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ALK CoPilot Live Premium HD


GPS Busted

CoPilot is all very nice, but unfortunately it rarely works on my NexusOne Gingerbread. It only snags the GPS signal about 5% of the time, and is all but useless.

None of the fixes floating around out there work.

Want to keep Android apps from spying on you?

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Don't run it if you don't like it...

Fallacy. Some apps have no substitute. The free market is not truly free.

When you are forced to accept all the fine print in the Microsoft OS or Photoshop, can you realistically modify or negotiate? No. There is no substitute for these, if you want to share with others, and there can't realistically be when they are like the monopoly utilities of the software world.

Same with certain phone apps. When you need a function, you can't just not use it if you don't agree to the terms. It is a completely asymmetric negotiating situation, as has so often become the case with the total corporatization of our world.

Big Brother

Title Required

Privacy guard and Gemini app manager installed, thank you poohbear.

Although I like the work that Moxie does, I can't give up Rodriguez's MIUI ROM. It's the most advanced phone I've ever used. (rotating cube desktops, etc)

I'm surprised at those who are surprised that that-search-engine-everyone-uses is the greatest Data Mining Business In The World. People blithely hand over their contacts, network of friends, emails, and their very voice calls! This is so valuable for marketing, not to mention intel services.

I use ixquick.com for searches. Just as good.

Toxic Plankton feeds on Android Market for two months



... are the names of the raping apps? How does the article describe this without naming the flipping apps?

DroidWall, one of my favorite apps, just got taken off the market and I can't find out why.

Want an untracked Android? Here’s how

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Finally someone mentions DroidWall. This is my most valued app on the NexusOne. I block every app that I don't specifically use data for. IPTables is built in to the kernel and is highly secure, in and out. I don't know about the provenance of this other app, but DroidWall rocks.

My second-favorite app is AdFree.

AMD trumpets HDTV-on-PC chip


What About Linux?

Yeah, the commercials are unbearable. That's why God gave us MythTV!

But I see nothing in the press release about Linux (Debian) support. nVidia is light-years ahead of ATI when it comes to hardware accel.

Google advises flushing your website



Just as I thought; no one here knows the best way to implement flush.

So you nastily substitute criticism to try and cover up. Lowest form of life...

You two -deserve- to be left behind.


Take a Leap

> By Anonymous Coward Posted Sunday 5th April 2009 09:04 GMT

Not interested in your opinion Coward, as your attitude is foul, as always.



> right...

> By Anonymous Coward Posted Friday 3rd April 2009 09:21 GMT

> Linux..so web developers are only now just catching on (actually no - being *told* ) to do

> what normal developers dealing with terminal I/O have been doing for a very long time under

> heavy I/O loads.

> Seriously - what planet are web developers on!!

Real nice. What planet am I on? I am on the real estate development planet. You criticize without offering any suggestions, and that's the lowest form of life, AFAIC.

Anyway, I don't get how to actually implement this flush. Researching it I find at least 15 different opinions on how it should be implemented, and as I don't know PHP I have no perspective.

First of all, where does it go? In the header of each page, or in the body? Second, would it actually benefit a site like ours:


Third, any perspective on best practice implementation?

La Cie's quiet fans



Um, the notches in the picture are on the -leading- edge, not on the trailing edge.

HP VP charged for trying to pass on IBM trade secrets



His action was normal operating procedure. Part of an exec hire's appeal is the portfolio of information and contacts he brings.

This happened as a direct result of HP's paranoia after the board bugging fiasco. They probably feared it was a setup.

Google urged to make a more loving cloud




Cardiff 'copter coppers give chase to UFO

Black Helicopters

Well Said, and I'm American...

By Anonymous Coward

Posted Saturday 21st June 2008 09:35 GMT

"The fact that the UFO was heading straight for the helicopter would lead me to believe it was some secret weapon built by the USA, seeing as it had locked onto the nearest friendly target."


(And WTH does this symbol mean?)

Congress bails out telcos for illegal snooping



By Jim Black

Posted Friday 20th June 2008 20:24 GMT

"The US has no provision for limiting outgoing immigration. For anyone who thinks it is better somewhere else, take advantage of this policy and GET YOUR ASS OUT!"

I tried to leave Jim Black, when Cheney was re-Coronated. But standards for admission to the EU have been raised so high that I did not qualify. It seems they now want to -keep out- Americans. They require that either I:

- Secure in advance a job, for which the employer will certify that no EU citizen can do it; or

- Marry an EU national, and I'm too old and ugly for that.

Impossible. And Canada is way too close to the spinning out of control US, and will be dragged down with it. BTW, I am a native Texan.

Let me ask you this, Jim Black: What about the several $trillion in tax credits for the Rich, which the Cheney Administration gave out in their early years? Weren't they supposed to 'kick-start a prosperity like the world has never seen'? What happened to all that? Where did that mountain of money go?

