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40,000 sites hit by PC-pwning hack attack


@lennie and geoff

"the sites were penetrated by sneaking key-logging programs onto the Windows PCs of people who maintain the sites"

There fixed that for you in best /. stylee.

Good luck with your IIS install. We'll be quietly in the background making money while your on msdn trying to work out how to turn logging on to trace yet another bug.

Fasthosts to offshore support staff

Paris Hilton

Pekbak filtering

"It will improve support for those customers but people like the first post which thinks downloading does not use bandwidth will simply not get the technical support they used to."

No, I think you will find that his argument is that zip files downloaded over http from a http server constitute web traffic, regardless of the content of the packets. And, he is quite technically correct...

Now if they had of said "your breaching your preset data limits in your TOS, therefore we're severing you under this breach" we could all have sat back and thought "fair enough"...

For the rest of your argument, go google 1st line and 2nd line support. The technically skilled engineers sit on 2 or 3rd line, because 1st line is there to filter off the PEKBAK calls.

Paris because she has more clue about helldesk staffing that you seem to have.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

Paris Hilton

Idiocy filter

News at 10, completely clueless person prevented from accessing the internet, world protected.

In other news, clueless person has now installed windows and is currently joining a botnet near you...

Paris because its ok if she's clueless...

Google smears Chrome on 'sacred' home page

Gates Halo

Polishing mersey goldfish

Gentlemen and ladies of the comments section, I draw your attention to Dr Guff's finest turd polish :-


UK appeal court dismisses mod chip conviction

Thumb Up

wrt modding

@frank denton



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