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Mars helicopter to try for new speed record on Thursday

Craig McAllister

Re: If only there were other units

100m/s is a football field a second, or roughly the speed of an Indy qualifying session.

Happy to help.

Pressure builds on Nominet as members demand to know leadership's contingency plans for when they’re fired

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Re: I see the domain streisand-effect.co.uk is not yet registered.

They won't because nominet would then try to automatically bill them for streisand-effect.uk too, without any further discussion.

Seagate squeezes out 4TB desktop monster

Craig McAllister

Re: But at what price

My first hard drive was a 52MB SCSI effort for my Amiga.

It was £350 as I recall, circa 1991. I have used a PC/XT with a 5MB Hard drive though..

4TB for £150 is a bargain (although oddly I can only see this price for USB drives, the bare drive itself is more??!)

I suppose you would just buy the USB drive and pull it out of the case for a sata-III install.


Here we go again: Critical flaw found in just-patched Java

Craig McAllister

Does this only affect the Oracle (ex-Sun) JVM? There are others...

Open question to anyone who is in the know.

ISP Zen's slower customers choke over breakfast

Craig McAllister

I moved away from Zen

...but to be totally honest, they have been the best supporting ISP I've ever dealt with.

I'm currently on O2's LLU ADSL (on an old package with no limits, a 1-month rolling contract, etc).

If Zen did the same thing for even double the price, I'd move back: that's how good they are.

You get what you pay for with them, which is: a solid service.

Even when things go wrong they are good to deal with, in my experience. They don't dumb down their service either: if you want to do something a bit interesting like running the DD-WRT firmware on your own router, they don't mind, and will provide you with things like ADSL encapsulation settings and stuff without complaint or confusion. Try doing that with any* of the volume ISPs and see where that gets you!

* (Except BE*, who are also excellent)


Dell buys Force 10 Networks

Craig McAllister

RE: IGnatius T Foobar

You must never have used infiniband then?

Samsung pips rivals with 1TB internal 2.5-inch drive

Craig McAllister

Honest Question

Who buys computer bits at Maplin?

I mean... honestly!

Tales from the storage frontier: What's next for flash, disk and tape

Craig McAllister

fair enough but I doubt the trifecta part..

Your points are fine but actually I think that disk will die because it satisfies neither requirement properly leaving flash and tape to do all the jobs.

What's the point of spinning disk if your entire infrastructure is built around the speed of flash?

You can't do anything productive with disk if it's 100 times too slow... so you just end up with more flash instead.

I appreciate that many people won't agree!

<flame suit on>

Doing the math on IBM's real systems biz

Craig McAllister

@Roger Greenwood


BT boss brands Britain illiterate

Craig McAllister

RE: SMS & Twitter

General literacy standards at an all time low? I call BS.

Education in this country is universal. It wasn't always thus.


ps. Things could always be better.

O2 limits unlimited broadband packages

Craig McAllister

I recon O2 should only provide LLU-based broadband.

Ideally O2/Be would just cease providing service over non LLU lines.

The unbundled service they provide is amazing - the BT-based one, on the other hand, is a load of tripe. It gives people who don't understand the difference a bad opinion of o2 broadband overall.

Leave BT to provide BT-based broadband, and let the market sort out the rest.


Fisker e-sportster debuts on infamous Laguna Seca circuit

Craig McAllister

sounds like a blowoff valve.. turbo?

... but it's electric. And they need to sort out that transmission-whine noise, it's horrific.


Hitachi GST joins 2TB Club

Craig McAllister
Thumb Up

presumably they could do a 5-platter 500GB/platter drive...

...of 2.5TB?


IBM demonstrates dedication to deduplication replication

Craig McAllister


That was my point, really.

Diligent (Protectier) does >900MB/sec dedupe today, off two boxes of commodity hardware clustered together. It scales hugely (1PB, off the shelf) because it's less limited by memory scaling problems than "traditional" (if there is such a thing) hash-based dedupe algorithms are.

Yes, ZFS will do dedupe for free (if you consider storage I/O, processor and RAM to be free). Diligent isn't free, but it's more effective than the mooted ZFS dedupe will be anyhow.

Forgive the slightly combatative way of asking the question, I've just finished writing a whitepaper on this stuff, and comparing hash-based dedupe to diligent's fingerprinting approach is sort of like comparing the ark to the Ark royal.



Craig McAllister


Question: Does ZFS offer memory-based inline deduplication for free at >900MB/sec? Is it hash based?


WD 2TB Caviar Black appears on promo card

Craig McAllister

Someone wake up the subeditor...

...for the aforementioned cache GB/MB fubar.

still, 64MB is a lot for a spinny disk cache. For the record, SSDs usually come with more (eg. Samsung's 256GB one comes with a 128MB cache).


Hacked flight sim site in catastrophic crash and burn

Craig McAllister

<shakes head>

I *cannot* believe this guy doesn't know the difference between backups for corruption protection versus replication for server failure.

As for the costs... backup isn't expensive.

2TB drives arrive down under

Craig McAllister

Available to order from uk shop

Novatech have this available to order:



No pr0n surfing for Qantas A380 passengers

Craig McAllister
Paris Hilton

Web filtering, in 2009? Not on my connection...

SSL proxy, anyone?

Paris, because of the obvious pr0n connotation


Boffins: Roadrunner hypercomputer could drive a car

Craig McAllister

well, several main battle tanks of about half a top fuel dragster

3MW is about 4000 horsepower. A top fuel dragster produces about 8000 horsepower.

Of course, Whylie E coyote can't catch either of these.