I'll tell you what happened: All that money went straight into bonds, so the cut to our economy was a double-edged sword.

- That money was taken out of circulation, whereas it had been lubricating the economy and creating jobs before; and

- It fed the government's ravenous borrowing, from the spending and spending and spending of the Cheney Administration, to the point that the national debt is now over $9.5 TRILLION, and rising!

Since you have no idea what a $TRILLION is, divide the national debt by the US population, and you will find that it is now over $30,000 owed by each man, woman, and child in the US for the federal debt alone, -in addition- to all their personal debt. Unpayable, even by us. Ever calculated the interest on only 10 $billion? A person can't even -spend- that much money. There just are not enough things to buy every year, including real estate!

Wondered why the dollar has been dropping like a rock? It's because the rest of the world is not fooled, as you have been Jim Black. And in the event that you attempt to assert that Democrats spent to built up this debt, allow me to disabuse you of that notion:


You have no idea Jim, nor any perspective of the dangerous Rightist policies you advocate. Your weak mind has fallen for the Rightist propaganda hook, line and sinker. You believe:


But one thing's for sure: when you finally realize what you've done you will scurry and hide like a cockroach when the lights come on.


eBayer slaps $714 price tag on $630 in cash

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Hey, I just found my printer on Craigslist, the one I'm seeking toner for.

They were giving it away free, because it's almost a cubic meter and 125lbs! Couldn't sell it online. Heck, I would've given then $50 for it, but it was free. Needed the color toners carts, which I'm getting for under $20 each on fLeabay.

Also bought a Macbook Pro on CL, and got a deal. A year later sold it on eBay for the same as I paid, but got royally ripped for fees. Still angry about that.

Gotta sell my ancient Alps Microdry ink carts on eBay though, to at least get something for them.



Quote by Adam Foxton:

"And Quantum- if you take the item without paying you're a thief. Scum. Exactly the reason that eBay is going downghill. Why not just clone the guys credit card details or hack his paypal account (as it's apparently so easy) and steal the rest of his cash?"

Don't you have any sense? How in he world do you think I'm going to take the printer cart without paying? What could you be thinking? (or not)

Quote by Kevin Gurney:

"So why did you buy it ? Ebay shows how much it'll cost, you accepted it and you've now decided that since you've seen it cheaper elsewhere, teh seller has to lose money ? That's exactly the scenario that sellers are up in arms about now they can't leave -ve fb."

Really? You want to have the details? I'd searched on C4194, and there was only one, so I bought it while I could. There were plenty of C4191/2/3's, but only one 4. Then I discovered that there were lots of C4194As, cheaper because that's how most list them apparently. Well, I want something cheaper (der), and I can have it now.

Think I don't know buyers not completing is part of the problem? Do I have to explain in detail all the things that have happened to me as buyer and seller which always seem to turn out against my favor? Well of course I know not completing is part of the problem; I acknowledged this in saying, "I would have never thought of doing this before".

But now I can, and it's about time something went in my favor, like it or not. With this new Right-Wing philosophy having taken over American culture, we have become an adversarial society, but what the Rightists have forgotten to take into account is that everyone can play their nasty game.



Wow, I had no idea so many felt as I do.

I've traded with the same eBay account since 1998, and in the past year or two things have just gotten intolerable. Mandatory Paypal, mandatory upgrade to Paypal Premium, scammers everywhere, ridiculous denials of the eBay security hole, etc.

I've just bought a printer cart that I paid too much for, so I'm not going to pay. I never would have thought of doing that before, but now there's no seller neg.

eBay has fallen apart without Meg.



Why hasn't Google started an auction service yet?

Not that I relish working with the ones who have the worst privacy policy and are responsible for Adwords customr service, but somebody needs to do it.

Also, I agree with the above comment about shrill titles and feedback. It's embarrassing to be American these days, with the Rightists having taken over.

Disgruntled admin gets 63 months for massive data deletion

Gates Horns

Asking the Obvious...

@ Ross 14th June 2008 13:27 GMT

My, but you've given this sort of rampage quite alot of thought, haven't you...

My first question is why isn't his IP address mentioned? I'm assuming he used a backdoor as any idiot knows he can be IDed through acount, but surely he also obscured his IP? If so, how?

Sharp pitches 'world's largest' LCD screen


A Projector is Better

For several years I've enjoyed a high-def projector shining on a 10' screen in my living room. I can see every hair on Charlize's head!

I went with a projector when the size of these new TVs just got out of hand. It cost me $5,000 and the screen is a sheet of formica from Home Depot ($75).

Only catch is, you mist be able to completely shut out light entering the room, and preferably have dark walls. But man, is it worth it!