted connections. Why from home? Because I spend less than 10% of my time in the office.

How are they going to differentiate between my legitimate traffic - all encrypted, and that of somebody on P2P using encryption. How are they going to know the difference when I use P2P (encrypted of course) to get my latest linux installs?

I can easily do a couple of GBs up and down a night - similar to somebody illegal.

Will they cut me off for doing my job? They need to leave a means of appeal, because my company would surely appeal on my behalf.

@software update push. I'm on free.fr - they do the same. I never trusted the router that was configured from the web, and downloaded it's settings. Therefore I run a secondary firewall/router behind that.

The pirate, because... erm...


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